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Music Video: Roger Miret and the Disasters – “JR”

If you’re into punk but also have a soft spot for classic country/western, this is the story for you. Roger Miret and the Disasters have posted released the video for their song “JR” from their most recent full length “Gotta Get Up Now.” The song is a break from the usual Disasters formula, featuring Miret plucking away at a hollowbody and singing in a style that is best suited for a jukebox in the corner of a truckstop dive bar. Check out the video and a short interview right here.

The band released “Gotta Get Up Now” earlier this year on People Like You Records.

Tour: Roger Miret and The Disasters hit the US East Coast in August

NYC’s Roger Miret and the Disasters have announced a brief tour of the United States’ East Coast this August – check out the dates right here. Stigma will be supporting on all dates. The band is supporting “Gotta Get Up Now” which was released earlier this year on People Like You Records.

Tour: Flatfoot 56 announces even more dates

It seems like we never get big tour announcements from Chicago celtic-punks. Rather, we get small show announcements every week. But hey, that’s okay, that’s okay.

The band has extended their tour well into the summer, with dates ranging from the East Coast to the Midwest to Europe. Find out if they’ll be near you by visiting their tour page.

They’ll be playing a ton of headlining shows, in addition to a variety of festivals. Joining them will be Roger Miret and The Disasters, Street Dogs, and the The Mahones, to name just a few.

The band recently re-released their 2010 album Black Thorn on special vinyl with bonus tracks, available exclusively in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. You can purchase that here. While you’re at it, check out a review of that album, from Dying Scene with love.

Interview: Roger Miret on being in two bands at once

Did you know Roger Miret has a day job? That’s right, in addition to fronting seminal NYHC band Agnostic Front as well as Roger Miret and the Disasters, he’s a certified electrician and Harley Davidson mechanic.

Miret talks about that in an interview where he also discusses the duality of playing in both of his bands, the weird dichotomy of punk fame, and what it’s like to be one of the remaining descendants of the early New York punk scene. Check out the whole thing over here.

Roger Miret and the Disasters released their most recent album, Gotta Get Up Now, January 25 on People Like You Records. Agnostic Front’s newest record is My Life My Way, which came out March 22 on Nuclear Blast.

Roger Miret & The Disasters post music video for “We’re Gonna Find A Way,” announce tour with Flatfoot 56

New York based Roger Miret and the Disasters have released the music video for the song “We’re Gonna Find A Way” off the band’s latest album “Gotta Get Up Now.”

The band also announced April tour dates with Chicago’s Flatfoot 56. Click here to watch the video and to see the full tour dates.

“Gotta Get Up Now” was released January 25th on People Like You Records.

Roger Miret and the Disasters streaming and discussing new release “Gotta Get Up Now”

AOL’s Noisecreep caught up with former Psychos bassist and Agnostic Front frontman Roger Miret for a track-by-track rundown of Roger Miret and the Disasters new release, “Gotta Get Up Now.”  The album was released this week through People Like You Records.

As an added bonus, AOL is streaming the album in its entirety here today.

Read Dying Scene’s review of the album here while you listen.

Album Review: Roger Miret and the Disasters – “Gotta Get Up Now”

Roger Miret has been a well know figure in punk rock for over thirty years. He started out as the bass player of The Psychos before taking over lead vocals in Agnostic Front, one of the most well known hardcore bands in the world and in 1999 he started Roger Miret and The Disasters.

Personally, I’ve never been much of a fan of the music that falls into the “hardcore” genre, (except for Gorilla Biscuits, Black Flag and Bad Brains) but I was exposed to a lot of it when I was younger. I had friends who listened to “hardcore” exclusively and they would always be playing it whenever we hung out and got drunk. Most of what they liked came from the New York scene so I’ve heard a lot of songs by Warzone, Madball, 25 ta Life and of course Agnostic Front but none of it really thrilled me. Sure there were songs here and there that I enjoyed but overall the hardcore scene wasn’t for me.

So, years later when a friend of mine told me that Roger Miret was singing for another band, I didn’t really care. But when I picked up the Hellcat Records compilation “Give ’em The Boot Volume 3” and saw that one of the group’s songs were on it, I gave it a listen. That first song that I heard was actually called “Give ’em The Boot”. It was good, the music was more street punk than hardcore but the song was not good enough to make me want to run out and buy the whole cd. Over the next few years, more Disasters songs showed up on the “Give ’em The boot” comps and each one was a little better than the previous one. I ended up going out and buying “My Riot” in ’06 and liked it quite a lot. So when this album, “Gotta Get Up Now” was announced I looked forward to hearing it. Now that I have the disc, I’ve gotta say, I was hoping for more.

I’m not saying that this album is bad, but I think it could have been better. There are several stand out tracks on “Gotta Get Up Now”.

The title track is a great song, it has some reggae influence and sounds a little bit like it could be a long lost Clash song.

“Faded” takes a different approach to the vocals, putting them more up front in the mix and Roger sings, more than snarls on this one.

“Road To Nowhere” has a great sing along chorus and musically sounds a bit different than the rest of the album. It sounds to me like you’re hearing the band play in a small club, or maybe practicing in a garage.

And the last song “JR” is a low-fi recorded country song. Roger has stated in an interview that he wrote it for his, then unborn son.

These songs, and a few others are very good but the rest of the album is just ok. Several of the songs start to blend together after you’ve heard them a few times and beyond that, they just aren’t all that original sounding. Like I said, “Gotta Get Up Now” is not a bad release, it’s alright and if you are a Roger Miret fan, I’m sure you will find some stuff on here that will please you. Personally I think “My Riot” is a much better album.

