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Thousand Islands Records releases 22-track compliation

Montreal’s Thousand Islands Records has teamed up with a local radio show to release the “Ca Tire!” comp, which features 22 songs from Canadian and European bands such as Colorsfade, Dutch Nuggets, Down Memory Lane, The Greatest Sons, Ces Gens-La, and Set It Back.

You can stream the comp below, or pick it up here.

Music Video: Dutch Nuggets – “Not A Straight Line”

Montreal skate punk act, Dutch Nuggets, have posted the music video for their song “Not A Straight Line.”

You can watch it below.

The band released “Nervous Wreck” in 2013 through Bells On Records.

Bird Attack Podcast and Record Label launches

So here’s a new organization much in line with what Dying Scene is all about.  Bird Attack is a new podcast and record label that has just launched with its first episode and a pretty killer roster of melodic/skate punk bands.  Here’s a press snippet from Bird Attack themselves:

Established in 2012 and broadcasting out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Bird Attack Punk Rock Radio was founded by Garrett Wadford based on an absolute unwavering love for punk rock – Fast, Loud, Shredding, Melodic, Skate punk to be exact. “I consider the genre I love to be more of an underground group of bands that deserve to get more exposure. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Pennywise, Lagwagon, Strung Out (and other similar bands) with a passion, but the new music that really gets me fired up as of late, has a hint of metal to it, which brings an extra level of AMP! to the table.”

“I have always loved performing in some way shape or form, whether it has been on stage playing or behind the mic, focused on the voice only approach, so I decided to bring the music I was passionate about to the airwaves or internet-waves, as it has now morphed to a podcast.”

We are bringing new school punk mixed with the best older punk from as far back as 15 years, mixing it up with roughly 20 songs, throwing in a prank call, adding a dash of comedy and slamming the door shut with an insane interview from some of the best names in punk rock! These interviews range from different members of bands from across the spectrum; Pennywise to Lagwagon, Belvedere to Forus, Dutch Nuggets to Counterpunch. We are really turning up the quality this year.

Finally, the podcast is professionally produced, so whether you are playing it in your headphones or cranking it at your house or in your car, you are going to love the quality!

They haven’t announced any new releases yet but it looks like they’re helping to distribute previous releases from some great skate punk acts including Dutch Nuggets, The Human Project, Adrenalized, Forus, Does It Matter and Whaleface.

You can check out their website and stream their first podcast episode right here.

Free Music: My Fingers! My Brain! Records post 16-song sampler (Brutal Youth, School Damage, etc)

Need some last-minute gift ideas for the hard-to-shop-for punx on your list? The good folks at Ontario’s My Fingers! My Brain! Records can help. They’ve got a 16-song sampler up for free download by clicking here. Entitled “Personal Radio Sampler,” it features tracks from the likes of Brutal Youth, School Damage, Dutch Nuggets and more. Check it out!

DS Photo Gallery: Mute at Cafe Chaos in Montreal, Oct 11 2103

The melodic skate punk band Mute was playing at the Cafe Chaos in downtown Montreal last Friday with other local punk bands Dutch Nuggets, the Matchup, and Daily Grind. Take a look at the gallery here.

Bells On Records signs Dutch Nuggets for Japanese release of “Nervous Wreck”

Bells On Records has signed Montreal melodic punk band Dutch Nuggets for a Japanese release of their debut album “Nervous Wreck,” which is set to come out on July 10th.

The band originally self-released “Nervous Wreck” on March 30th. You can stream it right here.

Album Review: Dutch Nuggets – “Nervous Wreck”

In the same way that I like my indie slow, layered, and meditative—brand new The National out on May 20 you say? Don’t mind if I do!—I like my punk fast, fun, aggro, and unrelenting. “Nervous Wreck,” the debut full-length release by Montreal melodic punk band Dutch Nuggets, is blazingly fast, unapologetically in-your-face, and unyielding in its delivery of genuine skate punk riffs.

From the outset, I feel bad mentioning in a review of a hot off the press album by an up-and- coming band that it sounds very much like it was recorded twenty years ago. So let me be clear: I mean this as a compliment to be taken in the best possible way. I’m an old fart who grew up on Lagwagon and NOFX in the mid-nineties. I all but lost interest in punk music in the early-2000s when it seemed like the kind of full-speed melodic punk I craved was slowly fading away from the main stage. I had a sliver of hope with Rise Against, but we all remember when that ship sailed.

With Dutch Nuggets’ brand of fast-tempo melodic punk I feel validated in my stubbornness of the last few years to keep on looking for fresh utterances of the rapid-fire skate punk I always longed for. Contrary to what one might think of a band whose style clearly harks back to another era, the material on “Nervous Wreck” doesn’t sound hopelessly dated or derivative. Rather, it sounds like the end product of punk rockers who have studied the likes of early NOFX, Lagwagon, and Pennywise, have learned their lessons well, and have amalgamated seamlessly all that we’ve come to expect from that sub-genre.

A song like the opener “Not a Straight Line,” with its anthemic harmonies with both guitar and vocals, compares quite well with the best from the Fat Wreck and Epitaph assembly lines circa 1994, and given the watershed status of that year with regards to punk rock, this is no small compliment. “Shovel & Grinny” is another strong track, classic punk guitar solo and all, not totally unlike something Ten Foot Pole might have pulled off in their heyday. Those and album closer “Coffee Stain Pattern” I find are the more convincing compositions. And though I have my favorites, it’s not as if the rest of the album is a throwaway. Quite the opposite, every title has something interesting to offer, either in the arrangements or the vocal harmonies (is it just me or does vocalist Gab Malette bring back echoes of “Punkrockacademyfightsong” era Dave Smalley?).

A bit less convincing however is their choice to leave a 3 minute gap between the latter song and the actual (hidden?) last track. It would make sense if it were an obvious comedy act à la Blink-182; the type of thing you listen to once and never bother with again. But here it’s definitely a full-fledged song that reveals a bit of their melodic hardcore sensibility. I’m just not sure what the gap is supposed to accomplish in that case.

In the end, what I like especially is that they don’t attempt to hide their roots behind overcomplicated song structures and doubtful experiments. They believe in their musicianship and do not suffer from any anxiety of influence (that’s Harold Bloom, google it), and rightly so, for the album features more than a few catchy melodic punk songs that are very nicely put together indeed. I for one am quite contented with that.

4/5 Stars

Introducing New Skate Punk Act: Dutch Nuggets

Montreal’s Dutch Nuggets play a brand of speedy melodic punk akin to the Fat Wreck bands of yesteryear.  If you consider yourself a connoisseur  of skate punk and dig bands like Australia’s The Decline you’ll definitely want to add these dude’s to your Radar.  The band recently released their debut full-length “Nervous Wreck” and you can stream a few of the songs from it right here.