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DS Esclusive: Lenny Lashley On Finding Happiness, Sobriety, and his Killer New Album, “All Are Welcome”

Sometime in the late spring of 2013, Lenny Lashley and I connected via social media to arrange an in-person meet up as a way to help promote Illuminator, his then-upcoming debut solo album under the Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One moniker. It was a bit of a crossroads moment in Lashley’s career. He’d long been respected, especially locally, as a singer and songwriter of the beer-soaked punk rock and whiskey-soaked cowpunk varieties through his years in Darkbuster and Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys. By the time the 21st century’s first decade had closed, however, Lashley had struggled rather publicly off and on with some mental health and substance use-related issues, and both of those aforementioned bands had flamed out under less-than-ideal circumstances.

I hadn’t done many interviews at that point in time but wanted to take a more active roll in ramping up that area of Dying Scene. I’d known of Lashley professionally since Darkbuster won the coveted Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble in Boston in 2000, but we’d only met in passing a time or two (including once at the infamous local real-deal dive bar known as the Cambridgeport Saloon, though that incident was more memorable to an underage me than it was to him for sure). So I took the opportunity to put fresh AAs in my old-school cassette recorded and met up with Lashley for coffee on a bright, sunny Jamaica Plain afternoon in June of that year. He struck me as open and honest right from the first moments of our conversation. Not only was it a week before the release of Illuminator, but it had also just been announced that Lashley signed on to join Street Dogs as they regrouped after a very brief hiatus. There was a lot of uncertainty, but things certainly seemed like they were trending in a positive direction.

Fast-forward to 2019 and that upward trend has shown no signs of going off track, both personally and professionally. In the years since our last chat, Lashley’s reconnected with his “one true love,” Shelley. He’s gotten sober, recently surpassing the five year mark from alcohol and cigarettes and the three-year mark from drugs of all kinds, perhaps no easy feat for a guy who’s previous band’s catalog includes the likes of “Booze N Pills,” “Lenny’s A Drunk,” “Miller,” “Cheap Wine” and “Whiskey Will.” He put out a new Darkbuster record, albeit under the name The New Darkbuster because, well, time hasn’t exactly healed all wounds yet. He toured throughout Europe and the States as a solo artist and with The New Darkbuster. He and his Street Dogs brothers put out a few 7-inches toured Europe and the States some more, and finally put out an excellent new full-length, Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing, last year via Century Media.

February 15th marks the release date of Lashley’s sophomore Gang Of One album, All Are Welcome (Pirates Press Records). For this project, Lashley enlisted not only the production services of Bouncing Souls’ Pete Steinkopf once again, but teamed up with fellow Street Dog Johnny Rioux and Mighty Mighty Bosstones drummer Joe “The Kid” Sirois for the core of the recording process. The group worked quickly throughout a much tighter timeline than the one that resulted in Illuminator a half-dozen years ago, resulting in a sound that is familiar sounding yet no less stellar than its predecessor. Echos of Strummer and Springsteen and Hank Williams and, well, Darkbuster, all somehow abound without one emerging as a clear leader. That’s part of what has made Lashley such a compelling songwriter over the years; an ability to float between styles and influences in a way that pays homage rather than simply aping, thanks in large part to a trademark New England accent that’s thicker than clam chowder (sorry, that’s a cheap analogy).

Where Illuminator found Lashley turning the lens inward and processing some of the struggles he’d been going through in the years leading up to its release, the better place he’s been in these days allowed him to shift his focus in an outwardly direction. One needs to look no further than the album’s cover art and the theme of its title track, “All Are Welcome,” complete with its bridge section that contains a portion of Dr. Martin Luther Kind Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech, for evidence of where Lashley found more than a little inspiration. Punk rock has long talked of revolution, and one of the fortunate side-effects of the present sociopolitical climate is that its proven fertile ground for talented artists to inspire the proverbial troops. But it’s not all Clash-style combat rock on All Are Welcome; there are songs of heartache and loneliness and unrequited love and Revolution, but the kind that’s found on the Major League Soccer pitch and not the kind that’s fought in the streets.

