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DS Photo Gallery: Night 2 of The Lawrence Arms’ War on Christmas with Worriers & Dowsing (Chicago, IL)

The day started out like any other – in the afternoon. I begrudgingly pulled myself off the bed and wandered into the living room to find myself being whisked away into an Uber by my motley crew consisting of my boyfriend and two visiting Minneapolitans. The next thing I knew, we were at Kuma’s (a famous Chicago burger joint) and the drinking had begun again with a mere eight hours until the show started. Lucky for me, the crew okayed a post burger nap and we headed back to the apartment to recoup, nap and watch Mighty Ducks 2 before heading to the show. Quack!

Night 2 – The Ghost of Christmas Present

The evening opened with Dowsing. The fourpiece is a fairly well-known local group which plays emo/indie music. Or, as they like to put it, feel good sad songs. Strangely enough, they are a band that I had not seen before despite all that I know about them. I know that they recently were signed to Asian Man Records (congrats, guys!). I know that they’ve played Fest a handful of times. I know that my friends go out of their way to catch the band play. And tonight, I finally heard them. I’m aware that it’s all about how you classify things, but the words “emo” and “indie” tend to be off-putting to me. My normal response: “Oh? you mean slow and boring and terrible to shoot with my camera?” Actually, this is everything that Dowsing is not. While they do play slower paced tunes, they are all but boring. The songs themselves are complex and layered. Steady music is framed by vocals that seem desperate and anxious. While it’s easy to dismiss bands based on their labels – especially as you get older, have less time for first hand research, etc – Dowsing is the perfect example of why we should always give everything a try for fear of missing out. Tonight’s lesson re-learned: Always trust Mike Park.

The unfamiliarity of Dowsing gave way to a band that I played this same game with before. I had no idea who Worriers were until I saw them play on the Double Door stage almost a year ago. Since then, I caught their sets at Riot Fest and Fest and fell in love with their 2015 full length Imaginary Life. Upbeat, sometimes danceable, melodic songs cover the spread of topics from the confusing gender binary to relationships to police brutality. While the band seems to at times have a rotating case of characters, they never fail to perfectly translate their recorded music to the stage. I also think that it’s exceedingly important to mention that during the Worriers set, a very drunk man in a fedora aggressively made his way to the stage and began shouting. At first it was compliments such as, “Yeah girl! We love you, lady!” Then, when he did not get the attention he was seeking, his comments started to turn. “I said I love you. The fuck?” Singer/guitarist Lauren Denitzio became noticeably uncomfortable at this point. The band powered through a song or two more before the man was removed from the crowd for hassling those around him. The crowd let out a cheer and Lauren thanked the security staff before moving through the rest of the band’s set seemingly lighter than moments before. Their set ended with grace and without any heckling idiots. Side note: one of my friends actually saw this guy get kicked out while smoking outside. Apparently, the fedora man – in true douche fashion – started shouting about ‘dumb bitches’ and ‘stupid hoes onstage’ not respecting him. Good job, dude. Way to get kicked out of the venue before the band you came for even played. Also, flush that hat down the toilet. You look like a crappy extra from Casablanca.

With that ugliness behind us, it was time again for the headliner. The lights dimmed as the Lawrence Arms took the stage to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”. Brendan Kelly walked up to the microphone, threw his hands in the air, sighed and shouted “Don’t you guys hate Christmas?” before the band flew into the first song of the set, “Great Lakes/Great Escapes”. Now friends, remember early on when I stated that the drinking started early this afternoon? Well, it never really stopped. Between the cans and the mixed drink and the shots with friends who had come into town just for this, I was happy that I could hold onto my camera. So when Brendan stated that they would be playing a brand new song, I started to giddily clap and jump like a child who just got a puppy for Christmas. It took me a good thirty seconds to realize that they were playing “Porno and Snuff Films” and that there was no new song. Thanks Tito’s vodka! When he tried the same party trick (get it? eh?) two songs later, I wasn’t falling for it. Someone from the audience actually shouted “Fuck you, Brendan”. “Fuck me? I’m providing you with entertainment. Fuck me. Well, entertainment is a relative term I guess,” Brendan shot back as the fans laughed.

Unlike Night 1, which was a Thursday, tonight the venue was packed wall to wall. It also seemed as if the entirety of the venue was drunk. A crowd surfer went to leap into the crowd and instead slipped and crawled. Fans in the first row struggled to keep their eyes open as they mumbled along to the songs. It was the present and the present was numb from any pain. While tonight’s set seemed to contain more songs off Metropole and more slower songs overall, that didn’t seem to stop the crowd surfers or mosh pitters. And for whatever it’s worth, nothing can ever stop the Hennessy chant. What else did they play? Well, take a look at the night’s set list!

