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Chuck Ragan, Dan Andriano, and Dave Hause to play An Evening of Revival

If you were at all into folk, punk, or Chuck Ragan between 2008-2013, then you probably remember The Revival Tour.  For those of you who don’t remember, it’s when Ragan would take like minded people from the punk and alternative worlds and bring them on the road with just their acoustic guitars and their heart felt lyrics.

While it’s been nearly seven years since the last tour, they have announced a sort of revival of The Revival Tour, in the form of a one night show featuring Ragan along with Dan Andriano, and Dave Hause.  An Evening of Revival is set to take place on July 7th at Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA, with proceeds from the event gong to CastHope, a nonprofit organization benefiting the youth of California and Western Nevada through free fly fishing programs.

Chuck Ragan documentary “Landsick” wins “Best Story” award

Big congratulations are in order for Chuck Ragan and the entire team of Landsick!

Chuck Ragan notes, “For our film Landsick to be recognized and win Best Story at the Drake Film Awards was certainly an achievement that wasn’t even in our scope. We all just did what we do and documented it along the way.  To have an honor such as this given to us, it has eased the pain a bit of the endless nights, close calls and time away from family on the road.  Peter Vandergrift and Matt Devlin worked insanely hard at pulling the piles of content together to weave the story that made Landsick the film that it is.”

According to Ragan, “At home, I work as a fly fishing guide and instructor so in so many ways I’m leading a double life going from ‘waking up at 4:30am‘ as opposed to ‘lying down at 3am‘.  Our recent film that’s been showcasing at The Fly Fishing Film Tour depicts that balance between touring, guiding and fatherhood.  It’s far from easy to find much balance but I’m getting closer and learning more about myself from a toddler than I’ve learned from anyone in my 43 years on this planet.”

Landsick will be screened across the country. Times and dates can be found here!

Chuck Ragan (folk) announces solo tour dates

California folk-punk legend Chuck Ragan has announced a handful of solo tour dates in and around California.

You can see if he’s playing near you below.

The latest release from Chuck Ragan was “The Flame in the Flood” released in February 2016.

Hot Water Music will release new album, first in 5 years

About six months ago, we reported on the rumblings of new material from Hot Water Music, and now it looks like it’s official!  Chuck Ragan recently told The Punk Site that the band is officially in the studio, working on new music for a 2017 release.  This will be the band’s first album since Exister came out five years ago.

Ragan had this to say about the new music:  “Energy is high, vibes are good so to say the least, we’re stoked to have this new record underway. We owe everything to our loved ones for standing by us all these years of us continuing this path. Without their support, we would’ve run out of fuel quite some time ago. Our fans have been a constant inspiration as well. A beautiful community of music lovers that share the same vision and ethics that this band was born into and continues to share through songs. Thank you for all the years of support and always going above and beyond the call whenever it came to making it to our shows to sing your hearts out. Our gratitude is much more than what I could ever put into words. We’ll be trucking along in the studio and looking forward to getting everyone some new music soon.”

Needless to say, we’ll keep you posted as more information about the new album comes out.

Punk Rock Bowling Vegas: Night Three – Angelic Upstarts, D.O.A., Nathen Maxwell & The Bunny Gang, Chuck Ragan

After Day Two main stage, and losing then finding my beloved scally cap during Descendents, and at this point on hour 30 of being awake, my body and my emotions were on survival mode. And no time to relax, as I ran back to the hotel to refresh, then was out the door in a moment, heading out to The Beauty Bar to check out one of my favorite acoustic musicians currently – Chuck Ragan.

The man’s voice, demeanor, lyrical content, and power are on display for all to see, commanding attention and respect wherever he plays. The dude will make a grown man cry with some of his reflective, thoughtful paroles. He’ll also make you smile the way he describes scenes of pure love with such joy and imagery. Unfortunately, everything at Punk Rock Bowling is on a schedule, so I had to click my shots and head out for a little change of pace and see D.O.A. at Las Vegas Country Saloon.

I had recently seen D.O.A. back in San Francisco, and the guys killed it to a small, Parkside crowd. LVCS was packed for the event and D.O.A. didn’t disappoint. I stuck around long enough to hear “Fuck You”, then I was on my way to Fremont Country Club for Angelic Upstarts.