Lashley and I met up for a mid-week lunch recently to talk about All Are Welcome and the mental and physical work it took to pull the album together. As always, we covered a lot of ground, from writing without the aid of foreign substances, to the difference between the two Gang Of One albums, to how, despite being on the other side of 50 years old, life as a musician can still be full of surreal experiences. We also talked a lot about the upcoming Dropkick Murphys tour, that’ll feature support from Lashley’s Gang Of One project backed by a full band, which will be a first for a tour of this magnitude. Head below to check out our chat, and head here to pre-order All Are Welcome while you’ve still got time!

New Music: Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One – “Truth And Blood” from upcoming album “All Are Welcome”

Lenny Lashley’s latest solo artist under his Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One moniker is due out in a couple weeks. It’s called All Are Welcome, and you can now listen to the second single, “Truth Or Blood.” It actually appears as the first song on side A of All Are Welcome, and provides an uptempo taste of what’s to come. Check it out here.

Also, pre-orders for the Pete Steinkopf-produced All Are Welcome are available now through Pirates Press Records; check out the myriad options (as well as some new, album-specific merch) right here. You can also pick much of it up on the upcoming Dropkick Murphys US tour, which finds Lashley backed by a full-band in a primary support role for his fellow Massachusetts brethren. Dates for that tour are here.

All Are Welcome is due out February 15th, and marks Lashley’s first solo album since 2013’s Illuminator, though he’s obviously been busy with Street Dogs and (The New) Darkbuster since then as well!

New Music: Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One – “All Are Welcome”

We’ve been waiting on this one for a good long time, but that wait is almost over!

Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One, the solo project of (The New) Darkbuster frontman and Street Dogs guitarist Lenny Lashley, has announced plans for a brand new full-length album. It’s called All Are Welcome, and it’s due out February 15th on Pirates Press Records. Pre-orders will be available soon; stay tuned.

To whet your appetite, the album’s title track is streaming right here now; it’s a pretty powerful tune if we’re being honest. Check it out. While you’re there, check out where you can catch the full rundown of Lashley’s upcoming shows, most of which find him providing support for Dropkick Murphys’ annual St. Patrick’s Day US tour.

Lenny Lashley’s debut Gang Of One album, Illuminator, was released back in 2013 on Panic State and Pirates Press.

Dropkick Murphy’s announce tour dates leading up to hometown St Patrick’s Day Shows

Boston punk legends Dropkick Murphys have announced their annual St. Patrick’s Day Tour that will kick off on February 17th and lead up to 4 hometown shows.  The whole tour will feature support from Booze & Glory, Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One and Amigo The Devil, with the Boston shows also featuring The Devil Makes Three, The Interrupters and Stop Calling Me Frank,

You can check out all the dates and locations below.

Dropkick Murphys last released 11 Short Stories of Pain and Glory in 2017 via Born and Bred Records.

Live Video: Darkbuster perform “Stand & Deliver” with Mike McColgan (Street Dogs)

In honor of today being Veteran’s Day, I thought this would be the perfect time to share one of the highlights of my show-going year. Back in August, Lenny Lashley and a retooled Darkbuster lineup performed a handful of sold out shows in Boston/Cambridge, and in the process, performed a particularly rousing rendition of the classic Darkbuster ode to the United States Armed Forces, “Stand And Deliver.” They were joined for the occasion by Lashley’s fellow Street Dog, the inimitable Mike McColgan (himself, obviously, a veteran of the United States Army). Check out the video below (which I didn’t shoot — Mike Janeiro did — though I did take the picture above), and we hope you all had a happy Veteran’s Day.

Darkbuster released the seven-years-in-the-making album “No Revolution” back in August on Pirates Press Records.

DS Photo Gallery: Lenny Lashley, Uke-Hunt @ DNA Lounge SF

I rolled up to DNA Lounge last Thursday night for an intimate show including Street Dog guitarist Lenny Lashley‘s acoustic set, and a performance from local super group Uke-Hunt (your choice on the pronunciation). The small crowd of friends, musicians, and familiar faces all came together to see these guys rock, but no dancing shoes required – this was to be a relatively calm one.