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Roger Miret and the Disasters post title track off upcoming album “Gotta Get Up Now”

Roger Miret and the Disasters have posted the title track off their upcoming album “Gotta Get Up Now”

You can listen to it right here.

Gotta Get Up Now will be released January 25th on People Like You Records.

Devil’s Brigade posts handful of tour dates

Matt Freeman’s (Rancid) project Devils Brigade is going to be busy for the first few months of this new year. We reported earlier that they are going to the UK this March. Now there are additional dates, including a California tour with Roger Miret & the Disasters, and a short (3-date) tour in Italy. Check the dates here.

Devils Brigade’s self-titled debut album was released last summer on Hellcat Records.

Roger Miret and the Disasters streaming “Outcast Youth”

Roger Miret and the Disasters are streaming a new song from their upcoming album, “Gotta Get Up Now.” The Agnostic Front frontman and his side project released the track “Outcast Youth” today.

Check the song out here. “Gotta Get Up Now” will be released January 25 on People Like You Records.

DS Exclusive: Roger Miret and The Disasters discuss their roots, recordings and NYHC

So that jolly fat man should have given you all some wicked shit for Christmas and now we at Dying Scene are bringing you something awesome to read.  Roger Miret, who is the front man from seminal hardcore band Agnostic Front, recently sat down with Dying Scene to talk about his other project, Roger Miret and The Disasters.   We talked about what drives the man and his music and you can read all about it here.

Roger Miret & the Disasters planning West Coast tour

New York based Roger Miret and the Disasters will be headed toward the Pacific in February to support their upcoming release Gotta Get Up Now. Right now there are only four dates, but given how they are spread out, there might be room for more shows.

Gotta Get Up Now will be released January 25th on People Like You Records.

New Song: “Stand Up And Fight” off upcoming Roger Miret And The Disasters album

Roger Miret and the Disasters has premiered a brand new song titled “Stand Up And Fight” and you can check it out right here.  The song will appear on the band’s upcoming album, “Gotta Get Up Now”, due out on January 25, 2011 via People Like You Records.

The New York City-based based punk rock band is fronted by Roger Miret from Agnostic Front.

Interview: Roger Miret of Agnostic Front talks new album, roots and DC “Incident”.

Roger Miret of Agnostic Front and The Disasters recently spoke with Real Punk Radio program Loud Fast and Shitty about the new Agnostic Front recording that is currently underway at Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida.

The fourteen track offering will be entitled “My life, My way” and is due to be released on Nuclear Blast Records in March 2011. Miret declares the new disc will be the greatest Agnostic Front offering ever. Expect Anthems, Sing-A-Longs and elements from all of the records from their long and storied career.

Included on the release will be a song to be sung entirely in Spanish, which until now, had only been heard on B-sides which were only released in South America. Miret also said that he hopes to include a track from fellow New Yorker’s, The Ramones, but still is awaiting permission to include it. As Miret puts it, “It is New York, giving back to New York”.

At the time of the interview, Roger had reportedly completed 10 of the 14 songs on vocals and guitarist Vinnie Stigma still needed to record his guitar solos and over-dubs. “My life, My Way” is being recorded by Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse) and produced by Miret’s younger half-brother, Freddy Cricien.

The choice to include Freddy as producer was a no-brainer for Miret. Not only did the Madball frontman produce the 2007 AF record, “Warriors”, he has been a part of the Agnostic Front entourage since the tender young age of 7, when he used to sing with the band in seedy New York clubs until 4AM.

Also in the interview, Roger details growing up, wrenching on cars in his step-father’s service station and eventually moving on to building custom made motorcycles after graduating the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando in 1994. Miret turned down an opportunity to work alongside Monster Garage’s Jesse James due to not wanting to leave his family in New York. Miret eventually became jaded by the “yuppies” that took over the custom bike industry and returned his focus to customizing cars and finally starting his own car club called, The Rumblers, that now boasts over 40 members and includes seven different chapters.

The discussion turned to the recent death of Ali Ahmed Mohammed, the man who was beaten to death after an Agnostic Front show for allegedly throwing a brick through the front window of the DC9 niteclub in Washington DC. Miret declares that it was “Tragic. Someone lost their life”. The incident happened three hours after the show had ended and well after the band had already packed up and left the venue. The five employees who were eventually charged in the death of Mohammed were described by Miret as “gentlemen” and “gentile and polite” but he went on to say that sometimes, “the nerdiest, weirdest and quietest person can be the baddest mother fucker in the crowd.”

Miret went on to say that it was an unfortunate event, marred by the fact that it was “probably the best show in a decade. Maybe two. Everybody inside the DC9 club was a part of the show, and they couldn’t help but be (involved). It was incredible.”

To hear the entire interview, visit Episode #80. The show broadcasts LIVE every Sunday night from 8-10PM on

Roger Miret and the Disasters set release date for “Gotta Get Up Now”

Roger Miret and the Disasters, will release its fourth album, “Gotta Get Up Now”, on January 25, 2011 via People Like You Records.  The CD, which is described in a press release as “the band’s most defining release to date. . . the culmination of punk, reggae, pub rock and hardcore influences teamed with a renewed energy and teeth,” was produced by former Disasters and current Street Dogs member Johnny Rioux.

A track from “Gotta Get Up Now” entitled “We’re Gonna Find a Way” is available for streaming on the Roger Miret and the Disasters MySpace page. The song is said to be “a code of ethics set to music.”

The New York City-based based punk rock band features Roger Miret from Agnostic Front.