Great Lakes/Great Escapes

Them Angles Been Talkin’

You Are Here

Porno and Snuff Films


The Devil’s Takin’ Names

Faintly Falling Ashes

“I’ll Take What’s in the Box, Monty”


The YMCA Down the Street from the Clinic

The First Eviction Notice

Jumping the Shark

Brickwall Views

A Boring Story

Another Boring Story

Your Gravest Words


Hey, What Time is ‘Pensacola: Wings of Gold’ on Anyway?

As the show came to a close, we filed out of the venue and into a nearby bar where the Rumple Minze shots are only $5. I beat a stranger at Skeeball. I watched a very tiny girl throw up what seemed like gallons of tequila in a bathroom trashcan, burp, fix her lipstick and kiss the mirror before walking out into public. I ran into a huge group of friends that I know from Fest and suddenly time traveled to end up at home, passed out on the couch watching Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. While I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, I will say that the present seems pretty okay.

Make sure you check out the coverage from Night 1 and also check back later this week for Night 3!

Check out the gallery for Night Two below:

Music Video: Dowsing – “Red Legs Kicking”

Chicago indie/emo band Dowsing have premiered a music video for their song “Red Legs Kicking”, taken from their latest album Okay, and you can check it out below.

Okay was released yesterday (April 29th, 2016) via Asian Man Records, and was their first album since 2013’s I Don’t Even Care Anymore.

Dowsing stream new album “Okay”

Chicago indie/emo band Dowsing are streaming their new album Okay, and you can check it out here.

Okay is set to be released on April 29, 2016 via Asian Man Records.

Dowsing stream new song “Dissolve”; announce US tour dates

Chicago indie/emo band Dowsing are streaming a new song titled “Dissolve.” The song is the first single off the band’s upcoming album, which is untitled but will likely be referred to as either a self-titled album or OKAY. (For further explanation, just take a closer look at the artwork, as pictured above.) The band will also be heading out on a US tour to support the new album, and will be joined on the road by Kittyhawk.

You can listen to the song, and find the dates and locations here.

Dowsing will release their third album on April 29, 2016 via Asian Man Records.

Dowsing announce new album with a trailer

Chicago indie/emo band Dowsing have just announced a brand new album due some time in early 2016. Very few details have been released about the album, not even the title. The band did, however, release a trailer for the record which gives an interesting look at what it’s been going through recently, and the creative process in the lead up to recording a new album. Check it out below.

This new album will be released via Asian Man Records, and marks the bands’ first full album since “I Don’t Care Anymore” back in 2013. Check out writeofpassage’s review of the album here.

Dowsing stream new track “Cutoff (Blades, Blades, Blades & Even More Blades)” from upcoming 4-way split

Chicago-based indie/emo band Dowsing are streaming a brand-new song for your Hump Day listening pleasure. It’s called “Cutoff (Blades, Blades, Blades & Even More Blades)” for some reason that is waaaaay above my paygrade. Check it out here.

“Cutoff (Blades, Blades, Blades & Even More Blades)” is Dowsing’s entry to a four-way split that also features music from Sinai Vessel, Long Knives and the Cardboard Swords. The split is due out next Friday (June 12th) via Count Your Lucky Stars Records; pre-orders are available here.

Pet Symmetry announces debut album release date and stream track

Drawing from members of Into It. Over It.Dowsing, Kittyhawk, and Mountains for Clouds, the Chicago trio known as Pet Symmetry have announced the release of their debut album, Pets Hounds, on May 19th via Asian Man Records.  You can preview the track “Give Thanks (Get Lost)” below.

If this first track is any indication, you can expect some distortion-laden pop punk and tongue-in-cheek vocals on this album.

Dowsing and Free Throw announce US tour

Chicago indie/emo band Dowsing and Nashville emo/pop-punk band Free Throw have announced a US tour together this spring. You can check out the tour poster above, and (in case you have trouble reading the poster) the dates and locations can be found below.

Dowsing will be touring in support of their 2013 debut LP I Don’t Even Care Anymore, while Free Throw will be supporting their 2014 debut, Those Days Are Gone. Both releases are out via Count Your Lucky Stars.

Dowsing’s (Chicago emo) van breaks down, band involved in armed home invasion in Arkansas

Well here’s a crazy story…

Chicago indie/emo band Dowsing have been on a tour through our nation’s heartland, eventually leading them to and from Gainesville for some Fest shows in a little over a week. Like many touring bands, they ran into van/bus troubles along the way (that’s their bus on the back of a flatbed posted above). That’s where (pardon my French) shit got real. I’ll let the band take it from here (via their Facebook page):

Last evening our mini buses engine puttered out just 40 miles outside of Little Rock. After being towed into town we were greeted and treated by the band Oh Cathy who picked us up from Pep Boys and brought us over to the show. We had an absolute blast at the Hollow House and we thought maybe things aren’t so bad and that everything would be sorted out with the bus today and we’d make it to our Texas dates. 

