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Album Review: Knocked Loose – “A Different Shade of Blue”

Hardcore, for me, has always been relegated to the sidelines. I like hardcore just fine, and every once in a while I find something that truly resonates with me—but for the most part, hardcore is something I revisit a couple of times a year and them subsequently move on from. It’s powerful, adrenaline-pumping stuff, but I never really got the culture surrounding it, so I’ve always stayed at arm’s length, despite my dalliances. Knocked Loose are the sort of genre darlings that make waves big enough that even melodic punk folks like myself get to feel the ripple. Based on the buzz of the hivemind, these guys are huge and I should be paying attention; they’re bringing something to hardcore that is new, or they’re performing it with the intensity turned up a couple of notches. Maybe. I don’t know. I listen to Tragedy and Comeback Kid four times a year, so I have no idea what, if any of that, is true. But I do know their new album is A Different Shade of Blue, and that despite being somewhat unfamiliar with the tropes of the heavier side of the genre (continually thinking: isn’t hardcore supposed to sound like Minor Threat?), the music comes off as powerful, venomous stuff.

If I were to outline Knocked Loose’s sound I’d describe it as a focused cacophony. It’s wild and unhinged, noisy and loud—but with a strong sense of rhythmic hooks, both in their vocal lines and riffage. The songs are full of forward momentum and righteous rage, with jaw-dropping breakdowns (see: “Belleville”) that play with dissonance as much as melody. Not to say that Knocked Loose is a melodic hardcore band per se, but they know how to write a song and make it memorable, even in such an absurdly heavy, beatdown-influenced arena. 

Which is all the more impressive considering the rather narrow sonic range of the genre. Still, Knocked Loose manage to knock out chugger after chugger, swapping from groovy headbangers to high note dissonance to metallic riffing—all while maintaining the singular identities of their songs. “In the Walls” features all of these and more, all led by the throat-shredding scream of vocalist Bryan Garris, who may be the X-factor that propelled Knocked Loose to the top in the first place. Throughout the album, his vocals are unmistakably passionate. There’s been a shift in heavier genres in the last couple years that have strived to make screaming as sustainable and healthy as possible—the influence of vocal coaches and vocalists who want a career that lasts longer than a season. It’s a commendable drive—ultimately, no one should destroy their body for the sake of kids being able to hit each other in a pit—but oftentimes, the end result is a crisp, articulate noise devoid of the volatility of the noise it mimics. I don’t know if Garris is screaming healthily or not, but I do know that it sounds like he means every word that’s coming out of his mouth. And in hardcore, where authenticity is a currency, selling that intensity to your audience is paramount. 

A Different Shade of Blue is a sophomore album. And as a hardcore meerkat who pops out of his burrow just enough to know Code Orange Kids is now just Code Orange, I’m experiencing Knocked Loose for the very first time. What I’ve seen and heard is a band of incredible energy, playing heavy-ass music, and executing it with underrated creativity. Knocked Loose may not be the poet-bards of hardcore, but they’re not trying to be. This is a band trying to be nasty heavy—and shit, man, what can I say? They succeed. 



EP Review: Knocked Loose – ‘Mistakes Like Fractures’

Knocked Loose, the Kentucky based hardcore outfit, come screaming out the gates once more with a new 3 track EP; Mistakes Like Fractures. Heavy, dark, and embodying all the best of beatdown hardcore, these 8 and a half minutes are well worth your time.

The title track, which opens this short 3 song package, is this dark powerhouse of a hardcore track. From the chorus screaming out “Mistakes like fractures,” to an ominous breakdown in “I followed the rabbit, I found my fucking ending,” the track is put together so well. Transitioning from this track into the next, ‘Slings and Arrows,’ their sound attacks from all sides. In the modern era of hardcore, it can seem difficult for a band to find a sound both unique and yet still very much rooted in the genre, but Knocked Loose emanate this angry, loud, and emotional presence that really does stand out.

Ending off this short piece is what I’d consider the shiniest of the 3 diamonds gathered here. ‘All My Friends’ is a fun track to listen to, but doesn’t let go of that darkness, and the breakdown could be one of the best I’ve heard in quite a while. Evoking thoughts of Code Orange with the alarm-like shrill guitar breaking in at times, this track especially is sign of great things to come for one of the premiere modern hardcore bands. Knocked Loose kick some teeth in with this EP, and I can’t wait to see what the next album has in store for us.

Mistakes Like Fractures was released on April 4th, via Pure Noise Records. You can check out the EP below.


Knocked Loose release new song “Mistakes Like Fractures”

Kentucky hardcore band Knocked Loose have released a new song “Mistakes Like Fractures”, premiering the video via Revolver Magazine. The songs are taken from a forthcoming Pure Noise Records 7″.

The band are about to embark on European shows, including Slam Dunk and Groezrock festivals.

