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DS Editorial: A guide to FEST 16 preparation by an overly passionate first-timer

I have to admit something, and it’s not easy. I’m addicted to preparing for The Fest. A cure might be hopeless but I’m hoping that my story can help other like me – first time Fest goers looking for answers to some of the weekend’s logistical questions.

First things first. Lock down your tickets. Then I would suggest locking down your accommodations. The more I deal with the fest, the people, the website, the more I realize that it is meticulously organized and curated. More on that later, but I suggest that people stay in the hotels dedicated to the fest. The Holiday Inn is supposedly located right in the middle of the action. The whole thing is booked by Fest attendees and will thus be an absolute free-for-all during the entire event. I’m not sure I can handle that type of commitment. I booked at the Wyndham. Another Fest hotel that is supposedly a little more chill. Once again I have no frame of reference on this and we shall see. I should also mention that the Holiday Inn has some kind of Flea Market thing happening. I’ve got it pictured where venders and bands can sell merch and other trinkets that would appeal to Fest-goers. Once again, I’m not sure about this. Pure conjecture at this point.

Band Prep: Right now I’m in band-prep stage. You might want to follow my lead on this as it will help you get a handle on the 350 plus bands that are playing The Fest. I was hoping for something a little more user-friendly from the website, but when you’ve got over 100 bands playing a day, there’s probably no “perfect way” to convey the when and where for each band. It looks like this breaks down along philosophical and/or personal-preference lines. Are you looking to stay in one spot and get the most bang for your buck? Then you will be looking at the schedule by location. If you are committed to catching at least a piece of some of the bands on your wish list, then you can break the schedule down by date and time. At this point, I found that I could no longer work with the website, I needed to get some micro-organization going. So I copied the time and date schedules and dropped them into an excel spreadsheet. I broke them up with a tab for each day. I found with a little tinkering you can get the day’s entire schedule in chronological order: my choice for the best way to get a handle on what’s happening when and where.

Phew. Okay. Are you still with me? Step one was to highlight all the bands I definitely wanted to check out. I found it useful to start here and get an idea of what the skeleton of my schedule was gonna look like. I’ve got some locks as you might guess: Against Me (performing Reinventing Axl Rose), Superchunk, Smoking Popes, Hum, 88 Fingers Louie, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Movielife, Pegboy, Off With Their Heads, The Bigger Empty; you get the idea. I had a lot of other bands that I wanted to check as well, and I really want to check some of the cover shows, but I digress. Get you’re a-list, can’t-miss picks in the spreadsheet; mine are highlighted in yellow.

After the skeleton is in place, you can fill in the meat. I chose to highlight these bands in blue. I thought I knew a lot about punk music, emo, screamo, indie, etc. Maybe I do, but I’m always willing to learn more, so I made a dive into some of the bands I hadn’t heard of. Once again the spreadsheet comes in handy for this task. I use eMusic for most of my music purchases these days, so I found it most useful to check out some of the lesser-known (to me at least) bands. You can use YouTube, that would probably be better and I’ve had to resort to it a few times when the band’s music is not available on eMusic. And most of the bands are available on bandcamp as well. One thing that I’m finding as I go through the bands that are new to me: they’re all really good. I spent a day checking out bands and one after another proved to be amazing. Some of the bands I’ve been turned on to (and subsequently really want to check at The Fest): Sinai Vessel, City of Caterpillar (how did I miss these guys?), Apologies I have none, Army of Ponch, Deadaires, Tartar Control and many many more. I’ve got my b-list highlighted in blue. Once again I must tip my hat to The Fest as they obviously know their music and have assembled an amazing lineup this year. I’m thinking you could conceivably just pop into any venue and end up getting into the show happening at the time. Which would require no prep at all. Can’t have that now can we?

OK. So you’ve got your tickets, accommodations, schedule. You’re well on your way to maximum family fun at The Fest. To round out your enjoyment, definitely download the App. Take your spreadsheet and then transfer that info over to the App and it will sort your schedule by date and time. Now you are ready to go mobile! Next, you might want to check out the website. It’s loaded with goodies!! If you haven’t already, download all the Comps!! Get them in heavy rotation on your sonic delivery vehicle of choice. I’m from the old school, so I burned CDs. You might just find one of your new favorite bands in there. I had to juggle my schedule because I came across a must-see through the comp: Tartar Control. I guarantee you’ll find something in there that you might have missed. Hidden gems.

If you are insane like me, you can start planning your wardrobe, but you might not be that hardcore. I just can’t decide if it makes sense to represent for your favorite bands at the fest, or to bust obscure band Ts to give you more street cred. I could go on for days on this subject. Don’t forget your swimsuit!! There are pool parties happening at both the Wyndham and Holiday Inn. I’m guessing that will be a sight to behold.

I really could keep going and drive this whole preparation thing right into the ground, but I think I’ve already lost most of you, so to those who stayed til the end. I’ll see you on Sunday night. Teen Agers and Tiltwheel are my choices to close things out. Let’s get together and toast the fact that we survived. Cheers.

