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Jesse Michaels releases “The Corridors” short films

The evergreen Jesse Michaels (of Operation Ivy, Common Rider, Classics of Love fame, of course) has released a two part, short film series on his YouTube channel. “The Corridors” features himself, as well as  Ivan Morley, David Lee Smith and Robert Axelrod.

Have a watch of both episodes below.

Music Video: Leftöver Crack – “System Fucked”

Anarcho-ska-punk legends Leftöver Crack have premiered a music video for their song “System Fucked”, which features guest vocals from Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Common Rider, Classics of Love and other bands), who directed the video.

You can watch the video below.

“System Fucked” is taken from Leftöver Crack’s latest album Constructs of the State, which was released last November on Fat Wreck Chords and is the band’s first album in over a decade.

Free Comp Download: “Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 2” (Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Operation Ivy…)

Remember that awesome compilation of 8-bit remixes of punk songs that came out early last month? Well, Pinhead Records has  just released another volume (or level, if you will) of “Punk Goes 8-Bit” and it’s completely free to download!

This time around, it features songs 8-bit versions of songs from Bad Religion, Lagwagon, (old school) AFI, The Lillingtons, Operation Ivy, and many others.

You can stream / download “Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 2” for free below!

Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy/Classics Of Love) to release novel “Whispering Bodies”

Jesse Michaels, best known for fronting the iconic ska punk band Operation Ivy, will be releasing a novel next month entitled “Whispering Bodies: A Roy Belkin Disaster.”

Pre-orders are available on, who give a short synopsis of the book:

“Roy Belkin, a reclusive man, Internet troll and neurotic ritualist stars In Whispering Bodies, the debut novel from Jesse Michaels. Belkin must begin each day with the task he calls The Service: visiting Christian chat-rooms to reply to users innocent questions with mocking answers. . .At forty-seven, balding, and mildly agoraphobic, Belkin is a man without direction. He rarely leaves his apartment (he refers to the outside world as The Pounding), and when he must leave, he meticulously recounts the day in his Thunder Book; a journal where he lists all that repulsed him that day.”

Jesse’s current band, Classics of Love, released their debut album in 2012 via Asian Man Records.

New Music: Tim Timebomb and Friends – “Living in a Dangerous Land”

Tim Timebomb and Friends are streaming a new song called “Living in a Dangerous Land”, featuring his former Operation Ivy bandmate Jesse Michaels. Here’s what Tim had to say about the song:

“Hey everybody, I asked my dear friend and Operation Ivy bandmate Jesse Michaels to do a track with me. It’s a brand new song called Dangerous Land. It’s Friday, so have a good one & we hope you enjoy this song as much as we did recording it.”

Tim Timebomb is the latest side project from Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, who has been releasing a long series of singles on iTunes every week since the beginning of November 2012 through Hellcat Records. Tim is currently on tour with Rancid.

Tim Timebomb streams “Version Ram”

This morning’s Tim Timebomb and Friends song du jour is a song co-written by Matt Freeman, Tim’s bandmate in Rancid and Operation Ivy, called “Version Ram”.

Click here to check it out.

Tim Timebomb is the latest side project from Rancid’s Tim Armstrong who has been releasing a long series of singles on iTunes every week since the beginning of December 2012 through Hellcat Records.

Sacred Cow Saturday: Operation Ivy – “Energy”

Punk rock has been around long enough  to hold within its musical boundaries a slew of albums considered both classic and essential. We here at Dying Scene love and appreciate these classic albums, but every once and a while we have the urge to challenge what the community has deemed sacred. Every other Saturday, two Dying Scene writers will square off head-to-head and either attack or defend one of these so-called classics. Up for slaughter today is Operation Ivy‘s “Energy.” Does the 1989 classic hold up today? You be the judge. Jason Stone will be defending and Tim Ryan will be attacking.

Let the battle begin!

Hear Jesse Michaels (Classics of Love, ex-Op Ivy) rap

Ever been listening to your old Operation Ivy record and thought “this is great and all, but I’d really like to hear this guy rap”? Probably not, but if you click here you can hear Jesse Michaels rap on a track he recorded with Bob[oso], courtesy of Asian Man Records.

Jesse’s current band, Classics of Love, released their most recent album back in February.

New comp mashes up rap with old school punk (Eminem + The Clash, POC + Op Ivy, etc)

Prepare yourselves, punk fans, for something a little… jarring.  Released this month, “Mic Check 1234!” is a remix album consisting of rap and punk music. According to Max Tannone, the comp’s creator,

“Great rap and great punk both make you want to affect change, to rebel against the status quo, or to simply just get up and move. This project pairs my favorite emcees’ most socio-political material with some of the best punk bands ever.”