Lenny Lashley began the night without much introduction, starting off his set with his single “Bruiser”. This song was a bit hard for me to hear, as my brother recently lost his beloved dog, so I grabbed the camera and went to work in an effort to maintain dry eyes. The A-side of that recent seven-inch “Live Like Lions” (also one of my favorite songs) was/were also performed, greeted by looks of admiration and reflection from the crowd. When the chords of “JFK” started pouring out Lenny’s acoustic I felt goosebumps take over – it was incredible. And of course, the obligatory “Hooligans” reminded us all of that more ‘innocent’ time. Lashley encompasses all that is great about solo, acoustic musicians – the gritty, iconic, Boston-stained voice, heartfelt and reflective lyrics shining through powerful, resounding chords, and just the right amount of harmonica. While it was a rather subdued night, I’m sure I shared the same excitement with everyone in attendance to see this Street Dog legend.

I wouldn’t say Lenny Lashley opened the night for Uke-Hunt, as they share definitely different styles and messages. The super group fronted by Spike Slawson puts on just a good-ol fashioned fun-time show. The band performs ‘Hawaiian/tropical’ covers of classic and popular songs alike including their standard “Because” (The Dave Clark Five), Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence”, and David Bowie’s “The Prettiest Star”, just to name a few. A few sways and couples dancing get that je-ne-sais-quoi going. I guess the music just puts you in that ‘mood’, as by the end of the set we witnessed a marriage proposal – right there on the dance floor of the DNA Lounge. Well done Spike.

The intimate night of acoustic and ukulele came to an end, and as the crowd of close acquaintances and fans began to disperse, I reflected on how lucky I am to have such a thriving music scene in this beautiful city I call home.

Have a look at shots from the night’s performances below.

DS Exclusive: Lenny Lashley performs “Live Like Lions” (new solo song) and “Believe in Packer” (first new Darkbuster song in a decade!)

It’s been far too long since we brought you a new installment of the Dying Scene Sessions, but we’re back in a big way today!

You may recall that Boston punk icons Street Dogs played a rather noteworthy St. Patrick’s Day show at the House of Blues in Anaheim a couple weeks back. A couple noodle-brains who fancied themselves neo-Nazis tried disrupting the show and were met with equal amounts of willpower and resolve by the band, the security and fellow concertgoers. Guitar player (and solo artist and until now former Darkbuster frontman) Lenny Lashley took a chair in the eyebrow in the process.

Earlier that very day, Dying Scene editor emeritus Tommy Landaverde had the privilege of catching up with Lashley to record a couple acoustic tracks. First up is “Live Like Lions,” a new Lashley solo number that served as the title track to a recent 7-inch released through Contra Records to mark his recent European tour.

The second is a brand-spanking-new Darkbuster track. You read that right, boys and girls…it’s called “Believe In Packer,” and it marks the first brand new Darkbuster tune to see the light of day since the band’s 2005 album A Weakness for Spirits! The band called it quits not long thereafter, and have only resurfaced in various formats a few times in the years since, most recently for an appearance at the Mighty Mighty Bosstones‘ Hometown Throwdown in 2009Check out both tracks below…and stay tuned for a gigantic Darkbuster announcement next week!

Lenny Lashley releases tour video from Europe; music video for “Bruiser”

Boston-based singer-songwriter (and Street Dog) Lenny Lashley has just wrapped up his first ever solo European tour. Lashley traveled throughout Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, and Switzerland promoting his newest album, “Illuminator”, which was released through Pirates Press Records and Panic State Records in 2013.

Additionally, right before tour embarking, Lashley released a seven-inch “Live Like Lions”, with B-side “Bruiser” (a dedication to his dog that passed away). While on tour, Lenny recorded a music video for “Bruiser” in Bern, Switzerland, which you can also check out below.

You can check out a little tour video Lenny put together, with “Live Like Lions” as soundtrack. Check it out below.

Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One to embark on European tour with Jo Bergeron, Fallstring

Lenny Lashley – Photo by Paul Caufield

Boston-based singer-songwriter (and Street Dog) Lenny Lashley is heading across the pond for his first full solo tour of Europe. The tour starts this week (January 29th) in Germany and features stops in Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Italy. Joining Lenny’s Gang Of One on select dates will be Canada’s Jo Bergeron (One Week Records) and German punks Fallstring. Check out the full rundown below.

Lenny Lashley is touring in support of 2013’s “Illuminator” (Panic State Records / Pirates Press Records), though he’s got a tour exclusive seven-inch that’ll be available at the European dates.

