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Richie Ramone to release memoir “I KNOW BETTER NOW: My Life Before, During, and After The Ramones”

The man himself Richie Ramone is set to release a memoir of his adventures before, during and after the Ramones.

The handbook cover is set to release on December 11, 2018 for $29.99. According to Backbeat Books.

In I KNOW BETTER NOW, Richie Ramone shares lively stories from his early years growing up in Passaic, New Jersey, revealing his mischievous nature. He describes how he became a member of the Ramones and then takes readers backstage during the Ramones’ many gigs and tours. Overnight, Richie went from the obscurity of the underground club scene to becoming a “brother” in the most famous punk-rock band of all time. Joey Ramone, himself, credited Richie for saving the band. Richie composed classic cuts like the menacing anthem “Somebody Put Something in My Drink” and was the only Ramones percussionist to sing lead vocals for the group. “

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Richie Ramone release new track on flexi disc

Richie Ramone has just released a new track with New Noise Magazine as a flexi disc single titled, “The Last Time” which talks of Ramone’s father who unfortunately passed in February. The track mourns his father but also celebrates his life, and reminsces of the memories and the bittersweet journey of life.

You can purchase it (and a few other tracks) for five dollars here.

DS Photo Gallery: Hi-Fi Rock Fest at Queen Mary’s Park (pt. 3 of 4) – Richie Ramone, The Sonics, Naked Raygun

This next portion of Hi-Fi Rock Fest was somewhat similar to adult swim. No, not the channel, more like that time when you were a kid and you were kicked out for an hour so the adults could get drunk and spill beer in the pool.

Richie Ramone followed SoCal thrashers, Luicidal, and he proved after all these years he’s still got it. Yep, still got that bottle in his hand and as sloppy as ever, yet somehow it manifests itself into a great stage performance, alternating between both drummer and vocal duties. In an attempt to get intimate with the front-row fans, Richie slipped on the sound monitor but kept on rocking. Unfortunately, as the photo crew hoisted him back to the stage, my lens was knocked off my camera, so I was out of the game for the rest of the set – tending to my wounded equipment.

The Sonics were next up – and may have seemed to be an odd pairing for this festival (even though these guys were punk before punk even knew what punk was), but these guys have been rocking for decades and show no signs of stopping. You can have a look at their entire set here.

It seemed the space was filling up properly in anticipation for Naked Raygun‘s appearance at Hi-Fi. The band had been ‘less-than-active’ up until recently, so it was exciting to finally see these guys live.

You can have a look at photos from the band’s performances below, and check back tomorrow for Street Dogs and Dead Kennedys.

DS Interview: Richie Ramone on his legendary time in the Ramones and waving the Ramones flag as a solo artist


If there’s one surname that can inexorably be linked to the punk music scene more than any other, it’s undoubtedly “Ramone.” In the band’s two-plus decade career, only seven people can lay claim to having donned the legendary moniker (technically eight if you count Clem “Elvis Ramone” Burke, who only played a few notoriously disastrous shows with the band before being replaced). While the founding four (Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy) have all shuffled off this mortal coil, CJ, Marky and Richie Ramone continue to fly the presidential seal-emblazoned flag high, honorably carrying the name bestowed upon them during their respective stints in what can be referred to as arguably the most influential band in American rock music.

While his four-plus year span as drummer for the Ramones began more than three decades ago, Richie Ramone is the newest of the three surviving members at trying his hand as a touring, recording, solo Ramone. His debut LP, Entitled, was released in late 2003 via DC-Jam Records, and he played dozens of shows across the globe this year. Now, with a sophomore album in the works and a full slate of tour dates in the works to kick off 2016, Richie Ramone and his band are getting ready to appear at the Hi Fi Rock Fest at the Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach, California, next month.

Dying Scene had the privilege of chatting with the legendary drummer, billed as the “fastest, most powerful drummer who ever played with the Ramones,” on the morning after his 58th birthday. Though he may have relocated from the East Coast to Los Angeles years ago, Richie’s trademark guttural baritone voice is as deeply, quintessentially New York/New Jersey as ever. We covered a lot of ground, from Richie’s first time seeing the Ramones, to what it was like to write songs for a duo as legendary as Joey and Johnny, to how the music landscape has changed in the post-Ramones years, to what it’s been like to step out as a part-time frontman after so many years behind the kit.

Despite a fairly lengthy absence from the music landscape, and in spite of past difficulties with other band members (Johnny in particular) over writing and publishing credits, Richie Ramone remains as brazenly true to the the punk rock ethos that his namesake band helped create as ever.

Check out our full Q&A below.

Richie Ramone announces west coast tour dates with Dime Runner

Former Ramones drummer, songwriter, and occasional vocalist Richie Ramone will be playing a string of west coast dates this April with support from Long Beach, CA’s Dime Runner. Check out the dates and locations below.

Richie Ramone’s debut solo album Entitled was released in October of 2013 through DC-Jam Records.

Music Video: Richie Ramone – “Entitled”

Former Ramones drummer, songwriter, and occasional vocalist Richie Ramone has premiered a music video for his song “Entitled”.  You can check it out below.

“Entitled” is the title track from Richie’s latest album which came out last October on DC-Jam Records.

Music Video: Richie Ramone – “Criminal”

Former Ramones drummer, songwriter, and occasional vocalist Richie Ramone has premiered a music video for his song “Criminal”. You can check it out below.

“Criminal” is taken from Richie’s latest album Entitled, which came out last October on DC-Jam Records.

Richie Ramone announces “Something In My Drink Tour”

Former Ramones drummer, songwriter, and occasional vocalist Richie Ramone has announced that he will be hitting the road later this month for an extensive North American tour. Richie will be touring in support of his debut solo album “Entitled”. You can view the tour dates and locations below.

Richie Ramone released “Entitled” on October 8th through DC-Jam Records.

Richie Ramone performs “Somebody Put Something In My Drink” on stage with The Queers

Former Ramones drummer, songwriter, and occasional vocalist  Richie Ramone joined pop-punk group The Queers on stage in Los Angeles for a Ramones cover of “Somebody Put Something In My Drink”. The song appears on The Ramones’ album “Animal Boy”, and it was written by Richie Ramone after someone allegedly put LSD into his drink.

Click here to check out the video.

Richie Ramone’s upcoming album “Entitled” will be released on October 8th through DC-Jam Records.

Richie Ramone streams new song “Criminal” from upcoming album “Entitled”

Punk rock icon Richie Ramone is streaming a new song called “Criminal” from his upcoming album “Entitled.”

You can check it out right here.

“Entitled” is set to be released on October 8th via DC-Jam Records.

Richie Ramone signs with DC-Jam Records for release of debut solo album “Entitled”

Punk Rock icon Richie Ramone has signed a deal with DC-Jam Records to deliver his first solo album called “Entitled”.

The record was recorded and produced in Nashville by Richie Ramone and mixed in Los Angeles by Mark Needham (The Killers, My Chemical Romance, Cake), and is scheduled for worldwide release on October 8th.

“We’ve had this in the works now for a while and we’re really excited about working with DC-Jam to get this out”, stated Ramone. “We put a lot of work in on creating this and we’re really proud of it.”

The band, which also includes Tommy Bolan (Warlock), Clare Misstake (Antiproduct), and Ben “Wah” Reagan (The Feederz), will be touring the United States and Europe in support of the album. Look for dates to be added soon.