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Music Video: New Red Scare – “No Sober Rebels”

New York punks New Red Scare have a new video out for their song “No Sober Rebels.”

Check it out below.

The track is off the band’s album, Waiting For A Spark, which came out in 2013 via Altercation Records.

New Red Scare release music video for “Kamikaze”

New York punks New Red Scare have a new video out for their song “Kamizake.” Check it out below.

The video was recorded at the band’s show at Snapper Magee’s in Torrington, Connecticut. The track is off the band’s album, Waiting For A Spark, which came out in 2013 via Altercation Records.

New Red Scare release music video for “Dusty Devil” feat. live video from Upstart Fest 2014

New York punk act New Red Scare have released a new video for their song “Dusty Devil” and you can check it out below. The video features clips from some of the band’s Upstart Fest 2014 performances.

“Dusty Devil” is a track from New Red Scare’s album “Waiting For A Spark,” which was released in March of 2014 through Altercation Records.

2014 Upstart Fest Portland, ME and Cambridge, MA. I Was There!

Oh lucky me! Two days of punk rock fun making both the Portland Maine date, and the Cambridge Massachusetts Date of this year’s nine date nine city traveling punk rock extravaganza the 2014 Upstart Fest.

2014 marks the 4th year for this event which assaults the Northeast annually hitting most major cities from Baltimore to Portland every year featuring up to 10 National, regional, and local bands per date.  The event brings punk rock joy to show goers all over the Northeast and giving a much needed break to smaller up and coming bands who rarely can land a larger tour or receive the promo, press and attention that Upstart Fest provides.  This year’s tour featured a total of 27 bands, of which I was able to see 17 of them during the two dates I attended… Saturday Oct 4th in Portland Maine at Geno’s Rock Club, and Sunday Oct 5th in Cambridge Massachusettes at TT The Bears Place…and it went something like this:

Day one, which was day 8 of the tour was opened by a very fun pop punk act local to Portland called Dead Man Ramsey who delivered a rousing set and pulled the one quarter full venue to the front of the stage with ease setting the mood nicely for the second band The Murder Weapon to jump up next and Kill It! With their solid Psychobilly sound and high energy performance the place was now primed for a night to remember. Next up was a new band for me called Stray Bullets who delivered a great Ska/Punk set that got everyone hopping & skanking in the pit. They were followed by one of my favorite live acts New Red Scare! This is a must see band. Front man Billy Gwynns on stage antics and theatrics are completely enthralling and got the crowd really revved up for Connecticut’s Two Fisted Law who mix old school hardcore with a bit of a country flair that I have never heard another band do before, this approach works really great for them and Portland responded with fist pumping and howls throughout their set. They were followed by Brooklyn NY’s The Sharp Lads who delivered a manic paced set of punk and roll that simply left everyone out of breath. Next in the lineup was L.A.’s Left Alone who dropped a great set of the Ska/Punk they are famous for but then to my surprise added a few rockabilly tunes in the middle that fit in seamlessly and allowed the crowd to catch their breath after the Sharp Lads set…But that brief respite did not last for next up was possibly the most dangerous band in the world…Svetlanas who made it over for Upstart Fest from “Big Mother Russia” as the pint sized terror Olga announced prior to her ripping into the now near capacity room with threats of making us bleed and how she would break us the crowd erupted into a frenzy with cries of “More! More!” as most of us who had never seen Svetlanas before were left wowed with mouths a gape at the ferocity and intensity of this woman. And if all of this was not enough they were followed by one of my favorite street punk bands The Virus who brought it home with a set full of anger and aggression playing every classic song we wanted to hear ending the show with the perfect cherry on top of a perfect night of punk rock…but wait, I got to do it all again the next day!

Day two, in Cambridge began with some disappointments after learning that The Obvious, and Trophy Lungs had dropped off the date, one cited for personal reasons and the other for illness, but none the less after the previous night’s show I was totally stoked to see all of these bands again. The lineup was pretty much the same with the exception of some time changes and the addition of Orphan Killbot a local Boston band who opened the show with a fun set that put everyone in the mood for one of my new favorite bands from the Portland show Stray Bullets who also hail from the Boston area and who’s local fans made it out in mass and helped shape the evening for the rest of the acts, all of which played the night before and once again delivered simply amazing if not devastatingly good sets to a full house of fans eager for more. That being said I will leave the musical descriptions to the previous night and go on to state that with all the many many hundreds of shows I have attended over the years I honestly don’t think I have ever seen a 10 band bill where each and every band gave one hundred percent of themselves, and where the spirit of true punk camaraderie shined as brightly as it did on these two nights. Upstart Fest I commend you! And I can’t wait till next year!

4 more bands added to the Upstart Fest lineup

More bands have been added to the lineup of the 4th Annual Upstart Fest, also known as “The Northeast’s Biggest Punk Rock Party.” Joining the already-impressive lineup are California ska-punks Left Alone, Jersey’s female-fronted hardcore act Ides, Vermont’s As We Were, and Albany’s New Red Scare.