You can find pairings such as Eminem and The Clach, Tupac Shakur and X, P.O.C and Operation Ivy, just to name a few.  For those curious, you can stream and/or download for for free the entire album right here.

Interview: Larry Livermore (Lookout Records founder) on the current state of the punk scene

As co-founder of the seminal (yet now-defunct) powerhouse label Lookout Records, Larry Livermore was at the epicenter of the groundswell that was the 1990s pop-punk scene. Lookout helped foster the careers of a generation of bands, and brought you music by the likes of Operation Ivy, Screeching Weasel, Squirtgun, The Queers and The Mr. T Experience. Oh, and Green Day.

So who would Larry sign if he were starting his own label now, 25 years after the foundation of Lookout? AMP Magazine asked him just that. Fans of Emily’s Army, Dear Landlord, The Copyrights and The Dopamines, you’re in luck. Click here to read the full interview.

Larry hand-picked the sixteen tracks on “The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore,” a comp being released by Adeline Records tomorrow (May 29th). Click here to see the track list.

Hellcat Records releasing Operation Ivy’s “Energy” and “Hectic” on vinyl

Many of you probably already have both Operation Ivy‘s “Energy” full lengthy and “Hectic” EP on the “Energy” CD released on Lookout Records long ago.  But for you vinyl nuts out there you’ll be stoked to hear that Hellcat Records is re-releasing the two original albums on vinyl.

According to Interpunk they’ll be available April 17th.

Jesse Michaels talks possibility of Operation Ivy reunion

You might not have been alive when Operation Ivy was a touring band but if you’re a punk fan of any significant measure you sure as hell know who they are.  The ska-punk act broke up in 1989 and the members are now active in their own bands (Rancid, Classics Of Love, etc).  With the rash of reunions that seem to be popping up everywhere these days it almost seems odd that the members of Operation Ivy haven’t jumped on the bandwagon.

In a recent interview former Operation Ivy front-man Jesse Michaels briefly touches on the possibility of an Op Ivy reunion stating:

“Operation Ivy had kind of an unblemished record, as far as staying underground goes. It’s not because we were super-super-uptight about anything; it’s because we were a garage band. We didn’t get big till after we broke up. It feels to me that it would be kind of a shame to take that very pure thing and subject it to booking agents, cuts at the door for merchandise and all that bullshit that goes along with being in a bigger band. While it’s tempting—I’m not exactly made of money; I’m doing okay, but… [Laughs.] Money is a nice thing, and I know a lot of people would enjoy it, so while it’s tempting, I think it’s a little more classy to leave it alone. That being said, I wouldn’t completely rule it out, but the short answer is no, there won’t be a reunion. It’s very unlikely there will be a reunion, because it would be in poor taste. I’m very happy that people are still interested in that music and that it still has an appeal to younger kids.”

You can read the whole interview here.

Michaels’ new band, Classics of Love, released a new album yesterday on Asian Man Records.  You can stream it here.

Lookout Records releases official statement on closing

Lookout Records has released an official statement regarding Ted Leo’s recent blog post, confirming that they are indeed shutting down, after almost 25 long years of releasing punk music from bands such has Green Day, Operation Ivy, Alkaline Trio, and so many more.

The label has not released new material since 2005, and went through a major financial restructuring period in 2008, but are finally being forced to call it quits. Read the official statement here.

Lookout Records is officially out of business (wait, they were still IN business?)

Some shocking news today, punk fans.  Long standing punk label Lookout Records has just closed its virtual doors for good.  But that’s not the shocking news.  The shocking news is that they were actually still in business in the first place.  For anybody who grew up in the early 90’s listening to punk there was no way in hell you didn’t know about Lookout.  They were where Green Day got their start, and they put out that Operation Ivy album every single one of you should have in your CD collection.  Sooo many bands put out albums through Lookout back in the day.  They were HUGE, and then they just sorta disappeared (apparently a lot of it was due to them losing the rights to the Green Day releases).  I, like many of you, had thought the label was officially extinct long ago so it was news to me when label owner Ted Leo posted this official statement up on his blog proclaiming the discontinuation of Lookout Records.

Well, R.I.P. Lookout.  It was nice knowing you when.

Video: Operation Ivy play their first show at 924 Gilman Street in 1987

Ever wonder what it would have been like to see Operation Ivy live?  Or what Tim Armstrong’s stage presence was like before he founded Rancid?  Wonder no more because a live video of the band’s first performance at Gilman Street in 1987 has surfaced on the interwebs.  It’s horrific-ly interesting and you can check it out here.

As all of you should know, Operation Ivy started in ’87, ended in ’89, and if you had a garage or an amp they’d play anytime.