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The Darlings announce live album

West coast rock/punk/bluesy band The Darlings have announced that they will be releasing a live album. Appropriately titled Live Attack, the album will featuring 14 live cuts from the band’s performance at The Slide Bar in Fullerton, CA on November 7, 2015.

The album will be released on September 30, 2016 via Hardline Entertainment. You can pre-order Live Attack here.

The Darlings’ last album of studio material was their 2014 album, Made Of Phantoms.

The Darlings debut new music video – “Mr. Morgan Crow”

West coast rock/punk/bluesy band The Darlings just put out a new music video for their song “Mr. Morgan Crow,” and you can see it in all its glory, below.

The song is an acoustic-type version from The Old House Sessions, which were recorded live in a 1920s historic home in Fullerton, California. The original track comes from the band’s 2014 album, Made Of Phantoms.

New Video: The Darlings – “Little Teenage Thing”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from The Darlings; much too long, in my opinion.

We might be a little slow on the uptake on this one, but today the LA-based punk rockers popped back on out trusty ol’ punk rock radar. They unveiled a trippy new video for the track “Little Teenage Thing.” Check it out below.

“Little Teenage Thing” appears on The Darlings’ latest album, “Made Of Phantoms,” which was released back in July 2014 and is available on iTunes right here.

Jim Lindberg in the studio recording an EP with new project Wraths

In a recent interview, Pennywise frontman Jim Lindberg revealed that he has been in the studio recording on an EP with his new band Wraths, which features Steve McCall from 1208, Chris Kranes from The Darlings and a drummer named Drew. Asked what people can expect to hear from the EP, Lindberg replied:

“Well, we just recorded it. [laughs] In fact, we have to talk about how it’s gonna look. In 2014, how you release music is extremely different than ten years ago and almost a year ago. These days, a lot of people just put it on Youtube [laughs], that’s all they have to do. If there’s any musicians out there, speaking of that, retaining the masters is a really good thing, you know? There was a time when you didn’t feel like you were legitimate unless you were on a record label, but these days, it’s very easy to get your music out there and you own the rights to it. That’s a really good thing for a musician when musicians have been shit upon for the last decade and a half with what’s going on in the digital world. That’s one of the good things when it comes to digital distribution of music. You can control all your rights and how you want to do things now instead of some Barney at the record label.”

No title or release date has been set for the EP, but we’ll keep you all posted as more details come to light.

Jason Cruz talks side project The Howl and balancing it with creation of a new Strung Out album

Jason Cruz and Howl – photo (c) Ursula Harris/Leo Snaps Photography

Jason Cruz is a burning the candle at both ends of late. In addition to his “day job” of putting the finishing touches on the music and artwork for Strung Out’s first studio album in five years, he also found the time to put out Good Man’s Ruin (April 29th via the band’s own Echotone Records), the debut full-length from his side project, Jason Cruz and Howl. But Howl is not your typical punk-rock-frontman side project…

Co-founded with Buddy Darling (The Darlings, guitar), Chris Stein (Saccharine Trust, bass) and Kris Comeaux (drums), Howl swaps out power chords and rapid-fire snare drum sounds for slide guitar, increased texture and groovier tones. The result is a dark, trippy, ‘spiritual’ album that tells of bad trips, lost hopes, pipe dreams and Indian curses (here’s our review).

Somewhere amidst the chaos, Cruz carved out a little time to chat with us about the not-your-average recording process for Good Man’s Ruin, the pitfalls of trying to balance two projects without going over-the-edge, and the goal of creating his own scene that harkens back to the Blue Note and SST Records days of yore. Check it out below, and be sure to catch Jason Cruz and Howl on tour with The Darlings and The Pullmen next month on the West Coast. Dates are here.

The Darlings detail new album “Made Of Phantoms”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from The Darlings, but the Los Angeles punks just announced they will release their 3rd album “Made of Phantoms” on July 30 with iTunes pre-orders launching July 11.

The album was produced by Andy Carpenter and The Darlings front man Buddy Darling and boasts special guests such as Jason Cruz from Strung Out and Jason Freese from Green Day.

The Darlings will support the new album via a summer west coast tour with Jason Cruz and Howl and the Pullmen starting July 16 in Ventura, CA. See dates below.

