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Hoist the Colours (Skate Punk, Holland) Stream Video for “Red Room”

Dutch skate punk group Hoist the Colours are allowing fans to stream a video for their track “Red Room”. The tune features on a self-titled split record with RunningLate that was released last November.

You can check out the video for “Red Room” below. Enjoy.

Hoist The Colours stream new song “7602”

Dutch punks Hoist the Colours are streaming a track off their upcoming split with RunningLate. The song’s called “7602”, and you can check it out below.

The split will be released soon through Melodic Punk StyleMorning Wood Records, and Umlaut Records.

Listen to a track from RunningLate’s side here.

Hoist The Colours and RunningLate announce split EP

Dutch punk acts  Hoist the Colours and  RunningLate announced a 6 song split EP.

Pre-orders for the EP will be available soon via  Melodic Punk Style, Morning Wood Records, Umlaut Records, and both bands.

You can stream a track from the EP here.

Hoist The Colours (skate punk) and ASBO Peepshow stream new split “Having A Full English” for free download

Dutch skate punk act Hoist The Colours and the UK punk rockers in ASBO Peepshow are streaming their new split Having a Full English and you can give it a listen and download it for free below.

The album was released via Morning Wood Records on October 25th.

Hoist the Colours stream new song “Mullet (For My Valentine)”

Dutch punk band Hoist The Colours has released a new song titled “Mullet (For My Valentine)”. The track comes off Having a Full English, the band’s upcoming split record with ASBO Peepshow and you can give it a listen below.

Having a Full English will be released on October 25, 2014 via Morning Wood Records.

Free EP: Hoist The Colours (Dutch melodic punk) – “4AM Breakfast”

Here’s some cool free music for you to check out. Dutch punk band Hoist The Colours have released a new EP entitled “4 A.M. Breakfast.”

You can stream or pay-what-you-want for the whole thing over here.

Hoist the Colours cover NOFX’s “I’m A Huge Fan Of Bad Religion” in hopes to open for Bad Religion

Dutch punk rockers Hoist the Colours are on a mission:

“We heard that Bad Religion, one of our all time favorite punk rock bands, is playing our hometown and we would love to open for them. So we did the logical thing.. and recorded a NOFX cover. Makes sense right?

You know, bands like Bad Religion only play once every couple of years in the Netherlands. And when they do, they only do a show in Amsterdam. So this is a big thing for us. Don’t worry it’s not about getting free tickets… we may be cheap-asses, but we already bought our tickets to see the show.”

Good luck guys! Check out the video right here.