Lineup announced for 4th Annual DCT and Okie fundraiser (Mike McColgan, Lenny Lashley, The Old Edison and more)

The official lineup has been announced for the 4th DCT & Okie Scholarship Fundraiser show, and it’s the best one yet.

Headlining the event will be Mike McColgan, Lenny Lashley and Friends (featuring Mike and Lenny’s fellow Street Dog Matt Pruitt and frequent collaborator Matt Charette). Also on the bill will be The Old Edison (Boston folk punk), Porque I Said So (Quincy punk rock) and The Coalition (Quincy funk rock).

The show will take place November 29th at Florian Hall in Dorchester. Funds raised will benefit a scholarship in honor of Dennis Thompson and John “Okie” O’Connell, a pair of best friends from North Quincy, MA, who passed away within a year of each other close to a decade ago. Thompson was only 20 years old and on leave from the United States Air Force when he was killed by a drunk driver. Okie was killed the following year when he was struck in the head while trying to break up a fight. More information about the cause, including how to donate if you can’t go, is available here.

Serena and the RATTS (feat. music of Lenny Lashley, Joey Briggs, Darkbuster and more) gets DVD release

Here’s a pretty cool story to help wind our Hump Day to a close.

You may not have seen the movie Serena and the RATTS, but you’ve now got more of a chance to do so. Originally released on the indie and film festival circuit a couple years ago, the feature film was just released digitally (iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and the like) and on DVD, courtesy of Indican Pictures, who also brought you The Boondock Saints.

Filmed in and around Boston, the film “follows Serena, a young contract killer on her mission to take out a team of scientists who have discovered the ability to time travel.  When her adversaries prove to be exercising their new-found abilities, she must team up with an underground renegade group, The RATTS, before the course of history is changed forever.” Perhaps most importantly for punk fans, the soundtrack to the movie also includes the likes of Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One, Lenny’s old band Darkbuster, Joey Briggs, River City Rebels and more. Click here to see where you can get your own copy, or check out the trailer below!

DS Show Review and Photo Gallery: Street Dogs, Lenny Lashley and Matt Charette from Boston’s Midway Cafe

Mike letting the crowd take over

As of this writing, Boston punks Street Dogs are part of the way through a tour of Europe with fellow Pirates Press labelmates Bishops Green. Prior to heading across the pond, however, the five-piece stormed Boston’s Midway Cafe for a couple warm-up shows. Billed as the Crooked Drunken Sons, Street Dogs took to the stage for an early-evening acoustic matinee gig and followed up with a fully plugged-in late night set. It’s no great mystery that the Street Dogs are widely known as a hard-working, blue collar street punk band. And while they may not play out with quite the same road dog regularity as in their younger years, the band more than make up for that with high energy, give-it-all-you’ve-got live performances that leave little, if anything, left in the tank. The newest Street Dogs (Matt Pruitt of Have Nots and Lenny Lashley on guitar, Pete Sosa on drums) seem no doubt cut from the same cloth as longtime core members Mike McColgan and Johnny Rioux, now in their second decade as nucleus of the band. Case-in-point: the band could quite easily have rested on their laurels and used the early evening set as a way to work the kinks out of a few songs, shaking off the cobwebs and being content with flubs and false starts. Instead, the took the opportunity to play a full acoustic set that, while rare for a band in this genre to attempt, came across as every bit as earnest as their typical high-energy plugged in sets.

Hard work and double duty were recurring themes on the evening, as support for the early set came from local singer-songwriter Matt Charette (whose stellar solo full-length, Back East, is available to stream here) and Lenny Lashley, a full time Street Dog who’d already carved a name out for himself as a singer and songwriter through his solo work and his Darkbuster days. Charette then joined the Street Dogs on accordion, mandolin and crowd-surfing duties as the evening progressed. Support on the nightcap came from the Barroom Heroes and OC45. The former have established a reputation as one of the better young bands in the scene, while the latter are established road dogs who themselves are in between lengthy tours of their own.

Check out our photo gallery from the evening set below!

DS Video Premiere: Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One – “Hooligans”

Today, we are honored to bring to you the brand new music video from Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One!