The Upstarts are one of those bands that just exudes punk cred. The band has been one of the most influential in the punk world – forming back in 1977 and really being at the forefront of the anti-fascist movement. Due to time constraints, I left before I heard any of my favorites like “Last Night Another Soldier”, “Police Oppression”, and “Liddle Towers”. Apparently there was some Nazi scum at the show and at some point they stomped a bouncer who was standing up. Racist people should learn that they are not welcome any where in the punk scene, and that they are outnumbered. Go find a different scene to bastardize you racist fucks.

Now that that is out of the way…I was fading after the long days festivities, but I had been invited to a small, intimate show with Nathen Maxwell & The Bunny Gang at Hogs & Heifers. I couldn’t stay long as my body was finally giving out on me – but I was there long enough to see Nathen & co. hop up on the bar and perform their set alongside the beautiful bartenders of the biker bar.

Day Two and Night Three were definitely the longest and most intense of the three day, four night party – and you can have a look at all the photos from the Sunday club shows below.

Stay tuned for Day Three and some shots from Punk Rock Karaoke in the next days.

Crowdfunding page set up to help Chuck Ragan’s parents after recent medical diagnosis

 If you’re a regular show-goer and frequenter of Dying Scene, it’s probably a safe bet that you’ve seen Chuck Ragan your fair of times through some combination of his stints with Hot Water Music or the Revival Tour or, more recently, alongside The Camaraderie. Ragan long ago established a well-earned reputation of being one of the genuine good guys in the scene; the kind that’ll push himself to the point of near exhaustion on stage for a full set before taking the time to shake hands and interact like old friends with each and every member of the crowd.

Today, sadly, the shirt-off-his-back, boots-off-his-feet Ragan and family put out a call to help one of their own. Chuck’s father, Dave Ragan (a former professional golfer), recently experienced a series of falls at his Birmingham, Alabama, home, and was hospitalized as a result. After a series of tests, it was determined that the Ragan family patriarch was diagnosed with a “massive meningioma brain tumor.” Chuck and family (including his four brothers and his mom, the beloved Geraldine) are now left with the decision to try to have the elder Ragan’s tumor operated on, or transition him to hospice care at home.

As a result of the difficult situation, an Indiegogo page has been set up with the goal of offsetting the costs of Dave Ragn’s care, and to help Geraldine out going forward. If you’ve got a few bucks to throw in the direction of the shirt-off-his-back, shoes-off-his-feet Ragan, you can do so right here.

DS Photo Gallery: Valentine’s Day Weekend with Chuck Ragan and Cory Branan

Chuck Ragan recently wrapped up a brief northeastern US tour a few days early due to an unfortunate family emergency. The jaunt, which was initially planned as nine shows in nine days, found Ragan supporting his latest release, the stellar-yet-mostly-under-the-radar soundtrack for the video game The Flame In The Flood. If you’ve known the privilege (and I use that word very deliberately) of catching the Hot Water Music co-frontman live over the last handful of years, you’ve no doubt been left in at least some modicum of awe at just how he’s able to relay such honest, hard-working intensity night in and night out. Because of the short distance between a couple of weekend shows on this run, Dying Scene was lucky enough to catch consecutive shows in Providence and Cambridge, each one unique in myriad ways.

As is par for the course in recent years, Ragan was accompanied by his backing band, The Camaraderie. However, even casual Ragan fans are aware that the parts that constitute The Camaraderie are somewhat fluid, this time featuring longtime collaborators Jon Gaunt (fiddle) and Joe Ginsburg (double bass) and more recent collaborator Todd Beene (pedal steel). In spite of the lack of traditional percussion this time out, the four-piece kept the hammer down, plowing through a pair of shows that saw pre-determined individual setlists serve merely as loose guidelines for the bulk of the respective sets.

