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Barcreeps stream album “Human Remains”, resume live shows after lineup change

London based melodic punks BarCreeps are streaming their album, “Human Remains”, via Dirty Sushi Records. The 10 song affair is the follow up to EP “Battle Axe,” which came out last year.

The guys recently have begun playing live shows again after a lineup change (swapping out bassists), and have reported good marks on their recent shows with Bombpops and Astpai!

Check out their album “Human Remains” below!

Astpai release video for “Wear And Tear”

Austria’s Astpai recently released album “True Capacity” via Jump Start – and they’ve made a video for a track from it, “Wear And Tear”. You can have a watch below.

The band tour the UK next month, alongside Harker. You can also check the dates out below.

Album Review: Astpai – “True Capacity”

Austria’s Astpai play punk rock with a healthy dose of Kid Dynamite snarl. It’s melodic, it’s loud, and most of all, it wants to be heard. Think of all those bands in the mid-aughties who started drawing on the melodic side of hardcore and post—Make Do And Mend, Title Fight, and Hostage Calm, to name a few—bands that took to the musicianship of Hot Water Music and Fugazi but kept their feet firmly in the world of traditional songwriting. Astpai is a step once more removed from those post-hardcore roots, but it’s hard for me not to think of them as kin. True Capacity is melodic punk that wants to hit hard, to give you all its got, and have you singing along with every word.

A more direct comparison for Astpai would be something like The Flatliners. They have a similar feel of heightened melodic punk, where they take from hardcore sounds but not structures. True Capacity opens with “Rotten Bait”—beginning with some soft arpeggios (oh—how I miss 2010) and going harder and louder with sharp guitar changes and gang vocals. “Lottery” follows up with a more mid-tempo stomper, the line “when it rains it always pours,” rising above the distortion.

“Best Years” is one of True Capacity’s highlights, with the memorable opening lyric, “My name rhymes with the mess I let you drown in.” Syncopated guitar notes add tension and highlight the fact that Astpai is aiming to do more than push their songs through the chord progression meat grinder. These little details pop up all over True Capacity, again, in “Best Years,” they finish with ethereal whoas; “Falling Trees” features some spidery lead work; and while these flourishes aren’t particularly groundbreaking, they help to keep the album from being a chug-fest.

The title track is the hardest of the bunch, opening with a fuzzed out bassline that sounds like something spat out of Hell. Accompanied by gravel-coated vocals, the track has a lean, mean hardcore feel that becomes almost full 90s post when the guitars come in. Like, total Quicksand shit. Venomous to the core, shaking with rage. It’s in stark contrast to the rest of the songs on the album, but it does stand out.

Astpai are good at what they do, and if you’re a devotee of this particular style, you’ll probably find a lot to dig. Here, there are songs with big choruses and competent arrangements delivered with an emotional range in line with what we expect from today’s melodic punk. True Capacity is a good album, but doesn’t do quite enough to push is boundaries and carve out its own identity in a pretty well-tread subgenre of modern punk to be great. That being said, there are moments on True Capacity that shine, and if you’re eager for more of the sounds you love, Astpai has the tracks and the chops.



Astpai release video for new track “Best Years”

Austria’s Astpai are to release a new LP on June 22nd. “True Capacity” is out on Jump Start and is the first music from the band since 2016’s EP “Run From Home”.  To mark the announcement of the album, the band have released a video for a track from it, “Best Years”.

You can watch the video and see upcoming tour dates below.

Get Better Records release “A Benefit Comp To Help Pay Medical Bills For Those Activists Fighting Against Fascism & Racism”

Get Better Records have put together an enormous compilation for a great cause. A Benefit Comp To Help Pay Medical Bills For Those Activists Fighting Against Fascism and Racism features a whopping 119 tracks of heavily politicised punk music from artists such as Anti-Flag, BOAK, ASTPAI, and many others spanning a massive selection of sub-genres.

For more information about the cause, and to have a listen to the full compilation, check below.