Check out all the Upstart Fest tour dates and locations here.

Altercation Punk Rock BBQ adds New Red Scare, The Obvious and The Grizzly Band to its lineup

More bands have been added to the annual Altercation Punk Rock BBQ. The lineup now features New Red Scare, The Obvoius and The Grizzly Band.

The Altercation Punk Rock BBQ will take place on March 15th 2014 at the Vortex in Austin, TX.

Video: Upstart Fest 2013

BlankTV has posted a video chronicling the 9-city 10-day Upstart Fest that took place last year. You can check it out below.

Bands featured in the video include New Red Scare, The Koffin Kats, American Pinup, Turbo AC’s, Lost In Society, The Scandals, Two Fisted Law, The Svetlanas, Cry Havoc, and Fort Street.  You can also see the hostess with a Dying Scene shirt at the 6:05 mark!

New Red Scare release music video for “Hammer & The Bell”

New York punk act New Red Scare have released a new music video for “Hammer & The Bell.” You can check it out below.

You can find the song on the band’s latest full length, “Waiting For A Spark,” which was released earlier this year on Altercation Records.

New Red Scare, Cry Havoc, OC45, The Murder Weapon to play Upstart Fest

Northeastern punk show Upstart Fest has announced its first set of bands. New Red Scare, Cry Havoc, OC45, and The Murder Weapon will play the nine-city tour, which spans from Philadelphia up to Portland (Maine).

Earlier this month we got a sneak peek at the tour dates, which you can check out here. Check back for more info later.

Billy Gwinn of New Red Scare on how he got into punk and how it’s shaped his life

Billy Gwynn sings in New York punk act New Red Scare.  Here’s the story on how he got into Punk Rock and how it helped shape his life.

I was a late bloomer getting into punk compared to some of my friends.   As a little kid I was really, into hip-hop, R&B, and soul, stuff like that, but rock n roll had not made any significant impact on me yet.  I had even met Green Day once when I was about 11 or so and, at the time, my friends were appalled at the lack of interest I had shown with the whole encounter.  I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why people would be fawning over such spikey, dyed-haired weirdoes.

In high school, I learned just how cool spikey, dyed-haired weirdoes could be!  A friend had started bringing me to hardcore shows, and I was in to that.  I was really drawn to the political and social awareness of the genre; it seemed like music that actually mattered.  But punk was really driven home for me when a friend took me to see The Casualties and Lower Class Brats for the first time.  I was absolutely blown away.  It was fast, it was raw, it was energetic, it stood for all the things that I thought music should stand for, and it was fuckin’ fun!  Everyone was so colorful and accepting and wonderfully individual.  After getting into punk is when I really started coming out of my shell, becoming my own man, and realizing that it was not only OK, but KICK ASS to be my loud, strange self.

And then, as I started exploring, I heard Iggy Pop & The Stooges “Raw Power” for the first time…  It was probably the closest thing to a religious awakening I’ll ever have.  There is not a more entertaining, charismatic, and mesmerizing figure on the planet.  That’s when I knew I wanted to not only be a punk rock frontman, but to strive to be the best, craziest, most eccentric person to ever terrorize a stage.

I am never happier than when I am up performing in front of people, and…in our own small way, adding to this mountainous revolution we call punk rock!


New Red Scare announces new album “Waiting For A Spark”

Altercation Records new band New Red Scare has announced that their new full length “Waiting For A Spark” will hit the streets on March 12th. On that same evening a CD release party will be held at Headhunters in Austin Texas as a prelude to a week of drunken revelry during their tour down to South By South West.

Altercation Co-Owner and Funny Man JT Habersaat had this to say; “Look out America, New Red Scare is upon us, and the Whiskey Revolution is about to begin, so lock up your Womens & Kids cuz it’s gonna be a wild wild ride!”

New Red Scare will be touring this March, including a stop at the must go to punk party during SX. the Altercation Punk Rock BBQ @ Vortex in Austin Texas on Sat March 16th stay tuned for more info and tour dates.

New Red Scare signs to Altercation Records, releasing full-length album “Waiting For A Spark”

Altercation Records has signed Albany New Yorks Punk & Roll antiestablishment underground resistance band… New Red Scare.

Altercation co-owner Travis Myers had this to say about the signing:

”I fist saw this band open for Say Hello To The Angels about a year ago, and they totally blew me away, their an unbelievably energetic, politically motivated band of subversive thugs who really have something to say. I am afraid that legions of kids will be lining up to join the NEW RED SCARE Army, and parents everywhere will live in fear of their children’s recruitment.”

New Red Scare’s first full length “Waiting For A Spark” is slated for release in early spring of 2013.  You can stream a few of the band’s songs here to get yourself familiar with their music.