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DS Interview and Photo Gallery: CJ Ramone Brings His Last US Tour To Quincy, MA

On September 4, 1989, Christopher Joseph Ward would don a black leather jacket and a black-and-white bandana, throw the wide, studded strap of a cream-colored Fender Precision over his left shoulder, and play his very first show under the moniker that would come to endear him to a legion of fans and followers over the next three decades: CJ Ramone. It was during the legendary Ramones‘ appearance on that year’s Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon and it was a few days before my tenth birthday, which is a thing I remember because my birthday always brought with it two things that I always tried to find forgettable: the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon and the first day of school. In just a hair over five minutes, the band blazed through “I Believe In Miracles” and “I Wanna Be Sedated” and provided a pretty awesome and unexpected change of pace from the standard pledge pitches and Don Rickles jokes and WWF wrestler appearances.

Fast forward the tape thirty years, and yours truly had the opportunity to sit down with CJ Ramone back stage at Maggy’s Lounge in Quincy, Massachusetts. The venue is essentially a mid-century single-family house with a 125-capacity ballroom jutting out from what probably used to be the living room, and it marks the only New England stop on his US tour supporting his fourth full-length album, The Holy Spell, released last month on Fat Wreck Chords. But what’s more than the fact that it’s the tour for what’s probably his best album to date is that it also marks only local stop on his last North American tour as CJ Ramone. A fairly lengthy Australia tour next month will be followed by stops in South America and Japan next year, and then it’ll be on to what comes next. Sure, there’ll still be music made and the occasional show played, but the years of getting in the van for months at a time will have come to a successful close.

Ramone and I chatted for just about half an hour in the venue’s outdoor green room area (basically a 15×15 pop-up tent and a few food-and-beer filled folding tables on the gravel lot behind the old house) as his band members for this run — Street Dogs/The New Darkbuster colleagues Lenny Lashley and Pete Sosa and jack-of-all-trades Nate Sander — prepared and the sisters of tour-opener Dog Party geared up. In hindsight, it was a remarkably quick half hour that found Ramone perhaps a little tired from a late arrival on this particular night but more realistically from what has been roughly three straight months on the road, but introspective and engaged and thoughtful in his reflections on his own place in rock and roll history, and about what else he wants to do while, at fifty-three years old, he’s still got the opportunity. The appreciation that Ramone shows for the opportunities he’s had over the last three decades is palpable, as is the reverence for both the Ramones as an entity and his bass playing predecessor Dee Dee specifically.

I thought about different ways to format this piece, and different ways to turn it into a story. Who knows, maybe there’ll be a time and a place for a longer career retrospective piece in the future. Maybe this is a bit self-serving, but I decided to just let our conversation be the story. We covered a lot of ground, most of it involving family and music of course. Ramone has stories in spades, and it’s admittedly a bit surreal to know that when he talks about Lemmy or Johnny or Pearl Jam or Soundgarden, he’s talking about HIS experiences with THAT Lemmy and THAT Johnny and THAT Pearl Jam/Soundgarden. But then again, though his thirty-year run on the road is coming to an end and life as Christopher Ward will be resuming, he’ll always be THAT CJ.

Head below to read our conversation, and keep on scrolling to see our pictures from the night, featuring CJ and his band of luminaries and Dog Party accompanied by kick-ass local openers Duck & Cover and COB. Ramones forever.

Dog Party announced as support for Green Day’s upcoming club shows

Yesterday, California pop-punk icons Green Day announced two tours. We already knew The Interrupters would be opening on the European tour, but it has since been announced that Sacramento sister duo Dog Party will provide support for most of the US club shows.

Check out the North American tour dates below to see if there’s a show near you.

Green Day’s upcoming album Revolution Radio is set to release on October 7th through Reprise Records. Listen to the album’s first single “Bang Bang” here. Dog Party released their new LP ‘Til You’re Mine in August on Asian Man Records. Grab it on vinyl here.

UPDATE: 3 shows have been postponed and 1 has been cancelled. According to a press release, this is “all due to illness affecting several members of the band and its crew.”

Dog Party stream new album “‘Til You’re Mine” in its entirety

Sacramento sister duo Dog Party have made their new album ‘Til You’re Mine available to stream.

You can listen to the entire record below.

‘Til You’re Mine was released on August 5th through Asian Man Records. Grab it on vinyl here.

Dog Party stream new song “O Brave New World”

Sacramento sister duo Dog Party are streaming a new song titled “O Brave New World,” taken from their upcoming album ‘Til You’re Mine.

You can give the track a listen below.

‘Til You’re Mine releases on August 5th through Asian Man Records. Pre-order the LP here.

Dog Party release music video for new song “Enough”

Sacramento sister duo Dog Party have released a music video for a new song titled “Enough,” taken from their upcoming album ‘Til You’re Mine. You can check the video out below.

‘Til You’re Mine releases on August 5th via Asian Man Records. Pre-order the LP here.

