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Not On Tour (Melodic, Israel) Stream Video for “Flip”, and Hit the Road in Europe

Israeli melodic punk rock band Not On Tour are allowing fans to stream a video for their 2015 track “Flip”. The tune appeared on the record Bad Habits. As well as the video, Not On Tour will also be hitting the road around Europe starting tomorrow.

You can check out the video for “Flip”, as well as the tour dates below.

Booze Cruise (Hamburg) lands salty line-up

The mateys over at Booze Cruise booked one of Europe’s most exciting festival line-ups of the year. RVIVR, The Lillingtons, Not On Tour, Timeshares, Ray Rocket, Make War and many more will all be appearing at the festival that has actual boats for venues. Hands up if you’re excited as hell right now!

Booze Cruise takes place from the 7th until the 10th of June in Hamburg, Germany. Tickets are already on sale right here. Head down below to check out the full line-up.

Music video: The Friday Prophets – “Metaperceptive Overload”

Swedish pop punk band The Friday Prophets have released a music video for their song Metapercepitve Overload. The track has guest vocals performed by Sima from the Israeli punk act Not on Tour. Check out the video below.

The Friday Prophets latest release was their Ep My Storms to Conquer which was released in 2016.

KNRD Fest: A hidden gem in the Franconian Forest

I had the pleasure of travelling with the fine folks of The Overjoyed to a little festival in the east of Germany. You can read what I thought of it below.

Not On Tour (female fronted punk) release music video for “Rumors”

Israeli female-fronted punk band Not On Tour have compiled a bunch of live footage and used it to release a music video for their song “Rumors” off their latest album “Band Habits”. Check it out below.

Bad Habits will be released last June through Effervescence Records. Catch the band at Groezrock next week where they’ll play an acoustic show on April 29th, and April 30th on the Groezrock mainstage.

Not On Tour stream cover of Teenage Bottlerocket’s “Crawling Back To You”

Israeli punks Not On Tour are streaming a pretty rad cover of “Crawling Back To You”, a song originally from Teenage Bottlerocket. The track features Ishay Berger (Useless ID) on guitar and will appear on an upcoming tribute compilation for Brandon Carlisle, who sadly passed away last November. You can give the song a listen below.

The comp will soon be available online and all proceeds will be donated to Brandon’s family.

Not On Tour last released Bad Habits via Effervescense Records in June 2015.

Not On Tour stream new song “Rumors”

Israeli female-fronted punk band Not On Tour are currently streaming another new song off their upcoming album, Bad Habits. Stream “Rumors” below.

Bad Habits will be released on June 30th through Effervescence Records, and can be pre-ordered here.

Not On Tour release track listing for “Bad Habits”

Israeli punks Not On Tour have released the track listing for their upcoming album, Bad Habits, and you can check it out below.

The band is already streaming 3 songs off the album and you can give them a listen here. Additionally, the band released a music video for the song “Maybe One Day” and you can check that out here.

The album is due out on June 30th via Effervescence Records, but you can pre-order it here.

Not On Tour stream 3 new tracks off upcoming album “Bad Habits”

Israeli punks Not On Tour are streaming 3 brand new tracks off their upcoming album, Bad Habits and you can check them out below.

The album is due out on June 30th via Effervescence Records, but you can pre-order it here.

Music Video: Not On Tour – “Maybe One Day”

Israeli punks Not On Tour have just released the music video for “Maybe One Day.” Check it out below.

“Maybe One Day” is off the band’s upcoming album “Bad Habits” which will be released sometime this year. Not On Tour last released “All This Time” in 2012.

Not On Tour announce European tour dates

Israeli punks Not On Tour have announce a short string of European tour dates which will see them playing shows with bands like Teenage Bottlerocket, Masked Intruder, and Off With Their Heads, in addition to appearing at Groezrock 2015. Dates and locations are below.

Not On Tour began recording a new album titled Bad Habits in late 2014, but it has yet to see the light of day. The band’s last full-length release was 2012’s All This Time.

