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Ma Jolie to break up, announce final show

Philadelphia punks Ma Jolie have announced that they will be calling it quits at the end of the year.  The band has also announced that they will play a final show on December 30th at Kuung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia with Banquets, This Is Jazz, and The Joint Chiefs of Math.

You can read the band’s farewell statement below.

Ma Jolie last released Jetpack Mailman on June 16th via A-F Records.

EP Review: Ma Jolie – “Jetpack Mailman”

If I made a list of my favorite albums, you’d look at it and know that there’s something about Pennsylvania punk that keeps this west coasters’ heart beating. I’m a sucker for bands that like Hot Water Music and Fugazi as much as they love Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Bands that write their lyrics with such confessional esotericism, a slice of life becomes life itself. I first heard Ma Jolie from their last full-length, Polars, which I loved. It had melodic songwriting that was pushed through the punk rock grinder, and out the other side came something that could’ve been prefixed with post, but either way was creative and energetic.

Jetpack Mailman is Ma Jolie’s latest EP and here they sound heavier and more chaotic. They’re a three piece now and it shows through the albums streamlined and focused music. “Tired Life” is less than two minutes long and a heavy hitter with gang vocals and dynamism. There’s a hint of emo as the song breaks away from the louder, more hardcore opening to the softer riffs in the latter half. “Ego Tourism” continues the theme of heaviness by featuring the bass prominently in its opening. Post-hardcore has always benefited by letting the bass become a main player rather than just background tones and now that Ma Jolie only have three instruments to their name it’s all the easier to facilitate a give and take– allowing their sound to become tighter but also more unique.

“Pittsburgh” opens with one of those winding riffs that to most of us could’ve felt both alien and familiar at some point in time. It’s not extreme or out of the boundaries of rock music, but it is clearly the results of growth and interpretation through the lens of punk rock. The pounding chords that permeate the rest of the song are the guitar serving as an emotional instrument– punctuating passion with staccato strums. It will seem obvious to a lot of listeners, but so much of Jetpack Mailman is a reminder of how much has been added to the musical vocabulary by virtue of punk rock, and as a mile marker it serves a purpose purely curative. But, as a listener, I would prefer it added something to the vocabulary.

Ma Jolie are the product of lots and lots of musical forward momentum, but on Jetpack Mailman there’s never anything that shows they’re continuing the journey onward. That’s not to say they can’t write a great song, because they can. These are incredibly talented musicians with a strong ear for just about everything, and yet, I can’t help but hear Jetpack Mailman as a perfunctory piece. Change is the result of extremes– no matter really aggressive or really soft, really challenging or really simple. Jetpack Mailman is good, but not really good.


Ma Jolie stream upcoming EP “Jetpack Mailman” in full

Philadelphia punks Ma Jolie are now streaming their upcoming EP “Jetpack Mailman,” and you can check it out here.

“Jetpack Mailman” is set to be released June 16th through A-F Records and is available for pre-order here.

Ma Jolie streams new song “Tired Life”

Philadelphia punks Ma Jolie are streaming another new song off their upcoming EP Jetpack Mailman.  The song is called “Tired Life,” and you can give it a listen here.

Jetpack Mailman is set to be released June 16th through A-F Records.

Ma Jolie announces “Jetpack Mailman” EP; premieres “Pittsburgh”

Philadelphia punks Ma Jolie have just announced plans to release their upcoming EP “Jetpack Mailman”, this June, and has just premiered a new song from the upcoming work.

“Pittsburgh” is the first single from the four-track EP, and you can listen to it here.

Ma Jolie has a couple of tour dates coming up, which you can check out below.

“Jetpack Mailman” is set to be released June 16th through A-F Records.

Choke Up announce summer tour dates with Ma Jolie

Boston punks Choke Up have announced they will be touring the east coast and Midwest with Philadelphia’s Ma Jolie this summer. All of the dates and locations can be found below.

Choke Up’s new album Bad Coffee, Bad Habits was released in February through Black Numbers. Ma Jolie last released Polars in 2013 through Lame-O Records.

Ma Jolie announce east coast tour dates

Philly punks Ma Jolie will be hitting the road this July on the east coast with Great Apes. Check the dates out below.

Ma Jolie last released “Polars” in November 2013.

Ma Jolie announce east coast tour dates w/ The Weaks

Philly punks Ma Jolie will be playing a short run of shows on the east coast with The Weaks early next month. Details on when and where they’ll be stopping can be found below.

Ma Jolie released their latest album Polars in November, 2013 and The Weaks’ new EP The World Is a Terrible Place & I Hate Myself and Want to Die came out on February 11th. Both releases were handled by Lame-O Records.

DS Interview: Ma Jolie discusses the Philly punk scene, their guitarist leaving and future plans

I was lucky enough to catch up with Philly punks Ma Jolie in their guitarist’s car to discuss the current happenings in the Philadelphia punk scene, the band’s beginnings and what’s in store for them next.

You can read the full interview below.