Tartar Control announce West Coast summer tour

Mormon- missionary punks Tartar Control are back at it again with a West Coast summer tour just announced, set to run from June 7th to June 18th. Take a peek at the list below to see when you can head out to one of their shows!

Self described as ‘punk rock/ hug-rock,’ long time buddies Robert and Sean are joined by a robot to create the Tartar Control trio. With the most recent release of full length album, “We Forgive You,” on April 6th, 2015, Tartar Control promises to bring “tracks sent down from the heavens to listen to and absolve your sins to.” 

Punk-Rap act Terminally Ill release new music video “It’s Hard to Get Fucked Up (When No One’s Down To Kick It)” and announce west coast tour

Directed and edited by Sean Hart of Tartar Control, L.A. Punk-Rap (Post-Crunk-Rock / Nü Pünk) act Terminally Ill has just released a new video for their song “It’s Hard to Get Fucked Up (When No One’s Down To Kick It),” which comes off the band’s upcoming debut full length album, Giving Up. No exact date on the album’s release yet, but their album release party will be held in Yorba Linda, CA on August 19th.

Check it out the tour dates and new video below.

Voodoo Glow Skulls announce US tour dates with Tartar Control

Skacore legends Voodoo Glow Skulls have announced a run of tour dates with hilarious hardcore-punks Tartar Control kicking off at the end of September in Tucson, Arizona and ending on October 9th in Palm Desert, California. Check out the dates and locations in the poster above.

Tartar Control last released We Forgive You on April 6th 2015 and the Glow Skull’s latest album “Break the Spell” was released via Smelvis Records in 2012.

Tartar Control announce summer tour dates

Tartar Control, a pretty hilarious hardcore-punk rock band consisting of two Mormon missionaries and a robot, are going on tour this summer to spread their message of love and tooth care.

Check out all the dates and locations below.

Tartar Control last released We Forgive You on April 6th 2015.

DS Photo Gallery: Druglords of the Avenues, Tartar Control, Civil War Rust, Dialectics at DNA Lounge SF (3.17.16)

This past St. Patrick’s Day I woke up with images of green beer and boiled meats that would be in my near future. The day had finally arrived where we are all just a little bit Irish, and for some reason we choose to celebrate in sometimes the worst fashion. Not this year though, as DNA Lounge was hosting a killer night of punk rock in their intimate, upstairs venue.

Up first to the stage was The Dialetics who hail from Santa Rosa and have a classic punk rock sound with a touch of DEVO and surf. The band recently released their newest album “Through The Wall” last week and pretty much covered the entire EP during their set. You can have a listen here.

Civil War Rust is one of those bands one their way to become a household name. These guys are relentlessly touring, and drawing bigger crowds at each show. It’s gritty, it’s melodic, it’ll make you get off your seat and dance around. Hell, you can even join the band on stage if you know the words. The band’s latest release, “Help Wanted” came out this past November.

I thought I had seen Tartar Control before, but I guess I was wrong because the set that fans were treated to was something I had never witnessed before, and which you could never forget. The band consists of two Mormon missionaries and a robot who supplies the beat as well as some witty comments. Vocalist Robert Selander is all over the place – at times calm and seated as if at church, while the next moment he’s doing handstands and running around the crowd, sticking his fingers in people’s mouths checking if they’ve recently brushed their teeth. Their name is, by the way, Tartar Control. I think the photos of these guys paint the picture fairly accurately.

Headliners for the night were Druglords of The Avenues, which features Swingin’ Utters vocalist Johnny Peebucks as frontman. If you’ve ever seen an Utters show, Peebucks is on point as always, with erratic kicks and fists in the air. This is clearly “a venture apart from its more famous Swingin’ counterpart, rather than an extension or a redundancy of it”, but there’s always that built-in fanbase, and with the same singer you’ll always hear a little something of the familiar.

Have a look at all the photos from the night’s performances below.

As always, big thanks to Barry for being so rad and having one of the best venues in the city.

Music Video: Tartar Control – “A Whole New World”

Tartar Control, a pretty hilarious hardcore-punk rock band consisting of two Mormon missionaries and a robot, have released a video for their cover of the “A Whole New World” from the Disney movie “Aladdin.”

Check it out below.

Tartar Control last released We Forgive You on April 6th 2015.

Tartar Control (hardcore) release pilot episode for their “Tarter Control” the TV show series (funny!)

Tartar Control, a pretty hilarious hardcore-punk rock band consisting of two Mormon missionaries and a robot, have released the pilot episode for their “Tartar Control” TV series and as much as I thought it was going to be an unwatchable amateur hack job of a video I actually ended up laughing out loud and thoroughly enjoying the music in spite of myself.  Check it out below.

The band’s new album, We Forgive You, was released April 6th. You can purchase the 21-track album here. This is the band’s first album since Holy Crap! which was self-released back in 2011.

Tartar Control stream three new songs from new album “We Forgive You”

Tartar Control – a punk rock band consisting of two Mormon missionaries and a robot  – are currently streaming several new songs from their new album We Forgive You. These songs, “Gotta Catch ’em All,” “My God’s Cock,”  and “Brush Your Teeth,” can be streamed below.