Both nights found Ragan and pals drawing primarily from The Flame In The Flood soundtrack, as well as his two previous full-lengths, 2014’s Till Midnight and 2011’s Covering Ground (both released on SideOneDummy Records). Each night started and ended in four-piece fashion, with a brief solo, mostly spontaneous solo interlude. Night one (at the sold-out front room at Providence’s Fete nightclub, a venue that featured a soul band and an after-hours dance club also taking place down the hall, providing for an interesting mix of people watching) was slated to include the recent Hot Water Music staple “Drag My Body,” but found Ragan opting for audience requests like “Old Diesel” instead. Night two, at the larger Sinclair nightclub in Cambridge (editor’s note: best venue in the greater Boston area, and it’s not really even that close) was slated to feature the likes of HWM throwback track “God Deciding” but featured “Drag My Body” instead. Both nights saw Ragan firing on all proverbial cylinders, his powerful, vocal-chord-shredding voice serving as the most dynamic instrument to occupy either respective stage.

Serving as direct support on this particular run was the inimitable Cory Branan. Though Branan most notably performs as a solo acoustic act, to refer to him as merely a solo acoustic troubadour does a great disservice to the man’s unique talents. As Lucero’s Ben Nichols pointed out on that band’s track “Tears Don’t Matter Much,” Branan’s “got a way with words that’ll bring you to your knees,” and that’s regardless of the subject matter: love, death, drinking, escape, intimacy, drinking, career failures, meaningless sex, whatever (drinking)…you get the idea. When firing on all cylinders, Branan is witty and funny and edgy, and performs in such a way that gives the impression that the whole damn thing could go wildly, gloriously off the rails at any given second. Both of these nights had their share of such moments (with the Providence performance of set-closer “Girl Named Go” as the most telling example), but largely found Branan in a playful mode, telling stories and interacting with the crowd in a way he couldn’t quite do at the somewhat larger venues he played at when on tour with Brian Fallon a month prior.

Local support on the first night came from Cowboy and Lady, a country and western duo (Jess Powers and Tyler-James Kelly) who sound as though they could be based in Memphis, Tennessee, rather than West Providence, Rhode Island. Highly entertaining pair with deceptively tight melodies woven around Kelly’s at times near-virtuoso guitar playing. Sadly, there are no pictures of said duo in the gallery below. The Cambridge show, meanwhile, featured local support from longtime local scene veteran Mark Lind, most notably of Ducky Boys and Sinners & Saints and The Warning Shots fame. The Red bull aficionado and purveyor of only the sexiest of faces played a set mostly stripped down versions of his bands’ tracks, with a second-tier Rolling Stones’ cover thrown in for good measure because, really, why the hell not.

Thankfully, for your sake, there are pictures of Lind (and Branan and Ragan and Gaunt and Ginsberg and Beene, of course) in the gallery below; check it out here.

Chuck Ragan to release “The Flame In The Flood” soundtrack next week

If you’ve followed Chuck Ragan for any length of time, but particularly over the last year-or-so, you’re probably aware that he’s been working on the soundtrack to a video came called The Flame In The FloodHere’s proof. Anyway, at long last, the release of the soundtrack to that very game is finally immanent, as it’s due out next Thursday, February 4, 2016, via Ragan’s own Ten Four Records.

The Flame In The Flood features Ragan and his band, The Camaraderie, and was co-produced by Ragan and his bandmates in the Camaraderie, the inimitable Todd Beene. The album also features appearances by such other inimitable acts as Cory Branan, Adam Faucett, and Jon Snodgrass. Stay tuned for order information. Oh, and make sure you catch Ragan and Branan on their upcoming tour right here (we’ll see you out at a couple of those shows, no doubt).

Chuck Ragan and the Camaraderie announce East Coast US tour dates

Chuck Ragan at a warehouse in West Warwick, Rhode Island

As some of us here at the Dying Scene Global Headquarters were putting together our yearly, excessively verbose year-end reflection pieces, it sorta dawned on us that for the first time in a while, we haven’t seen Chuck Ragan play in these parts for a full year. Wouldn’t you know it, that’s about to change.

Ragan and his band (The Camaraderie) have announced a run of shows that’ll find them covering most of the northeastern corner of the US over a nine-day span in mid-February 2016. Ragan will be playing songs from The Flame In The Flood, the recently-released survivial-style video game that he provided the soundtrack to. Pre-orders to all shows are available as of today, and include digital downloads of the band’s upcoming live album (it’s called The Winter Haul Live; more details to follow). The inimitable Cory Branan will be accompanying the crew for the tour. Check out the full rundown below, and get pre-order bundles here.

