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Save Ferris release video for new track “New Sound”

Following last month’s news of the release of Save Ferris’s first new song in 15 years, the band have made a video for the the track. The video premiered via Paste Magazine today, with EP “Checkered Past” out on Friday.

You can watch the video below.

Save Ferris stream new song “New Sound”

Orange County ska-punk band Save Ferris have premiered their first new song in 15 years. The track’s titled “New Sound,” and it features guest vocals from Neville Staple of the Specials.

You can give the song a listen below.

“New Sound” is taken from Save Ferris’ upcoming EP Checkered Past, which is set to release on February 10th. The EP which was crowdfunded via PledgeMusic can be pre-ordered here.

Save Ferris announce new EP, US tour

Orange County ska-punk band Save Ferris will be releasing a new EP and touring the US in 2017. Checkered Past is set to release on February 10th, and it will be the band’s first new music in 15 years. Stay tuned for more details on the EP, and check out the tour dates below.

Here’s what frontwoman Monique Powell had to say about all of this:

“Since this incarnation of Save Ferris first played together in 2013, the band and I have been working on new music, arranging schedules and selectively playing local shows to get ready for a tour. I have had to tell our fans to ‘be patient, I promise it’ll happen’ for too long now! But now here we are. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far….and now you get to see us in a town near you. For the first time in 15 years, Save Ferris is coming to get you! Are you ready?”

Save Ferris “reunited” in 2013, with a lineup featuring no prior members aside from Powell. This sparked criticism from former members of the band, who actually took Powell to court over allegations that she falsely promoted the “Save Ferris Reunion” without their permission.

Save Ferris working on new music, launch PledgeMusic campaign

Reunited O.C. ska punk rockers Save Ferris have launched a PledgeMusic campaign for their upcoming EP, which will be the band’s first record in over 15 years. You can go here for more details and contribute to making the EP happen.

Save Ferris released their last studio album, Modified, in 1999 on Epic Records. The band officially broke up four years later, but reunited ten years later.

Save Ferris announce two California shows

Despite the ongoing lawsuit Monique Powell is facing, Save Ferris will be playing at least two shows in California this fall. These shows will serve as the follow-up to last month’s “reunion” concert at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, California. You can find the dates to the new shows here.

Save Ferris released their last studio album, Modified, in 1999 on Epic Records. The band officially broke up four years later.

Save Ferris’ Monique Powell retaliates against former bandmates

Even after just one “reunion show” last weekend, drama and criticism over Monique Powell’s use of the Save Ferris name have continued to grow. Well, this time, Powell has responded to the lawsuit filed by her former bandmates, insisting that the band belongs to her and she is the sole owner of the band’s name, despite the fact that she did not actually join until original singer Adrienne Knolff left in 1995. She also claims that Save Ferris never disbanded and that the members just chose to leave.

Powell also states that she wants the court to dismiss the lawsuit and grant her full use of the Save Ferris name.

Save Ferris released their last studio album, Modified, in 1999 on Epic Records. The band officially broke up four years later.

Drama over Monique Powell’s use of the Save Ferris name continues to grow

Save Ferris are set to play their first “reunion show” tomorrow, but the band’s reformation continues come with controversy and a series of legal challenges. According to this report, the reason frontwoman Monique Powell is using the Save Ferris name is that she’s trying to fool people into thinking the band is actually reuniting. Original Save Ferris guitarist Brian Mashburn comments:

“She is violating our rights. It seems like she is trying to fool the public by saying this is a Save Ferris show. People are going to go regardless because they want to see Monique, and that’s their prerogative, but people who are fans of the whole group think it’s disingenuous.”

In the same article, longtime Save Ferris fan Jamie Nicole Rocha criticized Powell’s decision to resurrect the band and claims that she’s doing it to promote herself, explaining, “There’s no excitement from the scene that has been around Save Ferris for all these years. The thing that saddens me the most about it is that Monique actually believes she can fool the fans that have been with the band for so long. It really shows how big her ego is, thinking the band is all about her, where in fact it was the guys behind the instruments who are responsible for the songs we love.”