Ma Jolie parts ways with guitarist

Philly punks Ma Jolie have announced that they will be parting ways with guitarist Mark Broscoe after they wrap up their next three shows. Both the band and Broscoe released statements which make the split sound very amicable. You can read Broscoe’s farewell here:

“It’s with a lot of mixed emotions that I say goodbye to Ma Jolie, a musical project that started with little to no expectations and grew into something really special that has accomplished a lot over the past 2 years. From recording and releasing 2 LPs to opening up for one of my favorite bands, Good Riddance, to hitting the road for 10 days with our new friends in Cayetana, these are all experiences I never could have imagined having, and I won’t forget them. I have nothing but respect and appreciation for Frank, Mike, and Jeff, who have all been incredibly understanding and supportive of my decision to leave the band. There is no doubt that they will continue to write amazing new songs and take this band to the next level. Thanks to all of you who have made these last 2 years of my life really memorable!”

And here’s the band’s official statement:

“Mark is a dear friend to us and we understand the decision he needed to make. If anyone knows Mark you know how much of a compassionate and socially minded individual he is and it’s something that we all admire. He strives to help others at all times. Every Sunday after practice he would go to Lava Space and work with Food Not Bombs to help cook food for the less fortunate. He does everything in his power to help serve the community. He’s an amazing person who will continue to do great things in life. He will be missed in Ma Jolie as a bandmate but more importantly as a friend we all love.

With all of this being said, Ma Jolie is moving forward with plans for the spring and summer. We have some very talented friends who will be filling in for us on shows coming up in March/April. We’re very excited for what the future holds and continuing on as Ma Jolie. 

Here are Mark’s last shows with us. We will end where we started with Mark. In a basement in Philadelphia. Come show him a nice farewell.”

Ma Jolie’s final release with Broscoe was their sophomore album, Polars, which was released in November 2013 through Lame-O Records.

Album Review: Ma Jolie – “Polars”

Ma Jolie is a gruff punk band hailing from Philadelphia. Keeping in tradition with other great bands that have hailed from the same city, they play a brand of melodic punk rock that any and all Fest-goers are well versed with, and are likely to enjoy. The band recently signed to Lame-O Records to release their sophomore album, Polars. Ma Jolie may have only formed two years ago, but they play as if they’ve been together for longer, and Polars is a testament to that.

Almost everything about this album seems rather familiar upon first listen. From the buzzing guitars to the chunky bass and from the shout-along choruses to the almost Fuel for the Hate Game-feel in the way that the lead vocals and backing vocals play off each other, there was a lot going on in these songs that made me feel right at home the moment I put it on. The momentum of Polars stays pretty consistent throughout its nine tracks… although with only nine songs and an average song length just shy of three minutes, it’s kind of disappointing that the band didn’t have more to offer during the recording sessions. There’s the old adage that ‘less is more’, and oftentimes that’s true, but I’m willing to bet that Polars wouldn’t lose its charm even if it had ten or eleven tracks.

Polars is at its peak when the band is at their poppiest (or may I suggest “at their most melodic” as an alternate way to word that). While the banality of standing still and leading a normal life is a recurring lyrical theme throughout the album, tunes like “Kansas Slam” and “Cannonball” both take that lack of action and turn it into an unbridled, shout-along energy. “Brace, Smile” and “Ghost”, the album’s respective bookends, provide some of the biggest hooks on Polars, kicking off the album with the declaration “I’m breaking my back just to keep my smile straight” (a sentiment that’s sure to resonate with bearded punks everywhere) and ending with the explosive chant of “I don’t want to be alone anymore!”.  Mid-album tunes like “Passive Active” (the intro of which sounds eerily Smoking Popes-ish) and “Song About Boats” also contain melodies that are nothing to sneeze at, especially that bass work in “Song About Boats”.

While it would be easy to describe the band as a melodic punk act in the vein of Hot Water Music or Latterman (and I’m not saying that it’s not an accurate way to put it because it kind of is) it seems almost a disservice to Ma Jolie to put it so simply. Polars isn’t a perfect record, but for every lull track that lets my mind wander, there are two songs that immediately snap me back into the listening experience. And a ratio like that isn’t too shabby at all. Ma Jolie is not a band to miss out on, and Polars helps to set them in the right direction.

4/5 Stars

RIYL: Hot Water Music, Latterman, Iron Chic

Ma Jolie (punk) stream new album “Polars”

Philly punks Ma Jolie are streaming their upcoming sophomore release, Polars, in its entirety below.

Polars was released today through Lame-O Records.

Ma Jolie release Static Session video for “Kansas Slam”

Philly punks Ma Jolie have released a video for their new song “Kansas Slam” from a recent Static Session. The song is from the band’s upcoming release, Polars, and you can check out the video below.

Polars is due out on November 12th through Lame-O Records.

New Song: Ma Jolie – “Cannonball”

Philly punks Ma Jolie are streaming a brand new song titled “Cannonball” over at Alternative Press. The tune comes off of the band’s upcoming sophomore release, Polars.

You can check out the song here.

Polars is due out on November 12th through Lame-O Records, and is available for pre-order here on black or green vinyl.

Ma Jolie (punk) sign to Lame-O Records, stream new song – “Kansas Slam”

Philadelphia independent label Lame-O Records has announced the signing of Philly punks Ma Jolie.

The band are also streaming a song called “Kansas Slam” from their new album, Polars, right here.

Polars is due out on November 12th, and is available for pre-order here on black or green vinyl.