Not On Tour planning to record new album “Bad Habits”, start Indiegogo campaign

Israel based punk rock band Not On Tour recently announced plans to take a break from touring and begin recording a new album called Bad Habits. In light of this announcement, the band has started an Indiegogo campaign to help fund their upcoming project. The group released a video outlining their intentions and goals, as well as a statement on their Indiegogo page. You can view the video and read their statement below. You can also find their Indigogo page here.

Bad Habits will serve as a follow-up to the band’s 2012 full-length All This Time. 

Not On Tour announce European tour dates

Israeli punk act, Not On Tour, have announced European tour dates.

You can check out the dates and locations here.

The band released their latest album “All This Time” in 2012 through Diner Junkie Records.

Album Review: Not On Tour – “All This Time”

On paper, Not On Tour, a four piece, female lead hardcore punk band who hail from Tel Aviv, Israel, doesn’t look like a band that I’d be into. I’m not usually into hardcore bands, Gorilla Biscuits and Bad Brains are among the few exceptions, but after checking out just one song on Not On Tour’s third album, “All This Time” I definitely wanted to hear more. You see, when I hear the term hardcore, I immediately think of bands like Madball, Warzone and Agnostic Front, bands with fast brutal music and aggressive, usually gravely vocals. It’s not that I hate that type of music; I like songs from all three of those bands but most of the time I want to hear something a little more melodic, definitely not pop-punk but something with a little more singing and a little less yelling.

The thing that caught my ear about Not On Tour is that they are a little bit of both worlds, viciousness and melody. On the music side, they play with about as much speed and fury as those previously mentioned bands and vocalist Sima spits fire with a ferocity that fits right in among the hardcore world but she can also sing and to me, that makes this disc stand out against most of the music of the genre.  The only band that I can really think to draw a comparison to is one of my all-time favorite bands, Tilt. For those of you who don’t know, Tilt was a female fronted East Bay punk band who occasionally ventured into the realm of hardcore. Their singer, Cinder Block was also in a pretty good hardcore band called Retching Red.

Just like most of the bands in the hardcore world, the songs on “All This Time” are fast and short; the longest one is only a minute and forty four seconds, and a couple of them clock in at under a minute , hell the entire sixteen song cd only runs about twenty minutes. I usually don’t like really short songs, the majority of them feel unfinished to me but the songs on here are an exception. Not On Tour somehow manages to create very short pieces of music that feel like complete songs and that’s pretty cool.

With such a short run time it’s hard to pick my favorite songs on this disc but if I’ve got to pick some standouts I’m gonna say my favorites are “Oded”, a bouncy punkish song that seems to be about a guy that Sima likes. “Modern Slavery”, a hardcore track about hating work. And “The Question Came Up”, I’m not entirely sure what this song is about, there are a few lines about self doubt and the end seems to be about death but I can’t understand all of the words so the full story eluded me. Regardless, I like this one a lot, it has a 90’s punk feel and Sima really belts this one out. Go here and check them out yourself, you could listen to half the album in the time it takes most people to read this review.

I give this album 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who likes the harder side of bands like The Distillers and Tilt.

An interesting fact about this band is that it was started as kind of a joke. Back in 2009 when all of the other bands in their area were out on tour,  Sima (vocals), Gutzy (drums), Valer (guitar) and Nir (bass) got together, formed a band with the in joke name Not On Tour and started writing music. Originally they planned on writing some songs, putting together a few shows and calling it quits but after three years, three albums and a couple of European tours, they’re still going strong.

Introducing Female Fronted Skate Punk Act: Not On Tour

Filling the void left by Tilt and the Distillers, Tel Aviv’s Not On Tour is a Fat Wreck style punk act with snotty female vocals that you absolutely must check out if you are a fan of 90’s style punk rock.  On September 20th the band will be releasing a new full-length titled “All This Time” and it kicks serious ass.  Give it a listen right here.