Dog Party detail new LP “‘Til You’re Mine”

Sacramento duo Dog Party have revealed more details on their upcoming album ‘Til You’re Mine, which is set to release on August 5th through Asian Man Records.

You can check out the LP’s cover art and tracklist below, and pre-order it here.

The band’s latest album Vol. 4 came out in June of 2015. They are currently touring the US.

Dog Party announce new album, “Til You’re Mine”

Sacramento duo Dog Party have announced that they will release a new album called Til You’re Mine on August 5th via Asian Man Records.

Dog Party most recently released Vol. 4 last June.

Dog Party Release Music Video for “Operation #2”

Sacramento, California two-piece Dog Party have released a music video for their single “Operation #2”. You can watch it below.

“Operation #2” comes off of Dog Party’s latest album, Vol. 4, which was released on June 16, 2015 through Asian Man Records

Album Review: Dog Party – ‘Vol. 4’

Dog Party are a teenage female duo that really seem set to take the punk world by storm, expanding further from the niche spots they’ve already charmed their way into. They’ve got quite a radio-friendly, bouncy and catchy style that somehow manages to fit the pre-established notions set by punk rock elitists. Vol. 4 nods to surfer, breezy punk as you’d expect but this time around the band is filled with much more intent and a serious approach to storytelling that bodes well for anyone looking to mature musically in the punk world.

“Forget” and “Creepin'” are two examples of them being more driven as opposed to the poppier tones of punk- thus allowing Dog Party to pay attention to their older stuff and servicing their cult following. For their age, they’ve really got it mapped out. Their music isn’t formulaic and each track stands on its own. Maybe the record is one or two tracks too long but still, Vol. 4 is another decent addition to their catalog. Cheesy at times but very much adult at others.

“Dead Guy” is a stark reminder as to this. It’s very oddly structured in terms of lyrics and it’s not a bad thing as I like how the band’s gotten into the slightly more disturbing experiences of life, especially given I’ve seen a lot of inappropriate comments thrown at them at other punk sites (really sullying the movement). They seem to take these criticisms in stride, harness and channel them into an album that feels grittier, angrier and one they vent on even more. They sound pissed and it’s definitely something that I can see them using to hash out even better music in the future. Let’s just respect them and nurture them along the way. We’re here to take care of each other, after all.

3.5 / 5

Dog Party streaming new album “Vol. 4”

Sacramento, California two-piece Dog Party are streaming their new album “Vol. 4” in its entirety.

You can give it a listen here.

Dog Party will release Vol. 4 on June 16, 2015 through Asian Man Records. It will be the follow up to Lost Control, which was released in August 2013, also through Asian Man. You can pre-order Vol. 4 here

Dog Party stream two new songs

Sacramento, California two-piece Dog Party have released a stream of two new songs from their upcoming album, Vol. 4. You can give the two songs, “I Can’t Believe That You’re Real” and “Sapphires”, a listen below.

Dog Party will release Vol. 4 on June 16, 2015 through Asian Man Records. It will be the follow up to Lost Control, which was released in August 2013, also through Asian Man. You can pre-orderVol. 4 here.

Dog Party announce new album “Vol. 4,” stream new song “Peanut Butter Dream”

Sacramento, California two-piece rock act Dog Party have announced that they will release their new album, Vol. 4, on June 16th through Asian Man Records (CD, vinyl, digital) and Burger Records (tape). They are also currently streaming a new song off the upcoming album, “Peanut Butter Dream.” Check out the album’s tracklisting, and stream the new song, below.

The band will also embark on tour beginning mid-May. Check out the dates below as well.

The band last released Lost Control in August 2013, also through Asian Man. You can pre-order Vol. 4 here.

Dog Party release music video for “Los Angeles” (X cover)

Sacramento, California’s favorite rock n’ roll sisters Dog Party have released a music video for their cover of X’s “Los Angeles.” Check it out below.

Los Angeles originally appeared on X’s 1980 debut album of the same name. Dog Party’s cover appears on their latest record Lost Control, which was released last August on Asian Man Records.

Music Video: Dog Party – “Lost Control”

Sacramento, California two-piece rock act Dog Party recently made their new album “Lost Control”, available to stream in its entirety.

Just a couple of days ago, the band released a new music video for the title track of the new album.

Check it out here.

“Lost Control” was released today, August 13th on Asian Man Records.


Cover Art Battle Winner (August 15th): Dog Party

Congratulations are in order for Dog Party, whose new album “Lost Control” won last week’s Cover Art Battle, which featured new releases from Yellowcard, Zebrahead, Sundials, and Dowsing, with an astounding 44% of the vote!

Don’t forget to click here and get your vote in for this week’s Cover Art Battle, featuring new releases from Harrington Saints, Sworn In, Antillectual, and a couple others.

Congrats again to Dog Party! Head on over here if you’d like to give “Lost Control” a listen.