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Hellmouth streams new album “Oblivion”

Detroit hardcore punk/metal act Hellmouth (featuring: Jay Navarro of Break Anchor/The Suicide Machines and Justin Malek of The Suicide Machines) recently released their new album Oblivion.

You can listen to the whole thing here.

Oblivion was released on January 27th, 2016 via Fast Break! Records.

Rebel Spies announce release date for debut 7-inch “Before I Die, I Shall Destroy the Rebel Spies!”

Detroit punk rock super group Rebel Spies have announced their upcoming debut 7-inch “Before I Die, I Shall Destroy the Rebel Spies!” will be released on January 7th, 2014 through East Grand Record Company.

You can pre-order the record and stream the first track “We Must Be Cautious” right here.

Rebel Spies is comprised of members from Suicide MachinesHellmouth, Hifi Hand Grenades, Fordirelifesake and Telegraph.

Hellmouth offers free downloads of their Christian Death and Samhain covers

Detroit hardcore punk/metal act Hellmouth (featuring: Jay Navarro of Break Anchor/The Suicide Machines and Justin Malek of The Suicide Machines) has just released their covers of “Let The Day Begin” (originally by Samhain), and “Spiritual Cramp” (originally by Christian Death). The covers are available on Hellmouth’s Bandcamp page, and they are free for the first 200 downloaders.

Click here to listen and or download the covers.

Hellmouth to release four way split 7-inch

Profane Existence recently announced plans to release a four way split 7″ with Hellmouth (ex-Suicide Machines), In Defence, Embrace The Kill and Opposition Rising (ex-Mouth Sewn Shut). It will be a split release with Rodent Popsicle and Crash Records. A limited number of the copies will include a special “punk as fuck” cover that’s hand numbered.

You can purchase your copy here.

The band released their latest full-length album “Gravestone Skyline” in 2010 through Paper + Plastick Records,

New Music: Hellmouth – “Valley Of Armageddon”

Michigan hardcore act Hellmouth have uploaded the song “Valley Of Armageddon” to their MySpace page.

The song can be found on the band’s latest release, and first for Paper + Plastick Records,  “Graveyard Skylines.”

The band’s previous release was a split 7″ with Explode and Make Up which was released last July.

Music Video: “Amen, Assholes” by Hellmouth off new album “Gravestone Skylines”

In honor of their new release, Gravestone Skylines, Michigan hardcore act Hellmouth has uploaded a new music video for their song, Amen Assholes. The track is featured on the new album, which hit stores today on Paper + Plastick Records. Here’s what the band had to say about the song and the album,

The new LP features a super limited run of vinyl w/ 100+ year old bible ashes mixed into the physical record. We wanted to document the burning of the bible one way or another so we’ve edited some footage along to the aptly named track, “Amen, Assholes” from the LP.

Watch the video here.

Hellmouth streaming new song “Exodus”, pressing burnt bibles into new records

Last month Detroit Michigan hardcore act Hellmouth announced plans for a new album and streamed the song “Desperate & Violent”. Well today the band has posted yet another new song titled “Exodus” and you can listen to it here. The song will appear on the band’s upcoming album “Gravestone Skylines,” which will be released on November 16 through Paper + Plastick Records.

The band will be releasing a limited vinyl version of the album with the ashes of a burnt bible pressed into the records. Here’s what guitarist Alex Awn had to say,

The concept of burning a holy book and sending its ashes off to the pressing plant to include in a limited run of the new album presented itself to us when we were in NYC earlier this year. Vinnie [Fiorello, Paper + Plastick Records founder] did some research and found out it could be done, so we were pretty excited about it. As far as we know this is the first of its kind. I’ve heard about a company that presses your own ash into a record after you’ve been cremated but since we’re not dabbling in corpse desecration or body-snatching, a bible would have to suffice.”

We procured an old German bible from the late 1800′s to sacrifice for the new album. It had scribblings and notes in it that dated it to the turn of the 19th century which was interesting. It was heavy, leather-bound and was sealed w/ a metal clasp. The type was set in a gothic script and it had some 3 color images on the recto pages. There was a lot of craftsmanship and man-hours that went into producing the book. Having said that, I wouldn’t get too misty-eyed on the fine craftsmanship of the book b/c it was the content we were focusing on and the rivers of blood left in its wake. The bible was set up w/ 4 candles representing the members of Hellmouth, we lit the candles, doused the book in gasoline and set it ablaze. The fire looked beautiful as it licked the pages, causing them to curl, wither and give off copious clouds of jesus-smoke. It took a couple hours to get through the huge tome, but eventually it smoldered and we collected the ash to send to Vinnie the following day. The best part of the evening was watching Jeff [Uberti] accidently throw flaming trails of infernal gasoline around my back yard onto dry leaves and grass. Or Jay [Navarro] picking up the burning bible for a photo op. That’s the shit we’ll remember. Fuck the bible, the torah, the qur’an, and the bhagavad gita. No Gods, No Bastards.

