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MakeWar teams up with Worship This for US tour

Heads up US! MakeWar (Red Scare) is gearing up for a good run of dates through some of the more Eastern states. Joining them are A-F Records‘ own Worship this!. Full tour dates for this sweet combo can be found below.

MakeWar’s last release ‘Developing a Theory of Integrity’ was undebatebly one of our favourite releases of 2016.

Album Review: Worship This! – ‘Mint’

Released in 2013, Worship This!‘s debut album, Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You, was something unique. On the surface it might have seemed like another punk album full of shout-along anthems in the endless sea of shout-along punk anthems, but the deeper you dug the more you’d find traces of college rock and guitar work rooted in the intricacies of 90s indie-emo. The range of styles was likely the result of the band having three songwriters, and while it might have felt chaotic to have so many elements working at once, it certainly gave Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You a very specific voice.

The band’s sophomore effort, Mint, lacks that same kind of unique feeling. It’s kind of a bummer to think of at first, but fortunately, it makes up for it by being a more focused, more tightened, and more cohesive album. There’s a unity that brings it all together. As soon as “Decisions, Decisions” starts, it’s clear that the band has turned up the Latterman influences to 11 and by the time track two, “Miserable Again” hits, it’s obvious that this newfound energy is going to stay. “So Long… Sucker!” and “Kennedy” help the album even its pace by slowing the tempo down for some breathing room, but neither outstay their welcome and are strategically placed between faster tunes.

What’s great about this album, other than taking its namesake from the best ice cream flavor (which is also prominently displayed on the cover), is that it takes everything that makes Midwestern punk rock so enjoyable and has a ball from start to finish. Sing-along choruses about the hardships of life might have been done a million times before, but part of what makes those songs so fun is the familiarity and belonging, and that’s the feeling displayed throughout Mint: a feeling of comfort and home.

Mint isn’t quite the same as the variety show that was Tomorrow, I”ll Miss You, and while the slow introspection of songs like “Bike Ride” are missed, it seems as if Worship This! have found a voice that suits them comfortably. Sometimes we all just need to be comfortable.

4 / 5 – Stream the album below.

RIYL: Latterman, Elway, Mixtapes

Worship This! stream new album “Mint”

Ohio pop-punks Worship This! are streaming their new album Mint ahead of its April 1st release on A-F Records. You can give it a listen below.

Mint serves as a follow-up to the band’s 2013 debut album Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You. Digital pre-orders are available here, and vinyl can be purchased here.

Worship This! stream new song “Aurora” off upcoming album ‘Mint’

Ohio’s Worship This! have premiered a new song titled “Aurora.” The track will appear on their upcoming album, Mint, and you can give the song a listen, courtesy of PunkNews, here.

Worship This! will release Mint on April 1, 2016 through A-F Records. Digital pre-orders for the album are available here, while vinyl pre-orders can be found here.

The band released their debut album, Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You, in May 2013 through A-F Records.

Worship This! stream new song “Miserable Again” off upcoming album ‘Mint’

Ohio’s Worship This! have released a stream of a new song titled “Miserable Again.” The track will appear on their upcoming album, Mint, and you can give the song a listen, courtesy of For the Love of Punk, right here.

Worship This! will release Mint on April 1, 2016 through A-F Records. Digital pre-orders for the album are available here, while vinyl pre-orders can be found here.

The band released their debut album Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You in May 2013 through A-F Records.

Worship This! announce ‘Mint’ LP, stream new song “Decisions, Decisions”

Ohio’s Worship This! have unveiled some details regarding their sophomore LP. Titled Mint, the album will contain 10 brand new songs, and will be released on April 1, 2016 via A-F Records. The band have also released a stream of the first song from the record, “Decisions, Decisions,” which you can listen to here.

You can check out the album art and track list below. Digital pre-orders for the album are available here, while vinyl pre-orders can be found here.

Worship This! released their debut album Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You on May 14, 2013 through A-F Records.

Worship This! announce fall tour dates

Ohio’s Worship This! have announced some tour dates that will take them around the east coast this September and October.

Check out the full list of dates and locations below.

Worship This! released their debut album Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You on May 14, 2013 through A-F Records.

Fat Guy Fest announces first round of lineup (Cheap Girls, Worship This! Bike Tuff, etc)

Fat Guy Fest and Shakespeare’s Lower Level have announced the second annual Fat Guy Fest, which will take place at Shakespeare’s Lower Level in Kalamazoo, Michigan on August 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2015.

20 artists are included in the first round of lineup announcements and more artists will be announced prior to August.

3-day passes for Fat Guy Fest start at $25 and are available for purchase online (individual day passes are also available).

