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DS Photo Gallery: Bonecrusher at Thee Parkside SF (3.5.16)

I rushed out of work on Saturday hoping to jet over to Thee Parkside and catch my buddies in Rile 9 Collective, however I made it to the venue just in time to hear the last chord and the mic drop from Frankie Loyal. As drummer and vocalist, he sometimes feels the need to get out from behind his kit and connect closer with the audience, which he does in great fashion, while enlisting the help of wife Ramona, and full-time drummer for the Santa Cruz outfit Custom Fit.

I knew I was going to miss the openers The Quitters and TV Static, and according to friends, they were both great sets. But I was incredibly excited to see for the first time hardcore punk group Bonecrusher. The guys hadn’t played Thee Parkside for over a decade, and all the aging punks ready to let fists fly was testament to the excitement in the air.

It was pretty cool seeing members of Suede Razors, Roadside Bombs, and more getting down in the pit – age is just a number. Bonecrusher played an incredible set, and except for the occasional pause to catch breath and tune, it was energy non-stop from the get-go. During “The Fight”, fans almost took the chorus a little too literal and there was almost bloodshed on the dance floor. Cooler heads prevailed, and the band reminded everyone that “The Fight” is against ‘the man’ and ‘institution’, not each other. Other hits included “Angry Youth”, “The Price You Pay”, “Wrecking Crew”, “Gotta Believe”, and so many more. Incredible set and great night of hardcore punk.

You can have a look at photos from Bonecrusher’s set below.

Big thanks to Frankie and Audra for help with the show.

Album Review: Bonecrusher – “Blvd of Broken Bones”

Bonecrusher wants you to know that they’re tough. So tough, their name is Bonecrusher, their album is called “Blvd of Broken Bones”, and they probably hang out with bikers and could almost definitely kick my ass. They also want to “Never Die” and even “Never Say Die”. I guess it’s a pretty good thing they don’t play Dungeons and Dragons.

Musically, this is a proficient street punk band with above average guitarists, bassist and drummer. The biggest problem is I feel like I’ve heard this a million times before. I’d probably enjoy this live, but recorded it feels forced. The lyrical topics are more tired than a toothless 40 year old prostitute coming down from a four day meth binge. Raybo, the vocalist, has a good voice, almost Danzig-like. My only gripe with the performance is the palm muting parts seem to lose time and the guitarists don’t match each other during those parts, most notably on “Into The Fire”.

There are bright spots, such as the song “Go to Hell”, and the single note guitar runs in “Fight for Freedom”. The drums throughout the album really are pretty great. At the end of the day though, this has been done before, and better. It isn’t done poorly here, but it also isn’t done in a way to make it stand out in any way except to be remarkably unremarkable.

1.5/5 Stars

Free Compilation: Oi! This Is Streetpunk Vol. 3 (Gonads, Bonecrusher, Dirty Filthy Mugs, etc)

Pirates Press Records have released the third volume in their compilation series “Oi! – This Is Street Punk!” and you can stream it here.  If you dig it you can download it for free here.

The comp features tunes from The Gonads, Bonecrusher, Dirty Filthy Mugs and a bunch more.

Bonecrusher release “Blvd. Of Broken Bones” on Pirates Press Records

California hardcore punk act Bonecrusher have announced the release of their album “Blvd. Of Broken Bones” through Pirates Press Records.

You can stream the title track right here.