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DS Photo Gallery: Benny and The No-Goods and The Mizzerables Host Joint Record Release Show

Reggie’s, a popular near Southside venue on S. State St. in Chicago, has two performance rooms: The Music Joint and the Rock Club. On Thursday August 27th, both sides of the venue were rocking with terrific punk music. Many of the attendees — including many of the performers it seemed — went from room to room and back. I was able to document both, as fortunately, the timing was such that there was not much overlap. Set up in one room occurred whilst performances occurred in the other.

The Music Joint, the smaller of the performance rooms, on this night hosted a two-in-one record release show. Benny and the No-Goods recently released its sophomore album, Nothing’s Cool, while The Mizzerables’ newest release is entitled, Whatever…This Sucks. In addition to a similar attitude, at least in terms of record names, the two groups have Joe Mizzi in common. Joe is, of course, the founder of The Mizzerables, as if that was not apparent by its name. He also plays guitar for Benny and the No-goods shows because in the studio, it is a one-man band. Shortly after their sets at Reggie’s, both Benny and Joe discussed with me how they felt the show went, their new: albums; and upcoming projects.

Meredith Goldberg (Dying Scene): How did you feel the show went? Joe pulled double duty of course. Both as frontman of his own band The Mizzerables and as second guitarist for Benny and the No-Goods live band.

Joe Mizzi: Aside from getting a scolding from afar by the Reggie’s staff for somewhat mockingly requesting the crowd to do some damage to the tables that were left surrounding the stage, I’d say it all went pretty well! I mean, Damian May, the singer of The Exceptions, one of my favorite ska bands from Detroit was there… so ya know. We got in and got out quick so people could go next door and see some little band called The Lillingtons, my wife tells me they’re a whole thing haha.

Benny NoGood: “This show was a great time. Joe (second guitarist in BATNG) had a record release for his main band, The Mizzerables, so we were a natural addition to the show. We opened the night to a solid crowd, and almost immediately, I broke a string, Justin had a problem with the DI box, Dom broke a bass drum pedal, and I knocked my mic stand over, so it was definitely a punk rock show. We had a great time, and the other bands on the bill were all amazing across both shows. Butchered (Chicago) just blew me away. Their intensity is just through the roof, and they’re a bunch of nice dudes. Saw tons of great friends who I don’t often get to hang with, too, so the vibe all night was just outstanding.


MG: Were you able to catch any of the bands playing on the other side of Reggie’s, in the Rock Club?
BNG: I’ve been friends with Mike from Amuse for a bit over a decade now, and I just love those guys. The Lillingtons were, of course, a big reason a lot of people were there, and they didn’t (do they ever?) disappoint.

JM: I didn’t watch that Lillingtons that night was selling records but saw them the next night haha.

MG: Is it true Benny that Benny and the No-Goods is a one-man band?

BNG: Yes, as far as recording goes, it’s a one-man show. both albums were just me, that may change on the next one, as the lineups seem to be pretty solidified at this point.

MG: Benny, please tell us how it came about that Joe joined the band as a live player at second guitar; as well as the other live band members

BNG: I put word out that I was trying to put together a Chicago-based lineup, and Joe was the first to volunteer. We’ve been friends for several years, and this was a good opportunity to hang out more and finally play music together. Justin was next and came with the recommendation of Mike Muse from Amuse. I’ve known Mike forever, so I trust his opinion, and it’s worked out great. Dom came on-board immediately following, and it’s just been great playing with these guys. They’re all such outstanding players and people.

MG: Joe, was it hard to pull double duty?
JM: Not hard and of course it’s fun to play on stage more!

MG: And Joe, please tell me about making The Mizzerables new record, “Whatever…This Sucks.”

JM: The album itself came together really quick. I’m a “bursty” writer where I’ll get a bunch of songs and then break for a while rather than write every day like a Tim Armstrong says he does. With this album I went back to basics and focused more on melody than fancy guitar parts or riffs and listened to a lot of music I grew up listening to while writing it. Some comparisons we’ve heard are Methadones, Green Day and Descendents which pretty much nails on the head what I was listening to.

We recorded the album with Dan from 88 Fingers Louie last year. Recording the album was with Dan was great and this record would not be what it is without him. However, we did it in January/February and it was brutally cold. When we started vocals, it was pretty rough on my voice with how dry it was. I was literally bringing gallon jugs of water to the studio and I would tear through at least one each day. Somewhat smartly though, we recorded different songs at different times of the day to take advantage of the added rasp from the dryness as the day went on and I think that really played well.

MG: Benny have you always been political as a musician and in your life? “Nothing’s Cool,” features a song called “Donnie” about Donald Trump.

