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New Music: Youthinasia – “Bright Tomorrow” and “There Comes A Time” off upcoming EP

I have an awesome surprise for my good punk rock friend, Johnny X! Well not just for him but for any fan of great Canadian punk.

Youthinasia are streaming two new songs entitled “Bright Tomorrow” and “There Comes A Time.” Have a listen right here and get ready to pick up your melted face off the floor!

The songs will appear on their new EP entitled “Feed The Machine” which will be released at the end of June on Pee Records and is a precursor to a new full length album due next summer.

Youthinasia to release new EP, “Feed The Machine,” on Pee Records

After a two year hiatus of personal development/demon destroying and head-clearing, Toronto, Canadian punks Youthinasia are back stronger than ever and set to release their new EP “Feed The Machine” at the end of June on Pee Records. With new members and a more progressive sound via three guitarists and the addition of piano and violin, all performed by the 5 multi-instrumentalist members of the new Youthinasia, “Feed The Machine” EP is a precursor to a new full length album due next summer.

Title track “Feed The Machine” can be streamed here

Music Video: Youthinasia – “Feed The Machine” from upcoming EP

Sweet! Canadian punk act Youthinasia have posted the music video for their brand new song “Feed The Machine” and you can check it out here. The track will appear on their upcoming EP of the same name. .

No word on an official release date for the “Feed The Machine” EP but we’ll keep you posted.

The band’s last release was 2006’s “Premature Erockulation“.

Youthinasia streaming sampler of upcoming EP “Feed The Machine”

Youthinasia finally have something to show for the many months they’ve been working on their latest release.  The band is streaming a medley sampler of all the songs that will appear on their coming EP, Feed The Machine, on their re-designed MySpace page.  According to the band the album “will showcase an evolved Youthinsasia. Fans can look forward to a dramatic and honest portrayal of songs from a band that has been reinvigorated and healed.”  From the sound of the sampler, I’d say that sounds pretty accurate.  I personally cannot wait for this release.

No word on the EP’s official release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Youthinasia released their last album, Premature Erockulation, in 2006.

Youthinasia releasing new EP “Feed The Machine” this Fall

Finally!  For those of us who have been waiting for a new release from Youthinasia it looks like we will soon be hearing some new tunes.  The band recently announced that they are putting the finishing touches on a new EP titled Feed The Machine, which they plan on releasing this Fall.  Not sure what this means in respect to the new full-length, Bright Tomorrow, that they’ve been working on since last summer but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

The band’s last album was Premature Erockulation, released in 2006.  If you don’t know the band yet, think NOFX + Sublime + old Blink 182.  They’re worth checking out.

Youthinasia new webisode

dickrawkYouthinasia‘s new webisode right here, come and get it! OK this webisode literally has no purpose what-so-ever BUT just in case you’ve never seen a naked mole rat [yikes], lead singers Jarvis’ ass [double yikes] or any rendition of Foolish Games by Jewel then you might be pleasantly surprised by watching this video.

Youthinasia’s last album “Premature Erockulation” was released in 2006 on Dick Rawk Records.

Interview: Youthinasia talks about the band’s future and details around upcoming album “Bright Tomorrow”

youthinasia2In an interview on, Youthinasia guitarist, Trever Anderson, talks about the band’s 2 year hiatus, recording new material, and how the band’s sound has progressed.  Trever also mentioned that the band expects to release their next full-length “Bright Tomorrow” sometime next Spring.  You can check out the full interview here, but below are some juicy tidbits:

Starting fresh with the addition of piano, guitar and violin, Anderson says the new sound is, “progressing past the happy-go-lucky punk song with more technical risks to produce a mature and full sound.”

“The new ones are more focused and we really think of what we want to say before writing. We were always topical and socially relevant, there’s just less joke songs this time around.”

Youthinasia released their last album “Premature Erockulation” in 2006 on their own Dic Rawk Records.

Youthinasia webisode #2

youthinasia2The guys in Youthinasia have posted another webisode of drunken goofiness while they work on recording their much anticipated follow up to 2006’s “Premature Erockulation”.  Looks like things are coming along.  Sorta.

Check out the video here.

Youthinasia recording new album

youthinasiaSo after a more or less two year hiatus Youthinasia is gearing up to celebrate their 10 year anniversary this fall with a new album. The band reports on their facebook page (WTF? Bands, please just stay on myspace where we know where to find you!) that they are currently recording a follow up to 2006’s “Premature Erockulation”, which this critic happens to love freakin’ love.

If you haven’t heard of Youthinasia yet get over to their myspace page and give them a listen. Seriously, why are you still reading this? Go!

Album Review: Youthinasia – “Premature Erockulation”

youthinasia-premature-erockulationYouthinasia is a 4 piece skate punk band out of Ontario, Canada but don’t let that fool you.  These guys are f’ing amazing.  If NOFX, Sublime and old school Blink 182 had a baby Youthinasia would be their love child.

“Premature Erockulation” is the band’s first full length album.  It was released on their own label Dick Rawk Records, so maybe not too surprising most of us in the states haven’t heard of them.  Yet.  As you might have guessed from the album’s title these guys tend to skew lyrically towards the humorous and/or raunchy though they do have a few sincere, more serious tracks.  Regardless of where their songs range topicly the musicianship is nothing to laugh at.  Literally EVERY song on this album is good.  I’d even say about half of them are REALLY good.  Each song has it’s own flavor, ranging from straight up melodic skate punk to a couple ska/reggae influenced tracks, with even a splash of hardcore here and there.  These guys can play their instruments, write good songs, and the lead singer’s vocals sound pretty legit too.

Best Songs: “Jimmy Beaner”, “The Deadline”, “Mr. Blisters”

**I’m giving this band 5 out of 5 stars because I never skip a single track when I listen to this album and every song is unique enough to completely stand out from the rest without losing the band’s identity as a straight up punk rock outfit.  I absolutely can’t wait to see what comes next for these guys.