FREE Underground Communique Fest Sampler

Underground Communique Records has announced a free sampler featuring a few new, unreleased songs and some select favorites from recent releases and a few kinda old releases.  The 14 -song compilation includes new, unreleased songs from Vacation Bible School, Olehole & Mexican Cheerleader. As well as previously released songs from: Hellmouth, Voice In The Wire, Explode And Make Up, The Copyrights, X One Way X, Shot Baker, The Methadones, The Honor System, Get Rad & the Killing Tree.

You can download it for free right here.

Hellmouth to release new album “Gravestone Skyline”, streaming new song

Detroit, Michigan’s hardcore act Hellmouth have just been signed to Paper + Plastick Records, and have announced that they are planning on releasing their next full-length album, entitled “Gravestone Skyline” in the near future.  No official release date has been mentioned yet but in the meantime you can stream “Desperate & Violent,” a new song from the album, right here. Vocalist Jay Navarro had this to say about the new album,

Desperate & Violent’ is about how my generation of punks gave a shit and most of us tried to change the world for the better,”Veganism, Food Not Bombs, riding bikes instead of driving cars … all this s— just to watch this corporatacracy destroy the world and not give two s—s about anything but money. I give up. It’s either class war or tear out my own eyes so you don’t have to watch the world anymore.

The band’s previous release was a split 7″ with Explode and Make Up which was released last July.

New Song: “Tragedy Of A City” from Hellmouth

Detroit, Michigan’s Hellmouth are streaming a new song entitled Tragedy of a City. The track comes from the bands new split 7″ with Explode and Make Up released last week in vinyl and digital on Underground Communique Records. This split is a follow up to the band’s debut full length on Ferret Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing.

Check out the song at the Hellmouth’s MySpace page.

Hellmouth will also be playing live July 31 Detroit at St Andrews Hall with Tesco Vee’s Hate Police & Negative Approach.

Hellmouth and Explode and Make Up are releasing a split 7″ on Underground Communique

underground-communique1In January 2010, Hellmouth and Explode and Make Up will be releasing a split 7″ on Underground Communique. This will be the second 7″ release for both bands: Hellmouth‘s debut album, Destroy Everything released January ’09 on Ferret Music and Explode and Make Up‘s self-titled debut album released in June ’09 on Underground Communique.

On the split, each band will debut a new song and a cover song. Check out the track listing and cover art on the Full Story page.

Hellmouth working on new full-length

Ferret MusicHellmouth are taking the winter off from touring and instead will be focusing on writing and recording new material.  They’re currently wrapping up two split 7 inches while planning release on another 7″ sometime next year.  All this and they’re also writing material for a new full-length. No word yet on official release dates or titles but we’ll keep you posted.

Hellmouth released “Destroy Everything” on Ferret Music in January of ’09.

Hellmouth: 12″ Vinyl of “Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing” is out

Ferret MusicHellmouth’s “Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing” was released on CD by Ferret Records. Livewire is releasing the vinyl. They are doing a limited first press of 666 hand-numbered gatefold LPs. 500 of these are on black, and 166 are on blood red vinyl. All copies will be hand numbered and include high quality gatefold sleeve and a poster insert.

Is the band pressing 666 albums in response to their recent protest by Catholic priests? Perhaps…

Regarding the release, Alex Awn, guitarist, said:

Hellmouth was immediately drawn to Livewire Records because they’ve always been about custom releases and attention to detail. We went balls-to-the-wall with this release…from heavy-weight vinyl to limited colors to hand-numbering all 666 copies to the poster insert and gatefold sleeve. Livewire came to the table with some cool ideas and everyone was on the highway to hell right from the start. We’re excited to work with both Ferret and Livewire and whether they like it or not, Carl and Ed are now part of the True Cult of Hellmouth.

The band has some upcoming shows. Take a look at the Dying Scene Shows page to see if they are playing in your town.

Hellmouth recording 2 split 7 inches

Ferret MusicMichigan hardcore act Hellmouth is currently in the studio recording a few tracks for 2 split 7″s.  One will be with Explode and Make Up and another w/ Embrace the Kill.  Each release will have a brand new original and one cover.

No word on release dates or who exactly will be releasing the records.