BNG: With Donnie, I just really fucking hate that guy and what he’s done to decency, discourse, the environment, women, the LGBTQA community, standards of governance, our standing in the world, and so much more. Honestly, just fuck him. There’s not even a nice way to talk about him without speaking the vulgar truth, so fuck it I don’t hold back, and didn’t in the song, either. It’s basically a rundown of his disgusting proclivities.

Beyond that, I feel like the arts and music community has a responsibility to use our voice and platform, however small, to speak to power. I get, and appreciate, that some bands are just focused on making fun music, and I do that with this band, for the most part… that said, there is still the drive to speak out I also tend to include an environmental message on all of my releases, and this one is no different. I hide it in the context of our bombs and pollution and destruction of the environment waking Godzilla in my song “Gojira”, but the message is there, and is delivered pretty plainly.

MG: What’s up next for you both?

BNG: Just to continue playing shows and supporting the latest album. I will probably, if pattern follows, release another project in the spring/early summer of 2020. We’ll see where things stand then.Re

JM: Winter is upon us again so we will be playing shows locally and around the Midwest for the next few months.
We’ve done the winter tour before and boy, we don’t have luck with vehicles in the cold. And let’s just say we aren’t the most mechanical bunch. In the meantime, I’ve been posting a bunch of cover songs that inspired the album and I plan to do more with those over the winter. In the spring next year we plan to spread our wings so to speak. No details yet, but I’m sure we’ll blast dates all over the interwebs when we have them. And some breaking news, we have already started discussions about recording 2 or 3 more songs in the coming months. I think what we are going to do is pretty exciting and we’ll have more on it soon!

Please check out photos from both shows at Reggie’s on this evening below!

The Mizzerables (punk) release lyric video for new song “Whatever…This Sucks”

Chicago punks The Mizzerables have released a lyric video for the title track to their upcoming album “Whatever…This Sucks”. The new album was recorded by 88 Fingers Louie guitarist Dan Precision, at his Bomb Shelter Studio. Due out August 23rd via Whoa! Records, this one is shaping up to be a gem.

Check out the new song below.

This is the first new music from The Mizzerables since their 2017 EP Sleeves. If you’re a fan of Green Day, these guys have kind of the same sound as earlier Green Day.

The Mizzerables (Chicago Punk) release video for “Reverie”

“Reverie” is the first song off The Mizzerables‘ upcoming album, Whatever… This Sucks, due out August 23rd. On August 6th, they’ll be hosting a listening party, as well as playing an acoustic set and providing pizza for everyone who comes to The Native in Chicago, IL.

Check out the new song and video below.

The Mizzerables (Punk, IL) Stream Single “Gravity” From Forthcoming Album, “Whatever… This Sucks”

Chicago-based punk quartet The Mizzerables are allowing fans to stream their latest single. The effort is called “Gravity” and it is due to appear on the band’s newest album. Whatever… This Sucks will be the group’s first collection of new music since their 2017 EP, No Sleeves. It will be released at a currently undisclosed date this summer.

For now, you can check out “Gravity” below.

Watch the new video from The Mizzerables, “45” (punk)

Chicago punks The Mizzerables have debuted their new – and very strange (in a good way) – video for their latest single, “45”. It will be featured on their upcoming album “Whatever… This Sucks” due out in Summer of 2019.

Watch the video, and learn why the song is called “45” below.

Chicago pop punks The Mizzerables stream new release

The Mizzerables have released “No Sleeves” via bandcamp. You can name your own price for the three new tracks and check out the stream below.

I can never get enough Illinois pop punk, especially when it’s free.

The Mizzerables stream new album, “As I Am”

Chicago punks The Mizzerables released their second full-length album, As I Am, on March 1st, and you can give it a listen below.  The 12-track album falls heavily on the punk side of pop punk, and it is the band’s first release since 2013’s Every Last Stitch, which was also released on Whoa! Records.  If you like what you hear, you can buy yourself a copy here.

The Mizzerables aren’t going to take very long to savor their new album, as they already have a 4-song EP in the works.  These songs are the first the band has written since Pete Mittler (Methadones, Naked Raygun, The Bomb, Bollweevils) joined the band.  Joe Mizzi has said about the new songs, “The new EP grew out of us having a lot of fun when Pete joined the band. Things fell into place right away. I say the word Fuck a lot, so my Mom won’t listen to it.”

The Mizzerables will open for ska-punk mainstays Less Than Jake at the Double Door in Chicago tonight.

The Mizzerables announce new album “As I Am”

At long last, Chicago punks The Mizzerables have unveiled release details for their new album As I Am. The twelve-song release is due to hit the streets March 1st on digital and CD formats, with a targeted vinyl release date of August 1st.

