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Circle Jerks to reissue fourth album “Wonderful”

Porterhouse Records have announced that they will be releasing a reissued version of Circle Jerks fourth album, Wonderful.

The 12″ vinyl release will feature 13 re-mastered tracks pressed lovingly on shiny black vinyl.  It is set to be released on March 2nd, and can be pre-ordered here.

Keith Morris announces release date for autobiography

Two years ago, punk legend Keith Morris announced he would be releasing an autobiography titled My Damage: 40 Years on The Front Lines of Punk in the fall of 2016.

In a recent interview with the Detroit Metro Times, Morris revealed that the book’s title has been changed to My Damage: The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor, and it will hit store shelves on August 30th, 2016.

As announced back in 2014, the book is co-authored by Jim Ruland, an award-winning author and columnist for outlets like the Los Angeles Times, Razorcake, and San Diego CityBeat.

Head over to Amazon to pre-order My Damage.

Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, The Circle Jerks, G.F.P.) granted tempoary protection from his ex-wife is reporting that Greg Hetson, the guitarist of G.F.P. and former member of Bad Religion and The Circle Jerks, has been granted temporary protection against his ex-wife Alia White, who has repeatedly been harassing him.

Hetson and his daughter feel threatened by Alia and the judge agreed to temporarily protect them. A full hearing is scheduled next week. The article also says that, according to Hetson, the ex-wife won’t accept the fact that couple were divorced two years ago, and continuously shows up at his home in Los Angeles, and refuses to leave despite his request that she do so.

Shortly before filing for divorce, Hetson quit Bad Religion in 2013, and was replaced by Mike Dimkich of The Cult.

10 Most Distasteful American Punk Rock Band Names

Anybody familiar with the punk scene knows that sarcastic and crass humor is simply a part of the culture and one of the results of this cultural attribute is an overabundance of offensive band names.  We’ve seen provocative double entendres ever since punk’s inception in the UK; Buzzcocks and The Sex Pistols, just to name a couple (legend has it that Sex Pistols manager, Malcolm McLaren, noticed the term “sexe pistil” at the Chelsea Flower Show).

While words such as “cock” are nothing more than a term for “mate” or “friend” in England, in the U.S.A., the Queen’s Engrish takes on a slightly different meaning. Take Cock Sparrer, for instance.  In London Cockney its a term of familiarity amongst friends, from “Cock Sparrow”. In good ole ‘Murikan it might be considered a sword game that doesn’t sound particularly entertaining.

Forgoing any individual warrior names, such as Chicago “Rock Legend”, Blag Dahlia (born Paul Cafaro), which is a mash-up of the slavic name (blag) meaning “sweet, pleasant, blessed” and a reference to The Black Dahlia Murder, and disqualifying any punk bands not from the states – here’s my alphabetical list of the 10 most “distasteful” American punk rock band names.

Check it out below and argue your own choices in the comments.

Legendary “Decline Of Western Civilization” documentaries finally get commercial release date

Okay, so we’ve all probably seen all or parts of Penelope Spheeris’ groundbreaking Decline of Western Civilization documentaries in one form or another, particularly since the advent of YouTube. Hell, I’m fairly certain we posted “Volume Three” on these here pages a bunch of years ago. At long last, however, the films are finally getting commercially released!

Shout! Factory has announced a June 30 release date for all three documentaries, which chronicle the early West Coast punk scene, the 80s metal scene, and the gutter punk scene (in that order). Pre-orders for all three (as a set) are available right here on both DVD and Blu Ray. the films are newly restored and presented in high definition, and the release bundle features commentary from Dave Grohl (because seriously, why wouldn’t it), and a 40-page featuring rare photos and words from author and historian Domenic Priore.


Readers’ Choice: 14 Punk Rock Love Songs You Should Listen To This Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, we posted a list of punk-ish (I say ‘punk-ish’ because some of the stuff wasn’t really what one would call ‘punk’…cough cough New Found Glory cough) love songs that have been released within the past year in honor of Valentine’s Day. And as always, those who don’t care to read that ever-so-long paragraph describing the list left outraged comments about how we didn’t include (insert name of 20-year-old song here). So I thought it’d be wise to give you ladies and gents what you obviously want and compile a list of songs people bitched at us for not including, despite the fact that they didn’t meet said list’s criteria.

Check it out below, and try not to bitch too much about how we left out one of the 20 Jawbreaker songs you wanted. Also, have a merry Valentine’s Day.

