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EP Review: Cobra Skulls – ‘Live at the BBC’

In late 2013, the world lost a great band when Cobra Skulls decided to call it quits. Fortunately, like all great artists, not even something like breaking up has stopped Cobra Skulls from putting out some new material. 2014 saw the band’s final studio recording in the form of “No Puede Mas” on the Red Scare Industries 10 Years of Your Dumb Bullshit compilation, and now 2015 has brought out Live at the BBC, a four song live recording to cap things off.

As a live album, there’s nothing unexpected here outside of being able to hear the sound level being brought down ever so slightly at the beginning of every track. These versions of “H.D.U.I. (Honorary Discharge Under the Influence)”, “Rebel Fate” (both off of 2009’s American Rubicon), and “Solastalgia” (from 2011’s Agitations) don’t vary much from their studio counterparts in terms of composition, although it is a treat to hear the new energy in Devin Peralta’s vocals (not to mention the raw screamed backing vocals by either Adam Beck or Tony Teixeira… I’m not certain when these songs were recorded). The EP ends with a cover of Blitz’s “New Age” that doesn’t stray far from the original but also manages to sound like it could have been a Cobra Skulls song.

Given that it’s made up of live cuts, Live at the BBC doesn’t make much of a case for being essential to Cobra Skulls fans in the same way that Red Scare’s compilation was essential for Cobra Skulls fans. However if you were to look at “No Puede Mas” as the band’s final chapter, then Live at the BBC can be seen as the tidy epilogue.

4 / 5

RIYL: Dead to Me, The Riot Before, Banner Pilot

Red Scare to release Cobra Skulls, Menzingers and Masked Intruder 7-inches for Record Store Day

Red Scare Industries has a few releases they’ll be churning out for Record Store Day.  I can’t write it up any better than Toby already has so I’ll just let you get the info straight from the source:

Red Scare has some neat 7″s comin’ at ya for RSD. YES, Record Store Day is silly, but in the spirit of “more hustlin’ and less hatin’”, we’re gonna be team players and take part in the festivities. Basically, it’s like this: it’s up to us to save the music industry and we have the three fuckin’ bands that are gonna do it. There’s The Menzingers “I Was Born“, Cobra Skulls “Live At The BBC“, and Masked Intruder “Incriminating Evidence: 2011 Demos“. Pretty great, right?

Here’s the funny part… so, long story short, the music industry have always been about a buncha dicks bullying the little guys. Record stores and chains have historically tried to strong-arm labels into giving them free shit and money in exchange for carrying their records, etc etc. Those were the days, right?!? Well, the mean record stores all went outta business and their shitty practices died with them. Except now the same assholes run Record Store Day! Cool story… where was I? Oh yeah, we made all these great 7″s for you guys but Trey Anastasio and Jethro Tull took up all the “official” RSD release slots, so TECHNICALLY the Zingers and ‘Truders 7″s come out April 14th, but they will be in stores the same time as the sacred Record Store Day stuff. I don’t fucking know, man, but these 7″s are pretty limited and pretty great, so get on it. As a special dealie for those who can’t get out to stores, we’re doing a bundle for all three releases with Interpunk. There’s only like 40 bundles though, so good luck with that.

As always, this stuff will be available in digital formats, so hit iTunes and whatnot. You can also visit our webstore too.

Shows added for Red Scare 10-Year Weekend (acoustic performances and surprise guests)

Red Scare Industries has announced a handful of side shows for their 10 year celebration weekend happening in Chicago over the weekend of October 24th. Looks like some pretty solid acoustic performances and a couple surprise guest appearances.  Check them out below.

Full Compilation Stream: Red Scare Industries – “10 Years Of Your Dumb Bullshit”

The long-awaited tenth anniversary compilation from the kind folks at Red Scare Industries is finally here. Released digitally yesterday, Red Scare Industries: 10 Years Of Your Dumb Bullshit is available to stream below (via Spotify, so make sure you’ve signed up for that). Do it…do it now.

As you should well be aware, the compilation features brand new songs from The LillingtonsCobra SkullsMasked IntruderThe FalconThe CopyrightsNothington, and many others. It’ll be released in physical form on September 23rd.