Check out the video with ther tour dates below.

Every Time I Die and Comeback Kid announce European Tour w/ Knocked Loose, Higher Power

New York’s Every Time I Die and Canadian hardcore punks Comeback Kid have announced they will be touring through Europe this November. You can find dates and locations below.

Joining them on tour will be Kentucky hardcore punks Knocked Loose and Leeds based hardcore outfit Higher Power. The tour kicks off in Newcastle, UK on November 11th, and finishes up in Manchester, UK on November 28th. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m. CET.

Knocked Loose release videos for “Billy No Mates” and “Counting Worms”

Kentucky hardcore punks Knocked Loose have just released a video for “Billy No Mates” and “Counting Worms,” both songs off of their debut album Laugh Tracks. According to vocalist Bryan Garris, “This is an idea we’ve wanted to come back to for a while now. We’re excited that we finally got to make it happen and show everyone. We hope you all like it!

The full length was released on September 16, 2016 via Pure Noise Records. 

Check out the videos below.

Everytime I Die announces US shows with Knocked Loose, Harm’s Way and Eternal Sleep

Metalcore legends Every Time I Die have announced that they will be joined on latest tour by Knocked Loose, Harm’s Way and Eternal Sleep. Starting February, 1st, 2017 and hitting over thirty cities across the US, the Low Teens Tour is surely one for any serious metalcore fans.

Check out the full list of dates on the tour poster below.

Music Video: Knocked Loose “Last Words”

Kentucky hardcore group Knocked Loose recently premiered a brand new music video for a new track called “Last Words.” This tune is one off of their latest album, Laugh Tracks. You can watch the video below.

Laugh Tracks is the band’s debut full-length. It was released on September 16th through Pure Noise Records and serves as a follow-up to their 2014 EP, Pop Culture. They will also be supporting Stick To Your Guns on their upcoming US and European tour. Check out the full list of dates and locations below.

Knocked Loose release new album “Laugh Tracks” (9/16)

The highly anticipated and long awaited debut album “Laugh Tracks” from Kentucky hardcore act Knocked Loose is finally here.

Released through Pure Noise Records, “Laugh Tracks” is available for purchase in digital format and in hard copy (CD and Vinyl). The band has also partnered with to stream the album in full here.

Knocked Loose is currently on tour in North America with Stick To Your Guns, Stray From The Path and Expire. Check out the tour dates below.

Knocked Loose stream new album in its entirety

Kentucky hardcore group Knocked Loose are streaming their upcoming new album Laugh Tracks in its entirety, and you can listen to it below.

Laugh Tacks is due for a September 16th release on Pure Noise Records. You can pre-order your digital copy here.

Knocked Loose stream new song “The Rain”

Kentucky hardcore group Knocked Loose just started streaming “The Rain”, a brand new song off their upcoming album “Laugh Tracks”, which you can check out below.

“Laugh Tacks” is due for a September 16th release on Pure Noise Records. You can pre-order your digital copy here.

Knocked Loose (hardcore) streaming new song – “Counting Worms”

Kentucky hardcore group Knocked Loose are now streaming their new track, “Counting Worms,” and you can listen to it below.

The song is off the band’s upcoming album, Laugh Tracks, which is due out next month (September 16th) on Pure Noise Records. You can pre-order your digital copy here.

Knocked Loose’s latest release is their 2015 split with Louisville hardcore band Damaged Goods.

Knocked Loose stream new song “Oblivions Peak”

Kentucky hardcore band Knocked Loose are streaming a new song called “Oblivions Peak.”

You can give it a listen below.

Oblivions Peak comes from the bands’ upcoming album Laugh Tracks, which is set to be released on September 16th via Pure Noise Records.

Knocked Loose To Release New Record “Laugh Tracks”

Kentucky hardcore band Knocked Loose is set to release their debut, full-length album entitled “Laugh Tracks” on September 16th via Pure Noise Records. In turn, the band has just premiered the music video for the album’s first single “Deadringer”. Fully equipped with 11 hard hitting, hardcore tunes, “Laugh Tracks” is now available for pre-order here.

The band is currently supporting the release of the album with a US tour, on the road with The Acacia Strain, Oceano, To The Wind and Culture Killer.

Watch the video for “Deadringer” and check out the band’s full US tour dates below.

Knocked Loose signs to Pure Noise Records

Kentucky hardcore act Knocked Loose has signed to Pure Noise Records, the label announced yesterday.

After the band formed in 2013, they released the Pop Culture EP in 2014 and a split with Louisville hardcore band Damaged Goods in 2015.

Music Video: Knocked Loose – “The Gospel”

Hardcore act Knocked Loose has just released a music video for “The Gospel.” Check it out below.

“The Gospel” is off the band’s most recent EP “Pop Culture” which was released June 3rd 2014.