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DS Exclusive: Poor Me (Pop Punk/Hardcore) premiere “Sugarcane EP”

This one goes up to eleven… so crank it!

Dying Scene is busting out the Spinal Tap references, and bustling out the exclusive punk rock and roll premiere for Denver punk band Poor Me‘s new EP, Sugarcane. From bottom to top this riff-driven EP is guitar-heavy with dualing guitars from Nick Butler and Jason McWhinnie, and incorporates a powerful backbone, laid down by drummer Nick Chmel and bassist Mike Goyn, with calculatedly “woke” lyrics from front man Brett Delaney, channeling a Joey Cape-esque storytelling ability through his warm gravel voice.

Sugarcane is the third release from Poor Me, who managed to write and record the album between college courses and after work, touring and playing shows whenever they got the chance or days off. Mostly inspired by the daze and doldrums of uninspired systematic upbringing, and looking through the black and grey to “serve relentlessly the improvement of humanity’s condition,” heavy palm mutes and ripping leads curl through the dynamism of the bass, and gut wrenching screams corroborate with the frustrations of the day inherent in Delaney’s lyrical themes. Albeit we should all be wary of any conclusions drawn for he assures us “Mistakes can be made.”

From the band… “This record is inspired by a proliferating feeling that the world is getting harder to navigate morally. Falsities are acceptable as warrants for our beliefs, social issues are diluted and polarized until they are palatable for the ill-informed, and confidence in ourselves is replacing the competence of collaboration. As we negotiate circumstances in our lives, we have a plethora of sources to turn to for direction. We can gut-check the moment, or we can turn to science, philosophy, religion, government, our families, etc. — each has its limits, its agendas, but increasingly, a satisfaction with conversion rather than persuasion. Watching the world turn this direction is frustrating, but not surprising… the carrot and stick has always been this effective on the masses.”

Poor Me is self-releasing Sugarcane which will be available on August 14th but we have it for all you Dying Scenesters a full week early. The band plans to support this EP with a west coast tour, so be on the lookout for those dates coming in the near future. In the mean time, you can follow the figurative carrot and give the album a play below.

Poor Me streams two new tracks in advance of album release

Laramie punks Poor Me are just a week or so away from releasing their new album, Cosplay, and in the meantime they have released two singles to give you a sneak peek of what’s in store.  You can hear “Why Should I?” and “I’m No Superman” below.

As the track listing might suggest, Cosplay is a concept album, exploring the idea of heroism.  It will be available for release on December 15th.

Introducing New “Hardcore Pop Punk” Act: Poor Me (full album stream)

I love it when I come across new great sounding bands. Poor Me are a four-piece punk rock outfit from Laramie, WY and I’m having a really hard time describing their sound.  I’ll just tell you they describe themselves as “hardcore pop-punk” and they play upbeat melodic punk rock in the vein of Red City Radio, Civil War Rust, etc…. Maybe.  Anyway, they recently released an 8 song EP entitled “Readymade” and it kicks some serious ass.  I highly recommend you check it out here.