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Hoof (skate punk, UK) stream “Knacker’s Yard” from forthcoming EP, “Petty Thieves”

North West three-piece Hoof have allowed folks to stream a teaser track from forthcoming EP, Petty Thieves. Entitled “Knacker’s Yard”, it should excite fans of ruinously fast, metallically-edged skate punk and is complete with plenty of fret board wankery. The release date for the full EP is still to be confirmed but if the rest measures up to the tune below, it’ll be one to listen out for.

Hoof have been relatively quiet on the new music front for some time. Their latest release was the 2012 EP, A Measure of Success.

Introducing New Skatepunk Act: Hoof (free EP download)

Hoof is a three piece melodic punk act from Preston, UK who draw their influences from the 90’s era Fat Wreck sound.  The band recently released their 3 song debut EP “A Measture Of Success” and you can stream it here.

If you like what you hear all three songs are up for free download on their bandcamp page.