Chuck Ragan’s most recent studio full-length, “Till Midnight,” was released last year via SideOneDummy.

Todd Beene (Chuck Ragan, Lucero) streams “We Miss You” from upcoming album “I Can’t Be Serious”

Todd Beene – Photo credit: Claire Penn

DS Interview: The White Buffalo on growing up punk, Sons Of Anarchy, and “Love and The Death Of Damnation”

Jake Smith is not a name uttered around these parts with any great frequency, though it really should be. Performing under the moniker The White Buffalo, Smith has been building one of those slow-burn-style careers over the course of the past decade that should have resulted in his popping up on your radar. Perhaps it was stints at Bonnaroo or Riot Fest. Perhaps it was his stellar 2012 label debut Once Upon A Time In The West (Unison Music Group), which first served to introduce his gravelly baritone and penchant for dark-themed songwriting to the masses. Of course, it could have been 2013’s epic tour de force Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways, which traces the fictional-but-all-too-real story of the down-on-his-luck Joey White as he enlists in the US military, fights an unjust war overseas, and struggles to adapt to society and to the love of his life, Jolene, upon his return abroad.

In all likelihood if you’re a Dying Scene regular and you’re familiar with Jake Smith, it’s through his 2014 tour alongside Chuck Ragan, or his various stints performing music for the groundbreaking TV show Sons Of Anarchy. Hell, the latter garnered Smith an Emmy nomination earlier this year, though you’d be hard-pressed to get him to expound on the meaningfulness of that accolade — “my manager was like “dude, this is fucking crazy! You can always say, for the rest of your life, that you’re an Emmy-nominated artist” or whatever, and I was like (*shrugs*) “oh yeah, that’s pretty cool I guess.” I don’t get that swelled up by things like that.”

The lack of ego on Smith’s part was culled, in part, by his upbringing in the punk rock community. Though he grew up almost exclusively surrounded by country music in his early years, all roads eventually led to punk rock, specifically, as is the case for so many of us, to Bad Religion. “Suffer,” says Smith, “was probably the first one that I had where I thought “this is great.” The lyrical content, and how smart it was, was surprising to me.” Bad Religion begat the Circle Jerks and Bad Brains and NOFX, and spawned years of attending shows scattered up and down the California coastline. “That whole DIY ethos, and the whole idea that you get in a van and play, and you play with passion and you give it all you’ve got and you get fucking sweaty every night, that’s something that I’ve held on to.” Coming in well north of six feet tall with a bushy blond beard and a lionesque mane to match, Smith cuts a rather imposing figure, aided all the more by a whiskey-and-cigarette fueled baritone that’s drawn comparisons to (however unfair) to the likes of Eddie Vedder and Richie Havens. The energy that Smith attacks the stage with night in and night out somewhat belies the at-times mythical image that his physical appearance and penchant for dark, narrative-driven storytelling can create. In many ways, then, it’s not a quantum leap, then, to see why last year’s tour with kindred-spirit Ragan was such a natural pairing. “I had fun on that tour with Chuck, man,” says Smith. “Sharing a stage with somebody else who leaves it all out there night in and night out is an awesome thing.

Smith took the slow, steady route toward his present destination as an “Emmy-nominated singer-songwriter.” In fact, Smith only picked up a guitar for the first time at the ripe old age of nineteen or twenty. “Initially, I was super into punk and I wanted to write punk songs and stuff,” Smith says. In spite of repeatedly practicing the “only two chords (he) knew,” becoming a punk-rock songwriting heavyweight was more difficult than initially imagined. “They didn’t come out, man. The punk songs didn’t come out.” Instead, Smith opted took to the acoustic guitar (I can’t play the electric guitar; I think I squeeze it too tight!) and began crafting dark narratives that drew richly from society’s underbelly. “I remember the first song I wrote was about this guy committing suicide,” Smith says rather matter-of-factly. “Another one of my earliest compositions was a war song, or about a guy coming back from Viet Nam and people treating him like shit,” he adds. None of it based on personal, or even familial, experience, mind you. Instead, the stories that Smith continues to fashion come from the darker recesses of his own imagination. “I think I end up going to alcohol, relationships and murder, you know?” Smith laughs. “Alcohol, violence and love are my things, so inevitably I end up writing a lot about those.