The video is for the track “Hooligans,” which comes from the former Darkbuster frontman and current Street Dogs guitarist’s debut solo album, “Illuminator.” It was filmed in a handful of Boston-area locales, including the South Shore Music Hall in Quincy and the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain. Check it out below!

“Illuminator” was a joint release via Pirates Press Records and Panic State Records, and hit the streets last June. Check here or here to get your own vinyl copies.

Video: Lenny Lashley performs three songs for American Roots Sessions (incl. “Spanish Bombs” cover)

While in Los Angeles for the Street Dogs‘ recent performance at the Anaheim House of Blues, Boston punk scene vet (and current Street Dogs guitarist) Lenny Lashley recorded a three-song acoustic performance for our buds at American Roots Music. The set includes Lashley staples “JFK” and “Hooligans,” as well as a cover of The Clash classic “Spanish Bombs.” You can watch the videos or to stream audio of the performance below.

“Hooligans” appears on Lenny Lashley’s solo full-length debut, “Illuminator,” which was released last year via Pirates Press Records and Panic State Records. Stay tuned for news on an official video for the track!

Show Review/Photo Gallery: Tim Barry and Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One (Manchester, NH)


“Music should sound like escape, not rent.” – Tim Barry

Close to a decade removed from the end of his run as frontman for hardworking, DIY punk band Avail, Tim Barry has made a pretty nice second career for himself as a hardworking, DIY acoustic solo artist. For whatever reason, it took nearly ten years of refining his stand-alone live set to make his performing debut in the great State of New Hampshire. Despite not having a local railyard, the blue-collar, ‘Live Free Or Die’ ethos of the Manchester, the Granite State’s largest city, would seem the perfect marriage partner for a Tim Barry performance. The time was finally right last Saturday for Barry to make his New Hampshire debut at the Queen City’s Shaskeen Pub, and the result was every bit as good as was expected.

Local support on the evening came from Down To The Well, a New Hampshire-based drunken folk singalong style three piece. While they may not have a large following outside the area yet, the trio (banjo, acoustic guitar and standup bass, in case you were wondering and didn’t feel like clicking through to the pictures) were the embodiment of a perfect local opener, as they drew a strong, supportive contingent of fans who remained vocal throughout their 45 minute set.

Beloved Boston punk scene veteran Lenny Lashley provided direct support for Barry, albeit in a bit of a curiously abbreviated set. Lashley’s Gang of One project has taken numerous forms over the years and appeared as a four-piece on this particular night, with frequent collaborators Mackie LaChance (which, seriously, has to be the most perfect mob name ever) on stand-up bass and Corey King on acoustic guitar rounded out by Joe Macharet on fiddle. Macharet added a new, welcome layer to Lashley’s sound, and it’ll be interesting to see this sort of arrangement worked out going forward. Lashley’s set consisted of songs from his Darkbuster and Lenny and The Piss Poor Boys days as well as highlighting a few tracks from his recent (and incredibly stellar) full-length, Illuminator, though some of the latter album’s more inspired, uptempo tracks were left out due to the acoustic nature of this particular evening.

‘Acoustic’ does not have to equate with ‘subdued,’ however, as Tim Barry made readily apparent from the first notes of the set opener “Dog Bumped.” Lashley concluded his set by commenting that Barry was going to “blow the roof off” the Shaskeen, and anyone that has borne witness to a Tim Barry live show can attest to the fact that it feels, at times, as though that’s exactly what’s going to happen. There’s obviously a certain visceral connection that great live acts are able to make with their audiences, and in the case of Barry’s set, it is very much a symbiotic relationship. Plagued in part by what seemed to be an ongoing issue with the mix in the stage monitors (not noticeable to this particular writer), Barry brought his acoustic and his mic stand off the stage and into the crowd to perform on at least three separate occasions during his 75 minute set. Obvious musical differences aside, the feel was very much like that of a night when Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band are firing on all cylinders, except that instead of playing the role of de facto preacher to the working man, Barry seems to be speaking not to or for, but in unison with, the common man. And though it was his first appearance in the Granite State, one left with the feeling that Barry would, no doubt, be back.

Click here to check out our photo gallery from the evening. Kudos to Mrs. “jaystone” for the assist on some of the photos.