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The Tosspints release video for “Hollow Man”

Michigan’s celtic punk act The Tosspints have a new album called The Privateer out today via East Grand Record Company, and to kick things off, they also released a video for the track “Hollow Man.”  Watch it below.

The band describes the story behind “Hollow Man” like this:

“A former soldiers thoughts on trying to have a normal life while still dealing with his own experiences, and coping with personal feelings that don’t seem to be understood by civilian culture.”

Free Download: East Grand Record Company – ‘East Grand Free Comp II’

Michigan based label East Grand Record Company have released a brand new compilation that they’re giving away as a name-your-price download. The compilation, fittingly titled East Grand Free Comp II features tracks by The Hex Bombs, Continental, Lexington Field, The Ramshackle Army, The Enders, The Tosspints, and more.

You can stream it below, or download it here.

The Tosspints announce new album “The Privateer”, stream 3 tracks

Michigan Celtic punks The Tosspints announced that they have completed their fourth studio full-length and will be releasing it on August 11th of this year. In light of this announcement, the group have put 3 songs off of the album up for streaming. Singer and guitarist Don Zuzula had the following to say about the album:

We’ve really raised the bar with this one, 10 new tracks, the title track being one of the biggest undertakings we’ve attempted to date, a 16 minute epic story about a young crew member of a privateering vessel who is lost at sea. The rest of the album kicks things up as well, containing some of the best material we’ve ever written, though it’s not far off from what everyone is used to from us in terms of songwriting.

You can take a listen to “Hollow Man” (track 6), “How Do you Feel” (track 7), and “The Dregs” (track 9) here.

The Privateer will serve as a follow-up to the band’s 2013 full-length titled Have You Been Drinking?, which was released through East Grand Record Company. We will keep you updated as details come to light.

The Tosspints offer free download of new song “Pirates Life” for St. Patrick’s Day

Michigan Celtic punks The Tosspints are giving away their new song, “Pirates Life,” for FREE from now until St. Patrick’s Day. You can check it out and download it here.

This song is also the first release off of their upcoming new album, a follow up to 2013’s Have You Been Drinking?, which was released through East Grand Record Company.

East Grand Record Co. offers free download of comp featuring Tosspints, Continental & more

East Grand Record Co. is offering their new compilation featuring songs from Tosspints, Continental, The Hex Bombs, Murder Party, and a bunch of other awesome bands, up for free download.

You can check it out / download it for free below.

If you’re more into physical music, head over here to pick up a compilation East Grand released on vinyl just a few days ago. It features tracks from The Mizzerables, The Hex Bombs (again), The Attack, Voice Of Addiction, and more.

Music Video: The Tosspints – “Soldiers Heart” off new album “Have You Been Drinking?”

Michigan Celtic punks The Tosspints recently released their newest album “Have You Been Drinking?” last month through East Grand Record Company. The band just published a new music video for their song, “Soldiers Heart”, which appears on the new release. Here’s what singer/songwriter Don Zuzula had to say about the track,

I chose the song because it’s a reoccurring theme in the album, and the video is based heavily on the day in the life of a vet with PTSD, the constant reminders, the flashbacks, the feeling like you don’t fit into society anymore. The alcohol is actually a symptom of the disorder, myself and a number of my friends with the disorder really struggle with most of the things that were presented in the video. The depression and the longing for going back to the last time in your life that you felt like you fit in, the combat lifestyle where everything really was black and white and you were driven by survival instinct rather than normal, rational thought and emotion, there is even an inability to have positive emotions after a while due to physical changes in the parts of the brain that create those things. I think I managed to touch on all of it.

Check out the music video here.

Song Premiere: The Tosspints (celtic punk) – “Blood Or Whiskey”

Michigan celtic punks The Tosspints will be releasing their new album “Have You Been Drinking?” on June 4th via East Grand Record Company. To get you good and psyched for the release we’ve got a stream of the song “Blood Or Whiskey” for you to enjoy right here.

The Tosspints (celtic punk) detail upcoming album “Have You Been Drinking?”; stream new song “Boys from the County Hell”

Michigan celtic punks The Tosspints have announced their upcoming album “Have You Been Drinking?” (cover art pictured above) will be released on June 4th via East Grand Record Company. Along with that, they are also streaming a new song called “Boys from the County Hell,” which will be appearing on the album.

You can check out the album’s tracklisting and the new song here.

We’ll keep you posted as more news related to “Have You Been Drinking?” surfaces. The band last released an EP called “Cenosillicaphobia” on August 15th, 2011.

The Tosspints are offering “Whiskey Be My Savior” for free download

Celtic punk act The Tosspints are offering their song “Whiskey Be My Savior” for a free download. You can snag it here.

The band is slated to release an album later on this year.