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Old Against Me reincarnated through Chicago punk act The Damn Tracks

If Against Me! had a second singer and written a different album instead of “As The Eternal Cowboy” it might have sounded a lot like The Damn Tracks‘ new release “Second City Is Burning.” The Chicago three piece has at least one singer that to me sounds a lot like early Laura Jane Grace (aka “Tom Gabel”) and the dynamic song writing of feels reminiscent of early Against Me as well. I’m only 4 tracks in but feel like I’ve stumbled onto a gem of an album. Join me in the discovery below!

The Damn Tracks (pop-punk) release “Feral Lives”

Chicago punks The Damn Tracks released their second full-length “Feral Lives” last week. I hate to bring up Larry Arms because it’s such an obvious comparison but there is definitely just a few drops of their influence in The Damn Tracks’ sound mixed in with straight-up rock n’ roll. You can stream the album below.

The Damn Track’s last release was a self-titled EP in 2015.

Full EP Stream: The Damn Tracks/We Dodge Missiles split

Chicago based punk rock n’ roll band the Damn Tracks and We Dodge Missiles have just released their new split EP. Check it out in its two song entirety below.

The Damn Tracks last released “On Tap” in early 2013.

Free Music : the Damn Tracks (punk rock n’ roll) – “On Tap”

Chicago based punk rock n’ roll band the Damn Tracks released there debut album earlier this year.

The album, entitled “On Tap”, is up for a pay what you will download on the groups bandcamp page.

You can check it out below.