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The Playbook stream debut album “All I Am Is What You Left Behind”

Australian pop-punks The Playbook are currently streaming their debut album All I Am Is What You Left Behind via their Bandcamp page. You can listen in full below.

The album was released today, February 12th in Australia, and is the band’s first full-length project. Their last release was a self-titled EP in 2015. You can find our review of the album here.

Album Review: The Playbook – “All I Am Is What You Left Behind”

The Playbook are a fantastic but largely unknown pop-punk act from Melbourne, Australia, and tomorrow they will be releasing their debut album All I Am Is What You Left Behind. The band previously released a three track self-titled EP back in 2015 as their first release with vocalist Laura D’Urbano, featuring a new spin on their sound and some great steps forward for the band. Going into this debut album I was hoping this sound would further be developed and the album would be full of quality tracks like the EP, and it definitely didn’t let me down.

All I Am Is What You Left Behind shows musically The Playbook are growing, with a great catchy sound, fun up-tempo tracks, and some great lines peppered throughout. The themes of the album follow the general pop-punk flow of relationships lost and feeling out of place, but doesn’t feel obnoxious in doing so. The whole band providing backing vocals at times feels very nostalgic of late 2000’s pop-punk, and the layering of vocals on tracks like “Falling Short” and “Something To Live For” add a great element to the band’s sound.

An early track on the album, “Sleep State,” lights up the first half of the album beautifully. The track has a bitter and angry spark to it with some great rhythms leading to a very nice acoustic section, building into the always welcome gang vocals. Right on from here we go into “Regardless…”, a gentle acoustic track that serves as an opener for “Reach.” An incredibly strong section of the album building very well to the anthemic line “Regardless, you’re gutless” which just begs to be yelled out at a live show.

“The Law of Motion” has a wistful ballad aura around it, featuring cello and violin sections to create a nice lead up to the ending section of the album. The track transitions straight into the up-tempo “Visions Once Golden,” with a similar theme of loss but showing the more pop-punk side of the band. The track features great tempo and sonically some of the best sounds the band has made. Whilst The Playbook sit comfortably in the pop-punk genre lyrically, musically they infuse elements of melodic hardcore in similar to how bands such as The Story So Far or fellow Australians Trophy Eyes do in a very sonically pleasing way.

“Something To Live For” is a faster and harder track than most of the rest of the album, moving into that melodic hardcore leaning sound the band’s previous EP touched on. The track features a great dynamic between Laura D’Urbano’s ranged voice and some background yells. A very quick but effective track to lead into another slow builder in “Resolutions Like Fireworks.” The track name is amazing, and the song follows that quite well. The common theme of loss of love seems different on this track, much more sorrowful and self reflective, a permanent loss focused in on as opposed to a breakup. A moving song as the penultimate track on The Playbook’s debut album.

There’s still a lot of growth left in The Playbook, after getting a new vocalist it took a little while for them to find the direction they wanted to go in, but this album is a great sign of them finding just that. They’ve got a very solid pop-punk mixing with melodic hardcore sound on the album, with some stand-out impressive moments, and from here their sound needs to keep developing until they fully find their own unique place. All I Am Is What You Left Behind is set to drop tomorrow, February 12th, but you can listen to the singles “Reach,” “Locked Away,” and most recently “Visions Once Golden” below.

The Playbook release cover of “Macy’s Day Parade” by Green Day to raise money for The Heart Foundation

Australian pop-punks The Playbook are streaming an acoustic cover of the track “Macy’s Day Parade,” originally by Green Day. The track was released in order to raise money for The Heart Foundation in Australia. You can listen below, and if you can consider donating through Bandcamp here as all proceeds will go towards The Heart Foundation.

On the release the band has said: It’s far from polished, there are mistakes and off notes, but there is a reason behind our decision to put this online… Brent, one of our guitarists, had a heart transplant when he was a teenager. He doesn’t complain about it, however, the things that he goes through health wise every single day are absolutely mind blowing to the rest of us. Recently, Brent has been in hospital going through cardiac failure. Despite all of his best efforts, he is unable to come to Tasmania with us on The December Dates In Forgotten States Tour. As a result, we will now be playing these shows acoustically. We’ll be playing originals with a couple of covers thrown in, so thought this is how we would make the (very last minute) announcement. This cover will be online for only a short time and we will be giving any money donated by you guys for the track to the Heart Foundation to support them in all the brilliant work they do. This means a lot to us personally, so thank you in advance for checking out the cover!

The Playbook release music video for latest single “Locked Away”

Australian pop-punks The Playbook have premiered a music video for their brand new track “Locked Away.” You can watch it below.

“Locked Away” is taken from their upcoming album All I Am Is What You Left Behind, which is due out later this year. You can find the MV for their first single from the album, “Reach,” here.

Music Video: The Playbook – “Reach”

Australian pop-punks The Playbook have recently released a new single titled “Reach.” The band has also premiered a music video for the track, which you can watch below.

“Reach” is taken from their upcoming album All I Am Is What You Left Behind, which is due out later this year.

Free Music: The Playbook (Australian pop-punk) release new single “Reach”

Australian pop-punks The Playbook have released a new single titled “Reach”. It’s taken from their upcoming album All I Am Is What You Left Behind, which is due out later this year.

You can give the track a listen below, and download it for free on bandcamp.

The Playbook (melodic-punk, Aus) release new EP

Aussie pop-punkers The Playbook have released a self-titled EP to coincide with the end of 2015. Led for the first time on record by new vocalist Laura D’Ubarno, the release marks a slight change in direction for the group, breaking away from the emotional pop-punk sound of their previous release in favor of a more classic melodic-hardcore style. “The Playbook” features three tracks showcasing the band’s new outlook along with Laura’s vocal abilities and is certainly one for fans of Heart Sounds and Hot Water Music.

You can enjoy “The Playbook” for free below.

Free EP Download: The Playbook (Australian pop-punk) – “Time and Place”

Melbourne, Australia, five-piece pop-punk act The Playbook have offered up free downloads of their brand new EP, “Time and Place.” You can get yours here. Physical copies are available at the same link, but they’ll cost ya. Of course, you’d be supporting an up and coming band, so…

Anyway, The Playbook self-released “Time and Place” earlier this month.

Music Video: The Playbook (pop-punk from Melbourne) – “Cave In” (free download)

Melbourne based pop-punk act The Playbook have released a music video for their new single “Cave In”.  Give it a gander below and if you like what you hear its also available for free download.