Red Scare to release 10th anniversary compilation ft. new songs from The Lillingtons, Cobra Skulls, Masked Intruder & more

The folks at Red Scare Industries have announced they will be releasing a new compilation titled Red Scare Industries: 10 Years Of Your Dumb Bullshit digitally on September 9th and physically on September 23rd. The 17-track comp, which is being released in celebration of the label’s 10th anniversary, will be feature brand new songs from The Lillingtons, Cobra Skulls, Masked Intruder, The Falcon, The Copyrights, Nothington, and many others.

Here’s what label owner Tobias Jeg had to say about the comp:

“So we’ve made a compilation to celebrate 10 years as a label, and as it says in the liner notes, it’s “like a mixtape that we made with love.” 17 new songs and they all get stuck in my head, so I think you guys are gonna enjoy this. It was a real a slap in the nuts to put it together, but I’m super, super happy with the finished product. I mean, look at those bands! As always, it’ll be available early through digital outlets (9/9/14), and we’ll be selling the CD early at our “Party Booth” at Riot Fest. The vinyl version will be available in time for the Red Scare 10th Anniversary Weekend in late October, so that’s also cool.”

The full tracklist for 10 Years Of Your Dumb Bullshit can be found below, and pre-orders can be placed on the label’s webstore.

In addition to releasing this compilation in celebration of their 10th anniversary, Red Scare will also be putting on a show at Chicago’s Metro on October 25th, and hosting a pre-party a month beforehand at the Knitting Factory in New York City.

Full Set Video: Cobra Skulls in San Francisco (December 19th, 2013)

After Cobra Skulls decided to call it quits we thought it fitting to give our readers a chance to see them live (sorta) one last time.  The Reno punk act played one of their last shows at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francicso last Thursday and we’ve got footage of the entire thing.  Check it out below.

Cobra Skulls released their third and final album “Agitations” in 2011 through Fat Wreck Chords, who also put out their “Eagle Eyes” 7-inch in 2012. Their last official release was a split 7-inch with Larry and His Flask, which came out in October on Asian Man Records.

Cobra Skulls call it a day

After recent rumors about Cobra Skulls planning to call it a day, the Reno punks have officially announced they will be throwing in the towel after playing their last four shows. Here’s the full statement, taken from the band’s website:

“This frosty month of December, 2013 marks eight years for Cobra Skulls playing shows! I am so proud of everything the band has done since its humble beginnings in Reno, NV. We have played with so many amazing bands all over the world, met so many wonderful people and have so many fond memories of our adventures in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. So, it is with some sadness that we are announcing we are no longer going to be doing Cobra Skulls. We have other interests and projects, musical and otherwise that we want to pursue and in order to focus on those aspects of our lives we feel it is best to let Cobra Skulls be and move on. There are so many people we will miss seeing on the road and there are so many people we’d like to thank for helping making Cobra Skulls a reality. Thanks most of all to the friends and fans who have come out to our shows and made them worth playing! We love you and hope to see you around!”

Details on the band’s last four shows (one of which is tonight at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco) can be found below.

Cobra Skulls released their third and final album “Agitations” in 2011 through Fat Wreck Chords, who also put out their “Eagle Eyes” 7-inch in 2012. Their last official release was a split 7-inch with Larry and His Flask, which came out in October on Asian Man Records.

Cobra Skulls semi-hiatus may become permanent

After being inactive for most of 2013 (aside from a small handful of shows including an appearance at The Fest), Cobra Skulls may be at their end. Front-man Devin Peralta revealed  in an interview with the San Francisco Gate that the future of the band is uncertain:

“I don’t know if we’ll not play shows for a year – or never again, […] But we have other projects we want to focus on, and sometimes it’s better not to do too much. That’s why we won’t be doing Cobra Skulls in the foreseeable future. […] We’ve been a band since 2005. That’s a long time for a punk band to exist.”

Cobra Skulls released their third (and possibly final) album, Agitations, on Fat Wreck Chords in 2011. They also released a three song EP, Eagle Eyes in 2012 (also on Fat) and released a split 7-inch with Larry and His Flask this past October via Asian Man Records.


