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DS Photo Gallery: Bryan McPherson, Syndey Ducks, Blood or Whiskey, and Dropkick Murphys at The Warfield, SF

***sometimes stories get lost in the interweb – this is a photo gallery / review for a show back in November***

I caught the last end of Bryan McPherson‘s set because I was interviewing Blood or Whiskey, but what I was able to catch was amazing. Even though it was only one man, one guitar, and one voice, there might as well have been an orchestra behind him with the power he was belting out. Political, heartfelt, gritty, he had it all, or at least whatever we all look to in a punk singer-songwriter. He rips it. Classic Americana sound with his harmonica and acoustic guitar. It kind of seemed like Bryan McPherson was a weird choice to start the night, but when you actually sit back and think about it, it was a perfect fit. He’s got that same ‘thing’ that all the other bands have. This kind of working class, stick to your roots mentality. Maybe because it was election day I don’t know, but there was something that got the crowd hootin and hollerin and ready for the next band to take the stage, Syndey Ducks.

I had just seen Sydney Ducks a couple weeks before at the Pirates Press ‘Rock The Ship’ party, and it was awesome. I always get excited to see my local bands play locally. They always rock. They have that traditional, street sound that I really love. Front man puts on a great show, the bass lines are driving, it’s just good fuckin’ punk with amazing energy.

Blood or Whiskey was next to the stage, and despite the lack of familiarity with the group, fans got pretty damn rowdy and even made one of the largest circle pits I had seen at the Warfield. They killed it in my opinion. They mix a little bit more ska in their latest album, and they’re doing it good. The band ended with “Poxy Pub”, one of my favorites. I hadn’t seen these guys since 2009 at Rebellion (where they are an annual staple), and hearing “Poxy Pub” again live brought all the memories coming back. Expect to see more from these guys as they have been approved for a lengthy band visa, and on the heels of this Dropkick Murphys tour, I believe they will become a household name.

Have a look at all the shots from the night’s events below.

DS Photo Gallery: Pirates Press Records 9th Anniversary Show – Lenny Lashley, Custom Fit, Sydney Ducks, Harrington Saints, Street Dogs 11/1/13

Over the Halloween weekend, San Francisco-based Pirates Press Records celebrated their 9th anniversary with a couple of shows. The guys at the label sure know how to put on a party, and enlisted the help of some of their friends in Street Dogs, Harrington Saints, The Interrupters, The Ratchets, Druglords of The Avenue, and many, many more. Street Dogs headlined Friday and Saturday, with FM359 taking over duties on Sunday. Over the anniversary shows, 11 bands performed, and not one of them sucked. In fact, I even found a new favorite band in the form of Bishops Green.

Unfortunately I was only able to attend Friday night, however I did make it for Street Dogs set on Saturday, and the last song (“The Fighter”) performed by FM359 on Sunday. Friday night began with a little acoustic set from Lenny Lashley and he definitely set the mood. There was just this positive, celebratory energy that seemed to be flowing through the club.

After Lenny was Santa Cruz-based, female-fronted Custom Fit. The band sounded great, very clean – a particular moment that stands out was their kick-ass cover of Cock Sparrer’s “Teenage Heart”. I’m always bad at show reviews because for me once the music gets playing and the crowd starts dancing, it’s all a blur of good times. The weekend was definitely a streetpunk/Oi! event, and all vibes were jubilant.

Sydney Ducks was next to take the stage. The band recently released their new album, “Death Toll”, through Pirates Press, and focused heavily on that material for their set. Really dance-able, groovy punk (if that even makes sense). The band hails from San Francisco, and you definitely get that vibe. Downtown Struts guitarist Ben (who was performing Saturday night) filled in to help the Ducks out, and you couldn’t tell that he literally had a day to learn the entire set. Bravo sir.

The Harrington Saints are a band that I have had the privilege to see several times, and they never cease to please me. The guys recently released their “Singles Collection” EP and just returned from a little UK tour.

To round out the night’s performances was Street Dogs. Not much needs to be said about these guys that they haven;t already shown. Tough, melodic, evocative, and real, the Street Dogs are always a pleasure to see live. This show was a little unique as it was on the heels of the Red Sox’s World Series win, adding to the celebratory mood. The band played the normal staples, “Toby’s Got a Drinkin’ Problem”, “In Defense of Dorchester”, “Back to the World”, etc, and really got everyone excited for the next two nights to come.

You can check out shots from each of the night’s sets by clicking on their name. Lenny Lashley. Custom Fit. Sydney Ducks. Harrington Saints. Street Dogs.

New Music: Sydney Ducks (San Francisco street punk) – “A Little Bit Of Urban Rock”

For whatever reason, we haven’t brought you much in the way of music from San Francisco’s Sydney Ducks in the past. That’s over now, and you’re welcome.

The five-piece are streaming a new track called “A Little Bit Of Urban Rock.” It appears on their brand-new 7-inch, “Death Toll.” Check it out here.

“Death Toll” was released by Pirates Press and is currently available only on iTunes. We’ll keep you posted on a vinyl repress.