A-F Records & Commonwealth Press release 2014 sampler album for free download

A-F Records have teamed up with their Pittsburgh brethren at Commonwealth Press to release a free 19 track compilation album featuring songs from Anti-FlagWhite WivesThe Homeless Gospel ChoirWorship This!Worlds Scariest Police Chases, etc.

You can stream or download the sampler for free below, or get physical copy of the CD free with any order from the A-F Records online store.

Worship This! demoing music for sophomore album

Ohio’s Worship This! recently uploaded a photo of themselves recording on their Facebook page with the simple caption “Demos begin. #lp2 #clicktraxxx”.

No further information is currently available, but we’ll keep you posted as more surfaces. Worship This! released their debut album Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You on May 14, 2013 through A-F Records.

Worship This! release music video for “Jen, With 2 N’s”

Ohio pop-punks Worship This! have released a music video for their song “Jen, With 2 N’s” and you can check it out below.

The track is taken from the band’s latest album “Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You,” which was released last May through A-F Records.

Music Video: Worship This! – “Indifferent”

Ohio’s Worship This have premiered a music video for their song “Indifference” off their recently released album full-length album “Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You”.  Check it out here.

The album was released today (May 14, 2013) through A-F Records.

Album Review: Worship This! – “Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You”

Worship This! is a melodic punk quartet hailing from Akron, Ohio, and ‘Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You,’ which will be released by A-F Records on May 14, is their first full length album. To be totally honest, on my first listen-through I didn’t think it would last long on my current Ipod rotation, with the likes of Off With Their Head’s ‘Home,’ NOFX’s ‘Self-Entitled,’ and Frank Turner’s ‘Tapedeck Heart’–something good for whichever mood I was in. As it turns out, it’s an album that grows on you, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be revisiting it regularly throughout the summer.

The sound of Worship This! is not so easy to pigeonhole, and doing so won’t help make up your mind as to whether or not you should check them out (spoiler: you probably should). Still, for the sake of this review, if I had to give you references I’d be tempted to mention bands like The Menzingers, Off With Their Heads, The Gaslight Anthems, and a decent dose of Hot Water Music. But none of these comparisons work completely because it merely positions Worship This! within a broad sub-genre I sometimes think of as ‘American Rock and Roll Punk.’ It’s defined by clean guitars, heartfelt lyrics delivered with urgency and honesty, and a Springsteenish feel to the melodies.

Their music deserves more than a few broad brushstrokes like that. One thing that sets Worship This! apart is the distinctive tone and style of the lead guitar. It instantly reminded me of Sonic Youth–especially on tracks like ‘Summit Tower’ and ‘Red Herring’–adding a subtle alt/indie aesthetic I really appreciated (I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s definitely there, and when’s the last time you listened to ‘Daydream Nation’ anyway?) The prominence of that guitar is what grabbed my attention first, and I still think it’s the most original and interesting element of their sound. Beyond that there’s a certain sophistication to their song crafting in the way that they break rhythm and add unexpected bridges and interludes, with the result that it’s hard to write them off as just another pop punk act.

Of course, the raspy, throaty voice of vocalist Josh Taylor cannot be overlooked. It’s a strong, bellowing punk rock voice that lends itself well to the darker introspective subject matter they are often dealing with. However, he does seem to be pushing it as far as it will go on almost every track. One thinks he would want to modulate it a bit to accompany the mellower moments of the album.

Clocking in at just over 40 minutes, the album maneuvers smoothly between angry up-tempo songs like opening track ‘I, Human,’ easily one of the stronger and more memorable offerings on the album, and more pop/alternative pieces like ‘Springs and Levers,’ and ‘Space Orphan’ which, to the band’s benefit, are excellent pieces in their own right. In the end, however, that smoothness almost works against the album, which seems to move forward in a streamlined fashion, missing a few of those arresting moments of raw melodic power which distinguish the great punk album from the totally unforgettable one. Still, it’s a small–and forgivable–caveat, especially for a first record, so let’s not dwell on it.

The verdict: a worthy punk album with several interesting tracks, and it gets better the more you listen to it.

3.5 stars

Worship This stream upcoming album “Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You”

Ohio’s Worship This are streaming their upcoming full-length album “Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You” in its entirety.

Give it a listen here.

The album is due out on May 14, 2013 on A-F Records.

Worship This details new album “Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You”, streams new song

A-F Records has just announced that they will be digitally releasing “Tomorrow, I Will Miss You,” a new full-length album from Akron, Ohio’s Worship This on May 14th (vinyl pre-orders will start the same day).  To get you pumped up you can stream the track “Summit Tower” right here.

The band has a handful of tour dates kicking off on May 8th.