Pre-orders are available right here, and they include immediate downloads of the title track and another song titled “Drinkin’ Brews and Singin’ The Blues.” Both songs can be heard below.

As I Am will be The Mizzerables’ second full-length album, serving as a follow-up to 2013’s Every Last Stitch on Whoa! Records.

The Mizzerables offer free download of new single, premiere music video

Chicago punks The Mizzerables announced they would be releasing a new album titled As I Am early last month. Today, the band put out the record’s title track as a 2-song single, and released a music video for the song.

You can check out the 2 tracks and music video below, and download the single on their Bandcamp page.

No official release date has been set for the new record, but we’ll keep you posted as more details come to light. The Mizzerables released their debut full-length Every Last Stitch in July of 2013 through Whoa! Records.

The Mizzerables (punk) announce dates for tour and tease album release

Chicago punks The Mizzerables have a string of tour dates coming up, and all you midwestern punks should check them out.  Get the full list of dates below.

The band is also hard at work on a new album called As I Am.  Although the release date has not been announced yet, we will let you know as soon as it is.  Stay tuned for the first single, which will debut on October 20th.


As I Am will be released via Whoa! Records.  It is the band’s first album since 2013’s Every Last Stitch.

The Mizzerables announce new album ‘As I Am’

The Mizzerables have released a brief Instagram video to announce a brand new full length, As I Am. You can check out the video here.

No other details have been made available yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

The Mizzerables released their debut full-length, Every Last Stitch, on July 23rd, 2013 through Whoa! Records.

Underground Communique releases free comp (featuring The Mizzerables, Awkward Age, and more)

Underground Communique Records have released a name-your-price compilation titled No Stress. The album features new tracks by bands such as The Mizzerables, Awkward Age, Barons, and more. You can stream it below, or buy/download it here.

The Mizzerables stream cover of Buddy Holly’s “Rave On”

Chicago punks The Mizzerables have released the latest installment in their “Undercover” series! The band has covered “Rave On” by Buddy Holly. Check it out below.

The Mizzerables released their debut full-length “Every Last Stitch” on July 23rd, 2013 through Whoa! Records. Be sure to head over to the Mizzerables’s Bandcamp to check out some of the previous installments in the “Undercover” series.

The Mizzerables begin recording new album

According to a recent update posted on their official website, Chicago punks The Mizzerables have begun recording a new full-length album to serve as a follow-up to 2013’s Every Last Stitch. Here’s an excerpt from the update:

“This isn’t a total mystery, I’ve been sharing some updates on Facebook and Twitter, but since we are now at the point where we have the material written, and are now working out the final details for recording, I feel it’s appropriate to make it official for those in the know. We will be recording a follow up to last year’s Every Last Stitch over the coming months. We will be getting together tomorrow evening to hash out the final details. Recording may take place at a few different locations depending on the resources we have at hand. Our goal with this album, as with the last, is to get as high quality of a recording as we can with the limited resources we have. We will also be talking tomorrow about doing a fund raising campaign for the album, which will help us with recording costs, mastering, marketing, pressing, and all of the other high expenses that go along with making an album. There are a number of sites out there that provide this service to bands, and choosing which one to use will likely be the most difficult piece of that equation.

About the album, it is currently untitled, but it will be about 10-13 songs that we have written over the past 6-9 months. I’ve said from the start of this band that I did not want us to stick to a formula for what we do, and I look forward to this album being another step in that direction. While we have generally been considered some form of a punk band (punk rock, pop-punk, post-punk… do any of those even mean anything anymore?), and that will always be somewhere in the roots of what we do, this album will see us stepping out into new territory. Our goal is to have all tracking of the album completed by late June to early July. For those that participate in the fundraising campaign, that should put the album in your hands around late August if everything goes to plan, with a broad release date sometime this fall depending on if we will be doing the full release ourselves or with a partner.”

We’ll be sure to keep you all posted as more details on The Mizzerables’ new record come to light!

For the time being, I highly recommend you head over to Bandcamp and check out their debut full-length Every Last Stitch. It’s free to download but it wouldn’t hurt to kick a few bucks the band’s way.

The Mizzerables stream cover of The Talking Heads’ “Wild Wild Life” (feat. John Kay from Koffin Kats)

Chicago punks The Mizzerables have released the latest installment in their “Undercover” series! This time, they’re joined by Koffin Kats guitarist John Kay in covering “Wild Wild Life” by The Talking Heads.

Give it a listen below and be sure to head over to their Bandcamp to check out some of the previous installments in the “Undercover” series.

The Mizzerables released their debut full-length Every Last Stitch on July 23rd, 2013 through Whoa! Records.