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Blake Schwarzenbach releases solo song “Sanity Is Waiting”

Blake Schwarzenbach, the former singer of Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil and current singer of forgetters, is streaming a new solo song called “Sanity Is Waiting”. You can listen to it below.

There are currently no details about “Sanity Is Waiting”, but we’ll keep you updated. He announced a solo album back in 2013 called Christopher Remembers, which has still not been released.

Blake Schwarzenbach announces new double album “Christopher Remembers” & European solo tour

Blake Schwarzenbach, former frontman of Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil and current frontman of forgetters, has announced plans to release a 22-track double album entitled “Christopher Remembers” sometime in the near future.

He has also announced an extensive European tour, which you can see dates and locations for right here.

We’ll keep you posted as more details surrounding “Christopher Remembers” surface. Schwarzenbach’s last release with a band was forgetters’ self-titled debut LP,  released on November 2012 via Too Small to Fail Records.

Blake Schwarzenbach announces “2013 Mobile Disco Decathalon” tour

Blake Schwarzenbach, former frontman of Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil and current frontman of forgetters, has announced a string of summer tour dates for… something. We’re not exactly sure what though. Here’s the official description:

The decathlon is a combined event in athletics consisting of ten track and field events. The word decathlon is of Greek origin, from δέκα (déka, meaning “ten”) and ἄθλος (áthlos, or ἄθλον, áthlon, meaning “feat”). Events are held over two consecutive days and the winners are determined by the combined performance in all.

Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil, Forgetters) and his emerging alter egos, Chris Lager (DJ/Producer:Forgetters,O.C.D.,Chris Lager) and O.C.D. (Rapper/Compulsive:Original Guitar Dracula, Ole Crazy Disorder, Often Cutz Deep, etc.) are coming to your town soon! The show will feature Blake, Chris, and O.C.D. on a single stage, playing records, singing songs, spittin’, mixing, and plain old storytelling. Expect some catalog.  The event is modeled on the Greek “Decathlon,” renowned for its rigor and mixed martial artistry.  Go mobile, Go Chris Go!

So yeah. If this has piqued your interest, you can check out the dates here to see if it’s coming by you.

Schwarzenbach’s last release with a band was forgetters’ self-titled debut LP,  released November 2012 via Too Small to Fail Records.

forgetters (ex-Jawbreaker/Against Me!) reveal tour dates

forgetters, comprised of guitarist/vocalist Blake Schwarzenbach (ex-Jawbreaker/Jets To Brazil), bassist Michelle Proffit (Hiretsukan) and drummer Kevin Mahon (ex-Against Me!), have announced the dates for their first tour of 2013, in support of their recently released self-titled full-length.

You can check out the dates and locations here

Album Review: forgetters – forgetters

Given that forgetters is made up of former members of both Jawbreaker and Against Me!, it would be easy to think that this album would be the essential punk album of not just 2012, but the entire century (thus far).

Sometimes our expectations aren’t always met.

That’s not to say that forgetters, the second self titled release from the Brooklyn trio (following a self-titled EP released in 2010) is an awful album, because it’s not. Actually, it’s pretty good: it’s mellow, it’s noisy, it’s heavy, and it’s sweet. Think more like a continuation of Jets to Brazil, minus the piano (mostly). With production and bass duties handled by J. Robbins (of Jawbox fame, although he also produced albums by Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil, and Against Me!), the album almost plays like a late-90’s Jade Tree disc. Blake Schwarzenbach’s vocals bounce back and forth between his familiar rasp and a newer, deeper singing style. The album begins with the newer style, and honestly I was kind of worried at first because of how unfamiliar it was, but by the time track two, “Lie Artist” kicks in, everything seems more at home.

If I’ve got any complaints about forgetters, it’s that the album runs on for a little too long. At least half the songs on the album find their way into 5+ minute territory, and while some of those songs are the best on the album (“I’m Not Immune” and “Die By Your Own Hand” in particular), as a whole the album is a lot to take in at once. I had the same problem with Jets to Brazil’s albums though, so that one might just be me.

forgetters may be far from being the punk album everyone was secretly hoping that it was going to be, but before you go around telling everyone, take some time and give it a listen. Even if only listened to in three or four song increments, the album holds together well. Highly recommended for anyone who prefers latter-day Jawbreaker (or Jets to Brazil), and anything in the post-1990 Dischord catalog.


forgetters plan tour supporting full length, self-titled debut

forgetters (ex-Jawbreaker, Against Me!) have announced dates for their first tour supporting their self titled debut full length. These will be the first shows the band has played since the departure of original bassist Caroline Paquita (Bitchin’). Check out the dates here.

The new album was released November 13th via Too Small to Fail Records.

forgetters (Jawbreaker, ex-Against Me!) detail upcoming debut album

forgetters (featuring Blake Schwarzenbach from Jawbreaker/Jets To Brazil, and ex-Against Me! drummer, Kevin Mahon) have revealed the cover art and tracklisting for their upcoming debut album, which is currently untitled.

You can check out the cover art and tracklisting here.

The album is set to be released on November 13th via Too Small To Fail Records.

forgetters to release debut album in November

forgetters, the latest project by former Jawbreaker frontman Blake Schwarzenbach, have posted an update to their blog, where they revealed that they are releasing their as-yet-untitled debut album on November 14th. They write:

“We will have a new full-length record available come November 14th, 2012. We will be operational and playing shows in NYC and far-and-away soon. Will keep you posted..”

The project, formed in 2009 after Blake’s previous project The Thorns of Life broke up, last released a self-titled double 7″ back in 2010.