Cobra Skulls to release split 7-inch w/ Larry and His Flask

Cobra Skulls and Larry and His Flask have announced plans to release a split 7-inch (cover art pictured above) sometime soon on Asian Man Records.

You can pre-order the record right here.

We’ll keep you posted as more details surrounding the split surface. Cobra Skulls last released “Eagle Eyes” in October, 2012 via Fat Wreck Chords and LAHF’s last release “By The Lamplight” came out in June on Xtra Mile Recordings.

Cobra Skulls announce fall tour dates

Cobra Skulls have announced a short run of fall tour dates they will be playing in addition to their previously announced Pre-Fest / Fest 12 appearances.

Dates and locations can be seen below.

The band last released a 7-inch entitled “Eagle Eyes” on October 9th via Fat Wreck Chords.

Solidarity Recordings streams “Our Lips Are Sealed – A Tribute To The Go Go’s”

The wonderful people at Solidarity Recordings are streaming their new Go Go’s tribute compilation “Our Lips Are Sealed” in its entirety.

You can check it out right here.

The comp features Go Go’s covers from Masked Intruder, Dan Vapid and The Cheats, Cobra Skulls, Vacation Bible School, and many other great bands. Head over to the Solidarity Recordings webstore if you’d like to pick up a copy of it.

Solidarity Recordings announces “Our Lips are Sealed – A Tribute to the Go-Go’s”

Solidarity Recordings has revealed the cover art, tracklist, and release date of their upcoming compilation “Our Lips are Sealed – A Tribute to the Go- Go’s.” The tribute will feature current stars of the pop punk scene, and is due out this spring. The label says:

“Solidarity Recordings is releasing a tribute record to celebrate the awesomeness that is The Go Go’s. Fourteen tracks of pop punk goodness via 12” Vinyl & CD. Out this spring via Solidarity Recordings”

“I’ve been working on this for a year now, have put a ton of time and energy into this. All the bands believed in this and were on board as much as I was, a super positive response. I love The Go Go’s, they deserved a pop punk tribute in my mind. Well here it is!”

Check out the tracklist here.

Cobra Skulls to “take it easy” in 2013

Cobra Skulls have announced that they’re going to be taking it easy for most of 2013, which translates to mean that the band will be mostly staying at home this year and not touring. They plan to spend most of the year “working and writing”, and imply in their announcement that they may or may not have a new album toward the end of the year. Here’s the band’s full statement, straight from their website:

Our big news for 2013 is that we’re going to take a break from touring this year! (Hey, that’s big news for a band like us) We’ll probably play a few west coast shows over the next few months, but don’t expect us too far from home any time soon. We love our fans and we love playing shows, but it’s time to write, work, write and work. If this sound like bad news, please consider prospect of a new album out by the end of the year to be good news. Wink, wink, and a nudge nudge. Only show we have coming up for sure is in Anaheim on Jan. 18th with Social Distortion. Hope to see you SoCalers there! Peace out.

Cobra Skulls released their Eagle Eyes EP in October 2012 via Fat Wreck Chords.

Random Cover Song: Cobra Skulls – “Subterranean Homesick Blues” (Bob Dylan cover)

Cover songs are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. We here at Dying Scene love hearing punk bands do their own take on other band’s songs. Sometimes they pull off amazing interpretations of old classics, sometimes they’re not much more than humble tributes to a fellow artist, and other times they’re just downright laughable renditions of otherwise great songs. Good or bad. Intriguing or mundane. We’ll let you be the judge.

Today we’ve got Reno, Nevada punk act Cobra Skulls  covering “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by folk hero Bob Dylan. It was originally released on Dylan’s 1965 album Bringing It All Back Home, while Cobra Skulls released their cover on the 2009 Under the Influence Vol. 6 split with Andrew Jackson Jihad on Suburban Home Records. Check it out here, along with the original.

Video: Cobra Skulls play “Eagle Eyes” 7-inch songs acoustic

Tony and Devin from Cobra Skulls met up with PunksInVegas to play all three songs (“Eagle Eyes”, “Walk Away, and “Internal War”) from their new “Eagle Eyes”  7-inch acoustically.  Check out a video of it here.

“Eagle Eyes” was released October 9th via Fat Wreck Chords.