Smith’s latest album, Love and The Death Of Damnation, is still character-driven and contains some of the darker lyrics of his catalog. However, songs like “Home Is In Your Arms” and, most specifically, “Go The Distance,” are not only more overtly personal but more light-hearted as well. “(Go The Distance) is one of the lighter things I’ve ever done,” says Smith, adding that the conscious decision proved a lesson in stretching songwriting comfort levels: “I always tend to go to the dark side with almost everything; with this one…there was a moment  where I had the second verse go into a darker thing where there was an argument or a fight or something. And then it started getting darker and darker, and I was like “wait, why am I doing this?” The light and the love of life is there, why not represent it?

We caught up with The White Buffalo during his recent stop at Boston’s legendary Paradise Rock Club, the same venue he played at on the Chuck Ragan tour. He’s got a handful more Canadian and US dates left on tour before closing up shop for the holidays. Just don’t expect him to play the Emmy-nominated Sons of Anarchy series-closer “Come Join The Murder.” “Kurt Sutter, who is the creator and the writer of the show, wrote those lyrics. Almost 100% of them…were just on a piece of paper and then me and the music supervisor got in a room together and we put it to music and melody.” While it’s made for a frequent topic of conversation and an interesting resume bullet point, it comes without the level of ownership that writing and performing one’s own lyrics. Given the barn-burning 90+ minute sets he’s been playing night in and night out, there’s plenty of firepower to go around.

Check out our conversation (some of which was edited and condensed for clarity’s sake) below, and catch The White Buffalo’s remaining 2015 tour dates here.

Photos by Jason Stone for Dying Scene.


Chuck Ragan announces European & US headlining shows

Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music has announced a handful of European and US headlining shows he will be playing later this summer. All of the dates and locations can be found below.

Ragan’s latest solo album Till Midnight was released in March of 2014 through SideOneDummy. He has since released a split with Rocky Votolato titled Kindred Spirit will be released on June 2nd, 2015.

Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato stream ‘Kindred Spirit’ EP

You’re probably well aware that Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato have teamed up for a split EP titled Kindred Spirit. But did you know that even though it won’t be out until next week, you can hear it right now? That’s right. Give Kindred Spirit a listen here.

Kindred Spirit will be released on June 2, 2015 via SideOneDummy Records. Pre-orders of Kindred Spirit are available here.

Chuck Ragan’s most recent album, Till Midnight, dropped in March 2014 on SideOneDummy. Rocky Votolato’s latest studio album, Hospital Handshakes, was released April 2015 on No Sleep Records.

Chuck Ragan releases lyric video for “Vagabond” featuring Ben Nichols, Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price

It’s no secret that Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato are getting ready to release an upcoming split titled “Kindred Spirit”. The split 10-inch is slated for June 2nd through Chuck’s label, SideOneDummy Records.

In the meantime, check out the lyric video (directed by Jeff Rosenstock) for Chuck’s newest track, “Vagabond”, here. The song features Ben Nichols (Lucero) as well as Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price (Drag The River). Pre-orders of “Kindred Spirit”are available here.

Chuck Ragan’s most recent album, “Till Midnight”, dropped last year on SideOneDummy. Rocky Votolato’s latest studio album, “Hospital Handshakes,” was released last month on No Sleep Records.

Chuck Ragan and Rocky Votolato announce split EP, “Kindred Spirit”

Astute readers of our recent interview with the great Rocky Votolato may have noticed that he kinda spilled the beans about an upcoming split release with the also-great Chuck Ragan. We’re finally learning more about the project!

Entitled “Kindred Spirit,” the split 10-inch is slated for release on June 2nd through Chuck’s label home, SideOneDummy Records. Pre-orders are available here.

In the meantime, you can whet your appetite with a lyric video for the Votolato track “Sparks Of Recovery” here. As you’d expect, the track appears on “Kindred Spirit,” though it appeared as “Sparks” in an alternate form on his last album, “Television of Saints.” As you may not have expected, the video was directed by Jeff Rosenstock!

Rocky Votolato’s latest studio album, “Hospital Handshakes,” was released last month on No Sleep Records. Chuck Ragan’s last album, “Till Midnight,” dropped last year on SideOneDummy.