New Mental Health benefit compilation featuring the Murderburgers, ASTPAI and Lost Years

Scottish DIY label Struck Dum Records have just released their first of a yearly compilation series titled ‘Vol 1: Punks vs Depression‘. The album is available digitally as well as on a very limited CD!

The compilation features songs by bands such as The Murderburgers, The Kimberly Steaks, Lost Years, ASTPAI, Mike Moak (After the Fall) and many more.A lot of the songs are exclusive to the compilation!

100% of the compilation’s profits go directly to the SAMH who do great work in suicide prevention and assisting those with mental health issues back into the workplace!

You can stream the compilation below or buy it here.

Astpai streaming new EP ” Run From Home”

Austria’s Astpai are streaming their their new EP Run From Home in its entirety.

You can check it out below.

Run From Home was released April 15, 2016 via Ass-Card Records/ Jump Start. EP consists of 3 b-sides off their previous full-length, “Burden Calls.,” which was released in 2015. They are celebrating the release of “Run From Home” on a short trip throughout Central and Western Europe this month.

Astpai release music video for new song “Fainting,” announce European tour

Austria’s Astpai have premiered the music video for their song new “Fainting.”

You can watch it below.

Their “Run From Home” EP will be released in April through Ass-Card Records/ Jump Start Records. EP will consist of 3 b-sides off their previous full-length, “Burden Calls.,” which was released in 2015. They will be celebrating the release of “Run From Home” on a short trip throughout Central and Western Europe in April.

Astpai announces new EP “Run From Home”

Austria’s Astpai have announced a new EP coming out in April called “Run From Home.” The EP will consist of 3 b-sides off their previous full-length, “Burden Calls.” Ass-Card Records will handle the European release and in the US the release will go through Jump Start Records.

You can view the band’s statement on the EP as well as a video teaser for the upcoming EP below.

Lineup announced for first Might As Well Fest (Astpai, Going Away Party, Harker, and more)

The first ever Might As Well Fest is all set to take place on September 12th at The Macbeth in London.  The first wave of bands has been announced for the lineup, including Astpai, Break-Ups, Going Away Party, Harker, Hogwash, and Six Time Champion.

We’ll keep you updated as more bands are announced.  You can pick up tickets here.

ASTPAI announce small central European summer tour

Austrian punks ASTPAI have announced a few shows in central Europe this summer and you can check out the details below.

The group is also currently planning a September stint in the UK, we will keep you posted on that as more info becomes available.

ASTPAI announces European tour with Broadcaster & Timeshares

Austrian punks ASTPAI have announced a tour of Europe for May of this year. They will be joined on specific dates by Broadcaster and Timeshares. Check out the full list of dates below.

The band’s 2014 album Burden Calls was released in Europe through Ass Card Records and Jumpstart Records in the US.

Video: Astpai performs “Oxygen” in Static Session

While on their most recent US tour, Austrian punks Astpai stopped in Philadelphia to record a Static Session and you can check out a video of them performing their tune “Oxygen” for it below.

“Oxygen” appears on Astpai’s most recent full length, “Burden Calls”, that was released in August on Jump Start Records and Ass-Card Records.

Astpai announce European tour with 7 Years Bad Luck

Austrian punks Astpai and 7 Years Bad Luck are hitting up Austria, south-west Germany and Switzerland together for a quick run of tour dates.  Check out the schedule below or in the tour poster above.

Astpai put out their latest full length “Burden Calls” in 2014, accompanied by 140 shows and support tours for RX Bandits, A Wilhelm Scream, The Smith Street Band, Restorations and Only Crime.

7 Years Bad Luck recently released their new album “Bridges”.

Video: Astpai – “Careers” (Little Elephant Session)

Austrian punks Astpai have released an in-studio video performance of their song “Careers”. The track comes off of the band’s latest full-length album, Burden Calls, and you can check it out below.

Burden Calls was released in Europe on August 22, 2014 through Ass Card Records, and on September 23, 2014 via Jumpstart Records in the USA.