The band’s long-awaited new album, We Forgive You, was released yesterday, April 6th. You can purchase the 21-track album here. This is the band’s first album since Holy Crap! which was self-released back in 2011.

Podcast: Dying Scene Radio ep. #11 (Tartar Control)

This week on Dying Scene Radio, The Bobs interview South Central Los Angeles-based comedy punk rock band Tartar Control – a three-piece comprised of two Mormon missionaries and a robot. Bob and Bobby host a cordial discussion with Sean (Guitar/Angelic Singing), Robert (Screaming) and Robot (Bass/Drums) about the origin of their band and humanity alike, their insanely hilarious YouTube videos, and their new record, “We Forgive You”, which drops on April 6th.


Bobby admits to being a “pro wrestling dork” as a child growing up in a region chock-full of household wrestling names. Bobby recalls watching the 90’s romance classic, Sleepless In Seattle, in the same movie theatre as Hulk Hogan.

Bobby teaches Bob a new word: Sycophant. Bob makes generalizations about Canadians, then references Avril Lavigne and her useless husbands.

Bobby attempts to convert Tartar Control to Scientology, arguing that robots and aliens go hand-in-hand. Bob compares Mormon uniforms to the garb painters traditionally wear, then humblebrags about recently meeting Andrew WK. Sean and Robert discuss the challenges of traveling with a robot, sharing one of their fun experiences with the TSA.

Bob disrespects the memory of both Jim Morrison and Joey Ramone. Bobby mentions his “Lizard King” tattoo. Then, Bob reveals to the world that Bobby Pickles began his rise to prominence in 2013 when he appeared on the TLC reality series “America’s Worst Tattoos”.

Bob concedes to being a “bad father” for allowing his children to watch Tartar Control’s pilot episode. The band mentions noticing more and more “multi-generational punk rock families” at their concerts, acknowledging that the presence of children is “never not awkward” (intentional double-negative). NOTE: Tartar Control is NOT for children.

Bob discloses his shaving habits, while Sean and Robert share a few tips about oral hygiene. Bobby grills Sean about his “Open Me” tuning and the rhythm section’s (Robot’s) BPM. Then Sean, Robert and Robot sing some acapella.

Robot voices his displeasure with Bob Noxious, repeatedly insulting him. Bob feels he and Robot should get along better given their shared technologically advanced natures. Bobby compares Robot to a dog sensing danger. Taking the high road, Bob invites the band to Florida, promising a safe haven for Robot to recharge, if they someday decide to take him up on his gracious offer.


The Resignators – Buy More Shiy
Ellesmere – Bail City
Mischief Brew – No Candlesticks
99 Bottles – Working Drunk
Tartar Control Interview Part 1
Tartar Control – Smoking Crack
The Suizos – Fuck Jim Morrison
Zebrahead – Devil On My Shoulder
Saints & Sinners – When We Were Young
Radkey – Parade It
Tartar Control Interview Part 2
Tartar Control – My Gods Cock
False Cause – Clean Slate

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Tartar Control announce new album “We Forgive You”

Tartar Control – a punk rock band consisting of two Mormon missionaries and a robot who plays drums and bass guitar – have announced that their new album, We Forgive You, will be released on April 6th. Check out the announcement video, which includes the album art, below.

This will be the band’s first album since Holy Crap! which was self-released back in 2011.

Music Video: Tartar Control – “Smoking Crack”

Last month, Tartar Control – a punk rock band consisting of two Mormon missionaries and a robot who plays drums and bass guitar – released a teaser for their music video for their song “Smoking Crack.” Today we bring you the full video, which can be seen below.

The song is from their latest album, Holy Crap! which was self-released in 2011.

Tartar Control release teaser for “Smoking Crack” music video

Tartar Control (a punk rock band consisting of two Mormon missionaries and a robot who plays drums and bass guitar) have released a teaser for their upcoming music video for their song “Smoking Crack.”

You can watch it below.

The band released their album latest album Holy Crap in 2011.

Tartar Control release TV pilot

Tartar Control (A punk rock band consisting of two Mormon Missionaries and a robot who plays drums and bass guitar ) have released a pilot for their TV show.

You can watch the pilot below.

The band released their album “Holy Crap” in 2011.

Mormon missionary hardcore punk band, Tartar Control releases music video (funny)

A punk rock band consisting of two Mormon Missionaries and a robot who plays drums and bass guitar has just released a music video for their song, “Jesus is Love” and you can check it out right here.

The band’s name is Tartar Control. They claim to be actual Mormon Missionaries stationed in South Central Los Angeles, on their church missions. The song, “Jesus is Love” appears on their full length album, “Holy Crap!” In the video they play at a dive bar in Anaheim, CA. They shock a dissenting crowd when the song starts. Jesus Christ also shows up and rips a man’s arm off.

They also have another video for a song of theirs called, “Diabolical”. In that music video, the lead singer kills several people and the guitarist has sex with a goat/lady. You can view that video here.