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Atterkop (ska-punk) stream new album “Liber Abaci”

Bristol punk/hardcore/ska act Atterkop recently released their debut album “Liber Abaci” through Riot Ska Records and you can stream it to your heart’s delight below.

Atterkop (ska-punk) stream new track “If We Stop We Die” off upcoming debut album “Liber Abaci”

Bristol punk/hardcore/ska outfit, Atterkop have released the 2nd tune from their upcoming debut album “Liber Abaci”. The tune is called ‘If We Stop We Die” and its an “ode to activists and individuals who are striving to make this world a better place and will never relent.” Give it a listen below.

“Liber Abaci” is being released on 1st October 2016 on CD / LP / Tape / Digital across a number of labels and distros in Europe and North America.

Atterkop (ska-punk) release video for “Picket Fence” off upcoming album “Liber Abaci”

Bristol dub-punk act Atterkop have been working hard on their forthcoming debut album ‘Liber Abaci’, due out on October 1st via Riot Ska Records. Bringing together dub and hardcore punk influences with strong political themes Atterkop are unveiling their first new music since 2013’s self-titled EP.

“Picket Fence” is the first track off “Liber Abaci” and you can skank your brains out to it below.

Here is what the band had to say on the song and video:

“Picket Fence” was written back in 2014 when the estate that one of us live on in Bristol was targeted by the National Front/far right. They had armed them selves with spray paint and painted a vile slogan of racial hatred along the main road. Needless to say the graffiti was removed promptly. Bristol is a wonderfully diverse city and that is what makes it such a special place to live, and this behaviour will not be tolerated… and here we are 2 years on and our record is due for release soon and recently the estate has been targeted again. Only this time the houses of European nationals have been vandalised, destroyed and covered in 6 foot high graffiti saying “GO HOME” & “NOT WELCOME”.

Atterkop (dub-punk) to release new EP on Riot Ska Records, stream new songs

Bristol dub-punk act Atterkop are releasing their debut EP on February 21st.  The album will be put out in two formats both CD and cassette and is co-released between Riot Ska Records, Rodent Popsicle Records (USA), Unknown Records (CAN), Sniperhill Records (SWE), Uga Uga Tapes (GER) & Prejudice Me Records.

The EP compromises of 6 bass heavy skacore/punk tracks that discuss various issues such as the incarceration of animals in the entertainment industry, the abhorrence of the UK pharmaceutical industry, the importance of community spirt and more.

You can stream 3 songs from the release below.