Hardline Entertainment releases free compilation (Authoirty Zero, Templeton Pek, The Darlings, etc)

Burgeoning Hermosa Beach independent record label Hardline Entertainment has announced the release of their semi-annual music sampler called Hardline Entertainment Music Comp 3, which features some pretty solid punk acts including Authority Zero, Templeton Pek, The Darlings, Nations Afire, Versus The World, Hoist The Colors and more.  Snag it for free download right here.

The Darlings working on new album; announce Japanese tour dates

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from The Darlings, but the Los Angeles punks just announced they have finished writing their next record and that they will begin recording it after playing a quick run of tour dates in Japan next month.

Click here to check out a full list of dates and locations the band will be playing.

We’ll keep you posted as more details surrounding The Darlings’ next album surface. Their last release was 2010’s “The New Escape.”

Free Comp Download: “Hardline Music Vol. 2” (Authority Zero, Versus The World & more)

Hardline Entertainment are giving away a free compilation featuring songs from Authority Zero, Versus The World (members of Ataris & Lagwagon), The Darlings, Death By Stereo, and a ton of other bands.

You can download it for free here.

Jason Cruz and Howl stream new song, post cover art

Jason Cruz and Howl are now streaming a new track, “Blue Jesus,” off their upcoming EP that will be released this July. They also posted the cover art (to the left). You can listen to the song on their ReverbNation profile.

The group is a side project of Jason Cruz of Strung Out and Buddy Darling of The Darlings.

6 more bands added to Warped Tour (The Darlings, The Jukebox Romantics…)

Warped Tour, which kicks off on June 16th in Salt Lake City, has announced 6 more bands to its growing lineup.

Included in this announcement are Ten Second Epic, Justina, The Jukebox Romantics, Cold Forty Three, The Darlings and We Are The Ocean. (Streetlight Manifesto was also announced to be playing, earlier this week).

As always, we’ll keep you updated on all lineup changes/additions for Warped Tour 2012, and for now, you can check out a list of dates and locations for Warped Tour 2012 right here.

Free Song Download: The Darlings – “Broken Heart Still Beating”

South Bay punkers The Darlings are offering a free download of their single “Broken Heart Still Beating” in exchange for a “like” of their Facebook page.

Head here and hit like for the free song download.

The tune comes off the band’s latest album “The New Escape.”

Fan makes “Occupy” themed music video for The Darlings song “Let’s Roll”

Some fan of Los Angeles, South Bay punkers The Darlings put together a really well made music video for the band’s song “Let’s Roll” featuring footage from the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Check it out here.

The tune comes off the band’s latest album “The New Escape.”

Music Video: The Darlings – “Broken Heart Still Beating”

Los Angeles, South Bay punkers The Darlings have just premiered the music video for their song “Broken Heart Still Beating” and you can check it out right here.

The tune comes off the band’s latest album “The New Escape.”

Album Review: The Darlings – “The New Escape”

You know when you go to a concert and don’t know who the opening band is, but are completely blown away by their awesomeness? That’s what happened when I saw The Darlings, who opened for Face To Face and Strung Out earlier this year. I knew right then and there that this was a band that I needed to hear more of, and that everyone else should know as well.

In this day and age of Pro Tools and produced-to-perfection albums, some bands end up sounding better on their studio album than they could ever hope to sound live. It has come to the point where it is almost surprising to find a band that sounds amazing live, because every band has the capacity to sound amazing on their album. The Darlings, on the other hand, have that certain magic when performing live, proving that their first full-length album, “The New Escape,” is not a product of Pro Tools but rather a reflection of the great musicians that make up The Darlings.

Blending the melody of rock and the speed of punk rock, The Darlings have a sound that channels punk staples such as Street Dogs and The Bouncing Souls. And I know, every band sounds like it has been influenced by countless other bands, but what sets The Darlings apart from many of these other bands is that they can draw from their influences, but avoid sounding like a direct imitation.

While some of the faster tracks like “Where Do We Go” and “Take Me Back” have a very melodic punk sound, these tracks are balanced out by tracks like “The Aggressor” and “American Dream,” which are much faster, less upbeat tracks. That’s really where The Darlings set themselves apart from other bands- each track on the album is distinct, proving that a band can have many influences, and does not need to be tied down to one sound in particular.

With the bluesy-country tinged track “Head Hunter” and the anthemic closing track, “Let’s Roll,” The Darlings manage to craft an album that will appeal to many different people, and will not get boring. It’s so rare to find a band that manages to sound this good and blend so many different styles, but The Darlings make it seem easy. If you have the chance, check them out live. If not, the album is a pretty close replica of what you can expect from the band live.