Well, then this happened…

In addition to our van repairs, we also were part of a home invasion / armed robbery that took place where we are staying in Little Rock. We are extremely overwhelmed by the turn of events that have happened in the past 24 hours, but looking on the bright side of it all. We all are alive, unharmed, with minimal belongings and cash stolen. All our band money, gear, and dignity are still here. What lousy robbers…

As it stands right now, the band’s Fort Worth and Houston shows are off. They’re looking to fill a couple Louisiana dates on or around the 23rd before hopefully getting their van situation sorted out. Stay tuned; go to a show and buy some merch to help the dudes out. Check out their tour rundown here.


Dowsing (emo) announce fall tour

Chicago-based emo act Dowsing have just announced a fall tour which will go through October and November. You can check out the dates and cities on the flyer above and check below for more specific information on venue locations.

The group’s latest release was a split 7″ with Annabel which was launched May 27th via Count Your Lucky Star Records.

Album Review: Annabel / Dowsing – split

Annabel and Dowsing, on first impression, may have you thinking — ‘Oh, another set in the emo-revival’ — but just one track in, from either, and I’m sure you’ll be hooked. There’s no superficial layer of glean over their music and this enhances the already warm sound of each instrument, including some downright passionate vocals surrounded by crashing drums, twinkling guitars and powerful bass-work that oddly, fits in. Both bands have this familiar spine to them but they offer enough differentiation that gives the other space to breathe, wander and roam with musical sentimentality. One thing’s certain and that’s this – these are two of the more solid bands in the genre of indie-DIY-twinkly rock.

Annabel is more atmospheric and spaced out, reminiscent of early Jimmy Eat World. Rolling drums build to a huge, rocking payoff in “Always” giving a sweet overwhelming feel to it. The guitars have a wicked Interpol vibe to them which neatly accentuate the higher-pitched background vocals in the chorus. Conversely, the punk fit in “Forever” is quite shocking and angry. Dynamic drumming mask the earnest toll behind the vocal approach here which makes the song slightly more enjoyable than the description might sound. It’s loud yet romantic and did I mention, fucking raging? They dance from a more subdued sound with quiet vocals meshing into softly galloping drums and simple keyboards on the former before employing a more dramatic kickass feel in the latter song. Great contrast.

Dowsing, as seen with last year’s I Don’t Even Care Anymore, ring the same way with a sense of longing, ambition, intensity, and a vast yet simple sound. The rhythm section is positively heavy, the drums crashing and the bass thundering on “Fistful of Hot Wheels” and reminds the listener of the potential bubbling just underneath the surface. They’re so consistently good at the indie-emo craft. Other than the improved production, there aren’t many discernible differences between these songs and the old versions they churned out. “World’s Finest Chocolate” is another great highlight courtesy of Dowsing. It serves as a great table-setter for the record’s bouts of twinkling, intricate guitar work and incredibly impressive drumming. They utilize huge, often choral-esque background vocals to great effect in songs, adding a grand feel to otherwise minimal compositions. The assorted “whoa”s and “oh”s and “ah”s adorn the atmospheric feel of the back-up vocals so well, although they’re not as present on this album as times before. They sprinkle bits of whimsical, jingle bell-laden points here and there too for good measure but it still sticks that Dowsing doesn’t want to or need to vary their sound that much to impact.

As far as gripes go, there aren’t many to be had as the four songs on tap do tend to run together with a positive trait. Seamlessly so. These bands are not quite there yet, but there’s no doubt that big things loom. This split screams how much promise lingers.

4/5 Stars

The Sidekicks announce summer tour with Sundials, Dowsing

Ohio pop-punk/indie rock act The Sidekicks have announced a month of tour dates alongside the likes of Richmond, VA pop-punk act Sundials and Chicago-based emo act Dowsing. Check out the full rundown below.

The Sidekicks’ newest album “Awkward Breeds,” was released in 2012 on  Red Scare Industries.

Video: Dowsing perform acoustic version of “World’s Finest Chocolate (How Ya Doin’ Today)” for Couch King sessions


Chicago-based emo band Dowsing has posted a new acoustic video of their song  “Worlds Finest Chocolate (How Ya Doin’ Today)” for Couch King sessions at the link below.

The song appears on a split 7″ with Annabel which was released May 27th on Count Your Lucky Star Records.

Dowsing announce 7 inch split with Annabel, premiere song “World’s Finest Chocolate (How Ya Doin’ Today)”

Chicago based emo/indie band Dowsing have announced plans to release a split 7-inch album with Annabel on May 27th through Count Your Lucky Stars Records.

You can check out their new song “World’s Finest Chocolate (How Ya Doin’ Today)” here and pre-order the split here.

Music Video: Dowsing – “I Don’t Even Care Anymore”

Chicago based emo/indie band Dowsing have premiered a music video for their song “I Don’t Even Care Anymore”. You can check it out below.

“I Don’t Even Care Anymore” is the title track from Dowsing’s latest album, which was released on August 13th, 2013 via Count Your Lucky Stars Records.