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Punk Rock Bowling Vegas: Night Two – Anti-Nowhere League, Leftover Crack, The Briefs, Lower Class Brats

Saturday after FLAG‘s set, there was little time to relax before the incredible list of club shows was underway. I ran my ass off Saturday night, catching four bands at three different venues. It was better this year though, with the removal of The Bunkhouse as one of the venues because that place is far away from the rest of the activities. Backstage Bar and Billiards, Las Vegas Country Saloon, and Fremont Country Club were among the list, and if the Beauty Bar had their shit together, I would have added Agent Orange to the list.

First on the list of club shows was Lower Class Brats. I missed their pool party earlier in the day due to bowling activities, and it had been years since I had seen the psychos, so I was super excited to get to LVCS in time to catch the beginning of their set. I was on quite the time constraint due to other shows happening at the same time, so I felt like Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s – squeezing in as much as I could in the time I had. This effort also made it so I missed LCB’s performance of “Psycho”, one of my favorites. You can’t be everywhere at once, and although I missed that song, I was front and center for Leftover Crack’s “Gang Control” – any song that says “Fuck The Police” is alright in my book.

Leftover Crack is one of those bands that’s in the same group as Subhumans or Descendents for me. I have to manage my time between shooting, singing, and thrashing, which I often don’t have the opportunity to do all three. This is the exception, as I was able to drop the gear for a bit and swing around. Lately, Stza and crew has been adding keyboard to their live performances, with Scott taking breaks to figure out the keys. Additionally, the last two times I’ve seen them there has been guest female vocals which adds a different element to their trademark sound.

Alas, I reluctantly left the LOC concert to make it to The Briefs, of which I missed the first three songs. Thankfully, the security at Backstage Bar was pretty cool and let me shoot for a little bit anyway. I’m glad they did because the band is just so animated when they perform. “I’m poor and I’m weird baby, you got no time for me”. I love The Briefs’ sound and style and I just wish they would put out more new material.

The final band on my list for the night was the incredible, long-lasting Anti-Nowhere League. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think Animal has found the fountain of youth because over the years as well all get more wrinkles and scars, it seems like he is getting younger and more youthful. We need to figure out his secret. ANWL was a band that was crucial in my punk upbringing and it’s a band that never disappoints. It’s a ‘no-frills’ approach to their music and style that sets them apart from other UK bands of the same era and I see no end in sight for these old punks.

Have a look at all the photos from Saturday’s club shows below, and stay tuned for more photos from Punk Rock Bowling Las Vegas in the following days.


Anti-Nowhere League announce new album “The Cage,” announces tour dates

Anti-Nowhere League has put up their new album “The Cage” for pre-order (which you can do here) in addition to announcing a fairly expansive world tour. You can check out those dates below.

“The Cage” is set to be released May 13th by Cleopatra Records and follows up ANL’s “Road To Rampton” in 2007.

Headliners are confirmed for Undercover Festival (UK)

The Undercover Festival, which takes place in Surrey, England, over 3 days in September, has just finalized their list of headliners for the 2015 shows.  This year, you can catch Anti-Nowhere League, UK SubsThe Damned, and Penetration as headliners, plus a slew of other punk, ska, dub, and reggae bands.

You can order tickets and find more info here.

Videos: Dwarves, Anti-Nowhere League, and Slackers at Punk Rock Bowling 2014

Whether or not you were able to make the trip to Vegas this year for PRB, you can relive the magic by watching live videos of the performances!

Our friends over at Felony Records did an awesome job capturing many of the sets at this year’s Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival in Las Vegas. Check out videos of The Dwarves, Anti-Nowhere League, and The Slackers below!

Photo Gallery: Punk Rock Bowling Day One – The Generators, Devils Brigade, The Slackers, Anti-Nowhere League, Cock Sparrer and more

Day one of Punk Rock Bowling was rather heavy on the old English scene. No complaints here – with bands like Angelic Upstarts, Anti-Nowhere League, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, and Cock Sparrer, fucking Cock Sparrer…how could you go wrong? The afternoon, though began with some relatively local blood – The Gashers, Black Market Syndicate, The Generators, and Devil’s Brigade ripped it up in the Vegas sun before the ‘British Invasion’.

Due to bowling constraints and proper festival prepping, DS didn’t arrive to the fest until The Generators’ set, however you can view some shots of the opening bands from our friends over at PunksInVegas.

LA punks The Generators ripped through their set, showing their years of experience through an energetic stage presence. The band is fresh off their latest release, “Life Gives – Life Takes”, and they show no signs of slowing down. Next came Devil’s Brigade, and as most Rancid fans can attest, it’s always exciting to see Matt Freeman take over vocal duties for a song or two – front and center and looking like he’s having the time of his life.

The rest of the bands to take the stage were no spring chickens, but you wouldn’t be able to tell after their performances. PTTB really did nice job of transitioning from that West Coast sound to that ‘old school punk’. Angelic Upstarts have been one of my favorite bands since my teens, and it was great to finally see them on American soil (I had previously seen them in England years ago). The interjection of The Slackers I found to be brilliant. Get everyone riled up and then, as the sun is disappearing and the temperature is becoming bearable, throw in some ska. This is not just any ska though – this is The Slackers. If Neville Staple, Desmond Dekker, or Tommy McCook were in the audience there’s no doubt they would be nodding their head in approval in between skanking.

Bring Anti-Nowhere League to the stage and you know things are going to get rowdy. I’ve been a fan of ANWL for awhile, and I found it interesting that Nick “Animal” Culmer looks younger today than he did back in 2009 when I first saw them live. Maybe it’s the English sun that keeps him looking youthful…

Anyway, the headliner for the first night of PRB 2014 was the legendary Cock Sparrer, who’s merch stand (along with Pirates Press Records) was packed the entire night with fans trying their best to get previously never seen tour gear. People travel far and near to witness the aging Cock Sparrer, who still sings songs about “What’s It Like To Be Old” and “Because You’re Young”, and clearly loves every minute of being on stage. Colin, Daryl, Mick, and the Steves have amazing stage presence, and they truly know how to get the house behind them. I’ve never seen a Sparrer show that I didn’t love.

You can check out the entire photo gallery of the bands that performed at day one of Punk Rock Bowling below.

It’s always difficult to balance hanging with friends, eating, drinking, photographing, and doing all else that is involved with a multi-day music festival, and as the main stage festivities finished up, I scurried back to my room to ‘hydrate’ and get ready for the Judge/H2O club show at the Country Saloon which was moments away.

Anti-Nowhere League announce US spring tour

Legendary English punk rockers Anti-Nowhere League are making their way through the U.S. this spring. Joining them on select dates will be Cro-Mags, T.S.O.L., and Riverboat Gamblers.

You can find details on when and where the band will be stopping below below.

Anti-Nowhere League last released “The Road to Rampton” in 2007 through Plastic Head Records.