Another fan named Curt Silver also commented on Facebook posts about the “reunion show,” informing fans that it’s not an actual reunion. He explains, “I’m not sure what Ms. Powell is doing with herself, but it concerns me that she’s lying to the 6,000 fans she has fooled with this concert.”

Save Ferris released their last studio album, Modified, in 1999 on Epic Records. The band officially broke up four years later.

It’s official: Save Ferris is back!

After months of rumors and a lawsuit against their singer Monique Powell, it looks like the legendary 3rd wave ska band Save Ferris is officially back together with a new lineup and their first reunion show will still take place this Saturday (July 27th) at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, California. On the new lineup, Monique told

“All of them love the music and are great fans. They’re just amazing musicians and I feel really lucky that we’re playing together. I think the girls are going to go mad for them. They’re so cute. They’re a fabulous, fun bunch and I love them. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have chosen any less.”

Monique was also asked if Save Ferris will continue on after the reunion show. She replied, “I’m definitely open to all of it. I didn’t expect the response to this show to be as positive as it’s been. It’s caused me to go back and sort of reevaluate what the future is going to hold. I think there are going to be more Save Ferris shows and definitely new music, which I’m working on as we speak.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Save Ferris released their last studio album, Modified, in 1999 on Epic Records. The band officially broke up four years later.

Save Ferris members sue over “reunion show”

Former members of the iconic 3rd wave ska band Save Ferris are suing frontwoman Monique Powell over allegations that she falsely promoted an upcoming show as a “Save Ferris Reunion” without anyone else’s permission.

Powell, who was not an original member of the band, made an announcement in April suggesting the group would be reforming for the first time in 10 years at the OC Fair in California on 27 July. Ex-bandmates and original members Brian Mashburn, Eric Zamora, Bill Uechi, Brian Williams and Evan Kilbourne have since come forward and are saying they never approved the show and had no intention of performing with Powell. They have now filed suit in a bid to legally ban her from using the Save Ferris name.

The bandmates are seeking damages for falsely promoting the show. Powell joined the band in 1995 after original singer Adrienne Knolff quit.

Save Ferris members release statement debunking the band’s “reunion” show

It was recently announced that Save Ferris would be playing a reunion show (their first show in ten years, actually) on July 27th in Costa Mesa, California. Well, earlier this week, the band’s members released a statement explaining that the “reunion” will only feature one original member – frontwoman Monique Powell. Here’s what they said:

“Anaheim, CA, April 9, 2013 – To Our Fans: It was brought to our attention that on or about April 8, 2013 Monique Powell, the former singer for the band “Save Ferris,” announced that a Save Ferris “reunion show” would be taking place at the Orange County Fairgrounds on July 27, 2013. We feel it is important that fans of the band Save Ferris know that this is NOT a reunion show and the show will NOT include any original or former Band member other than Monique Powell. We have not authorized Monique Powell to perform under the name Save Ferris and the original and former Band members regret any confusion to our fans that may be caused as a result of any misleading statements or marketing materials disseminated by Ms. Powell or any other parties connected to this concert engagement. From what we can infer by the marketing and advertising materials we have seen thus far, this engagement is simply a Monique Powell performance of Save Ferris material accompanied by various musicians, who are unknown to the Band.

Due to the large number of inquiries we have received about this subject matter, we felt it was appropriate to release this statement to better clarify the participants of this event so that the public and our loyal fans can make an informed decision regarding whether to attend the event.

Although we would like to perform an actual “reunion show” at some point in time featuring the original and former Band members, we would like to take this opportunity now to thank all of the Save Ferris fans who have continued to support our music and the Band over the years. Thank you!

Bill Uechi
Eric Zamora
Brian Mashburn
Brian “Tbone Willy” Williams
Evan Kilbourne
Oliver Zavala”

We’ll keep you posted as more information about the “reunited” Save Ferris surfaces.