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Old Man Coyote (Punk rock n’ roll) release new EP “The Sick World Of Sane People”

German punk rock n’ rollers Old Man Coyote have just released a new EP “The Sick World Of Sane People.” You can stream the EP below.

Introducing Garage Punk Act: Old Man Coyote (free EP)

Germany is fucking amazing. I mean, great cars, awesome beers and on top of that, rad punk rock bands. In my opinion, Old Man Coyote is one of those bands. They’re a 4-piece German outfit with a catchy addictive garage/punk’n roll sound. The band is currently streaming and offering as a free download their latest EP entitled “Atomic Tea Time”. As a comparison, I would say that they sound like a freshly blended mix of Gasoline Kills and Bet Your Life.  Give them a listen here (favorite song: “Nuclear Party”).