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Andrew Cream streams new album “Self-Portrait”

Leeds based folk-punk Andrew Cream is currently streaming his self-titled debut album Self-Portait.  

You can give it a listen here.

Self-Portrait was released on June 8th.

DS Exclusive Stream: Andrew Cream – ‘Violent Minds’

Leeds based folk-punk Andrew Cream is getting ready to release his anticipated debut album Self-Portrait on the 8th of June through his own label ‘Scene Better Days‘ and in support of this is releasing a new single ‘Violent Minds’.

To support his new album, Cream will also be hitting the road in support of Self-Portrait. 

You can hear an exclusive stream of Violent Minds, and check out the tour dates and locations below. You can pre-order Self-Portrait here.

Cats? Aye! Records releases 2015 sampler for free download

The fine folks at Cats? Aye! Records have released a 2015 sampler comp featuring tracks from Leagues Apart, Andrew Cream, Wasted Potential, and more. Give all 18 tracks a listen below, and head over to the label’s Bandcamp to snag it for free!

Split Review: Andrew Cream / Don Blake

The split release has long been a punk rock staple; giving fans value for money, lots of new music as well as highlighting the usual comradery that exists within the various punk scenes all over the world. Manchester based Awesome Androids Records are the ones behind this endeavour, lovingly bringing together touring buddies and up coming artists Andrew Cream an acoustic singer songwriter and 4 piece punk band Don Blake.

Andrew Cream’s first of two tracks Celebrate Variety is a barn-stormer of a song, showcasing his unique take on life and perfectly relaying it with his beautifully crafted acoustic folk style. Having only heard snippets of Andrew Cream live online with an acoustic guitar it is great to hear the songs recorded with a full band, really filling out the sound and more than proving his song writing capabilities. Second track Another Replay starts off all melancholy but quickly joins the first track in the toe tapping, head nodding stakes. Both tracks on offer from Andrew Cream are well worth your attention.

Next up for the split’s second half we have Bolton 4 piece Don Blake. The Don Blake lads are thoroughly nice guys who have been taking their fast and energetic sets all over the British isles of late and leaving lots of smiling faces in their wake. They play punk as it should be: energetic and fast with all songs leaving a melodic imprint on your cranium long after. The foursome’s last release P.O.P. Music is testament to that.

Luckily Don Blake don’t buck the trend with their 3 songs on the split, coming in at under 3 minutes in total. With some bands the short sharp shock formula doesn’t quite work, with songs over before you know it and not leaving much of an impression but Don Blake have a knack of getting it right in the shortest amount of time. First track The Other Thing is bang on half a minute and is a great introduction to the band if you aren’t already aware. Like a lot of their material the opener is a slight tongue in cheek look at life and how you sometimes just can’t be bothered with it. Next track Legacies as well as third song Where Else Would I Want To Be? are a bit more straight faced but are equally as good and all three tracks leave you wanting more.

In summation, if this split release was a first date it would be an enjoyable and memorable one. Andrew Cream takes care of your softer side, wining and dining you with his signature take on acoustic punk, leading you to ponder where the relationship is actually going. While Don Blake will tease and flirt with you before running off leaving you with nothing left than an irresistible urge to chase after them for more of the same. Both would definitely get a second date and should have full albums out later on in the year.

4/5 Stars – Stream Andrew’s side below and head over here to pick it up on vinyl.

Video: Andrew Cream (folk-punk) plays new song “The Final Straw”

British folk-punk musician Andrew Cream has posted a video of himself playing a brand new song entitled “The Final Straw” and you can check it out below.

Andrew last released an EP entitled “Adapt and Adjust” on May 13th, 2013 through Aaahh!!! Real Records.

Full EP Stream: Andrew Cream (acoustic/folk) – “Adapt and Adjust”

Today we bring you a stream of British folk musician Andrew Cream and his new EP Adapt and Adjust.

You can check it out here.