Keith Morris to release autobiography “My Damage: 40 Years on the Front Lines of Punk” in the fall of 2016 is reporting that Da Capo Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group, will publish My Damage: 40 Years on The Front Lines of Punk, by Keith Morris with Jim Ruland. The memoir is about the creation of hardcore punk, growing up in Southern California, the punk touring life, building an underground movement, cocaine and alcohol addiction (and overcoming it) by the former or current singer of the legendary bands Black Flag, Circle Jerks and OFF!.

My Damage is due for release in the fall of 2016. Da Capo executive editor Ben Schafer made the deal with Marc Gerald at the The Agency Group.

Circle Jerks to release live album “Live at the House of Blues”

Kung Fu Records will release the Circle Jerks live album Live at the House of Blues on September 23rd. It is a live album version of the band’s 2005 DVD, which features the Circle Jerks’ 2004 live performance at the House of Blues.

You can listen to the entire album below, and get your pre-orders in over here.

The Circle Jerks last released released the documentary My Career as a Jerk in 2012. The band, who has been on hiatus since 2010, hinted at the possibility of a reunion in April of last year, but no updates have surfaced since then.

Live Video: Greg Hetson joins Pennywise in covering “Do What You Want,” “I Don’t Care,” and “Live Fast Die Young”

During a recent show his current band G.F.P. played with Pennywise at the House of Blues in Hollywood, Greg Hetson joined Jim and the boys in covering Bad Religion‘s “Do What You Want,” along with “I Don’t Care” and “Live Fast Die Young” by the Circle Jerks.

Brace yourselves and check out the video below.

Music Video: Circus Jerks – “Clown Rape”

Circus Jerks ― a parody tribute act to the legendary punk rock band Circle Jerks ― have premiered a music video for their song “Clown Rape”. The song is a parody of “Red Tape”, the closing track on the Circle Jerks’ seminal 1980 debut album Group Sex.

You can watch the video for “Clown Rape” below.

Keith Morris (OFF/Circle Jerks/Black Flag) talks about his battle with diabetes, brushes with death and much more

Off! frontman and Punk Rock living legend, Keith Morris was the special guest on this week’s Mostly Harmless Podcast.  While on tour in Denver, Colorado; Morris opens up about his battles with Diabetes, his brushes with death and what keeps the 58 year old singer going strong.  He also discusses “Learn To Obey”, the band’s record store day release, his problem with critics, comic book and screen play ideas and oh so much more in this week’s audio interview.

Listen to the interview here.

10 things you probably didn’t know about Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, OFF!, FLAG)

If you’re a fan of the early California punk rock scene, you definitely know who Keith Morris is. Keith was the singer of Black Flag, The Circle Jerks and even the Red Hot Chili Peppers (for at least one show), and is currently in OFF! and FLAG, but there are still a lot of interesting facts you probably don’t know this iconic punk singer.

Test your knowledge below.

Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, The Circle Jerks) files for divorce after restraining order

Weeks ago, we learned that Greg Hetson, the guitarist of Bad Religion and The Circle Jerks, has allegedly been attacked on multiple occasions by his “unstable and violent” 28-year-old wife Alia.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Hetson has filed for divorce, and followed up with the coup de grace — divorce docs — citing irreconcilable differences. The article is also reporting that Hetson wants to block the court from awarding Alia spousal support, while his wife released a statement denying any allegations of abuse on her part.

Bad Religion released their latest album True North last January on Epitaph Records. In recent months, Hetson has been absent from the band, with The Cult‘s Mike Dimkich taking his place.

Greg Hetson opens up about “unstable and violent” wife

An article on is reporting that Greg Hetson, the guitarist of Bad Religion and The Circle Jerks, claims his 28-year old wife Alia is “unstable and violent” and has been attacking him on multiple occasions.

The TMZ article states that Hetson filed his own legal documents and that he was physically abused by wife, who is now restrained from him. He claims that she shoved an apple core in his mouth, pushed him out of their car and drove off, attacked him with a clothes hanger, and stole $18K from their bank account.

Bad Religion’s latest album, True North, was released in January of this year on Epitaph Records. The band is currently touring in support of the album.

Sacred Cow Saturday: Circle Jerks – “Group Sex”

Punk rock has been around long enough  to hold within its musical boundaries a slew of albums considered both classic and essential. We here at Dying Scene love and appreciate these classic albums, but every once and a while we have the urge to challenge what the community has deemed sacred. Every other Saturday, two Dying Scene writers will square off head-to-head and either attack or defend one of these so-called classics. Up for slaughter today is the Circle Jerks‘ “Group Sex.” Does the 1980 classic hold up today? You be the judge. Dustin Gates will be defending and Carson Winter will be attacking.

Let the battle begin!