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Stray Bullets, Duck and Cover, The Warning Shots and Blood Stained Brindle stream four way split “They Came From Boston – Vol. 1”

Stray Bullets, Duck and Cover, The Warning Shots and Blood Strained Brindle have teamed up to release a mini compilation/four way split They Came From Boston, Vol. 1. Each of the bands have contributed three tracks to the release and you can listen to the whole thing below. Enjoy!

They Came From Boston, Vol. 1 was officially released via State Line Records and you can snag yourself the LP version right here.

State Line Records releases “They Came From Boston Volume 1”

Boston’s State Line Records has released a 12-track compilation called They Came from Boston, Volume 1.  The comp features three tracks each from 4 Boston-based bands: Stray Bullets, The Warning ShotsDuck & Cover and  oi! band Blood Stained Brindle.  You can stream it below.

State Line Records is owned by The Warning Shots’ singer Mark Lind, who you also know as the bassist/vocalist of Boston punk band The Ducky Boys.  Stray Bullets most recently released Ghost Town Rockers on our very own Dying Scene Records.  You can find Blood Stained Brindle’s debut Red Shield EP here, and you can check out Duck & Cover’s discography here.

If you like what you hear on the comp, you can download a copy or purchase a hardcopy vinyl here.  Hopefully the fact that this is listed as Volume 1 means that there’s more comps to come from this label.

New Music: Stray Bullets (Boston punk) – “Already Dead”

Boston-based ska-infused punk act Stray Bullets have unveiled a brand new track to help ease the end-of-summer doldrums. It’s called “Already Dead,” and you can check it out below.

“Already Dead” is, as of now, a standalone track that was recorded a while back and just never released until now. We’ll keep you posted on any new more new music from Stray Bullets as it comes down the ‘Pike. Their last full length, “Ghost Town Rockers,” was released back in 2014 via the sexy bitches known as Dying Scene Records.

Boston comedian releases compilation to raise money for local animal shelter

If you live in the Boston area, chances are you’ve heard the saga of Mr. Spaghetti, the (fictional) dog owned by a (fictional) punk fan who loves to troll Facebook and insists that Anti-Flag is from Boston.  Even if you aren’t from the area, you may have heard this story, which made national headlines when local punk and hardcore fans flooded the Boston transportation authority’s website to induce them to name their new police dog Mr. Spaghetti.

You can’t make this stuff up, but now something good is coming out of this, besides the inside joke in the punk rock community and lots of confusion from normal people.  Dicky Stock, a local comedian and the creator/instigator of all of the shenanigans, decided to use the story to raise some funds for real, non-fictional animals in need.  Stock released a compilation called Friends of Spaghetti Vol. 1, which you can listen to below.  You can also buy it here for $6, and all proceeds will be donated to the Pembroke Animal Shelter.

The comp features tracks from Boston bands like Stray BulletsRebuilder, and Dead Trains.

DS Records comp features new tracks from Stray Bullets, Ellesmere, A Dying Regime, & Yankee Brutal

When I was younger one of the pivotal releases responsible for getting me obsessed with punk rock was the first Fat Wreck Chords compilation, “Fat Music For Fat People”.  It introduced me to a bunch of bands that I still cherish today and though I became quite familiar with the label’s roster afterward, I would still eagerly await each new Fat comp simply for the few previously unreleased tracks they would inevitably feature.

Sadly, that tradition sorta fizzled away, but as an homage to the glory days of “Fat Music For Fat People”, “Punk O Rama” and the rest of those fantastic label comps put out in the 90’s it is my distinct pleasure to bring you “Dying Music For A Dying Scene”, the first Dying Scene Records compilation.

It includes 2 tracks from each band on the label including brand new, previously unreleased tunes from Stray Bullets, Ellesmere, A Dying Regime and Yankee Brutal.  Oh, and did I mention its FREE?

Please give the comp a listen below and download it for free on bandcamp.

photo on album cover art by Lauren Cohen (Houston, TX).

Free Punk Compilation: “Shitters Full” (Stray Bullets, Strike Twelves, Ellesmere, etc)

Compilations are a great way to discover new punk bands and Dagger Sight Records has just released a fantastic one for free download.  It’s titled “Shitter’s Full” and it features 24 of today’s best up and coming skate-punk, ska-punk, melodic-punk and hardcore-punk acts (3 of them are Dying Scene Records bands!).

Give it a listen below and if you like what you hear download this bad boy for free on bandcamp.

The Warning Shots stream two tracks from upcoming “Volume 2” EP; announce split with Stray Bullets

We’ve got a couple stories from Boston-area punks The Warning Shots gift-wrapped into one tidy little package for you this Hump Day evening.

First and foremost, the band are streaming two new tracks from their upcoming EP, “Volume 2.” They’re called “Make Your Move” and “Your Lost Faith,” and you can check them out here. Not presently streaming but also featured on the EP is The Warning Shots’ cover of Rancid’s Brad Logan! If you’re so inclined, you can pre-order the digital EP at the same link. “Volume 2” is due out March 3rd via Warning Shots frontman Mark Lind (Ducky Boys, Sinners & Saints) and his State Line Records label.

Meanwhile, plans are coming together for an upcoming split 7-inch with fellow Boston punks (and Dying Scene Records‘s own) Stray Bullets. According to posts on their respective Facebook pages, both bands have the songs for their forthcoming release written and are slated to hit the studio to record them in the very near future. Stay tuned!

The Warning Shots’ last EP, “Six To Midnight,” was released back in 2013, also on State Line.


Stray Bullets running “Black Friday Sale” on new album “Ghost Town Rockers” to raise money for a good cause

Boston’s ska infused punk act Stray Bullets are running a special “Black Friday Sale” on their new album “Ghost Town Rockers” in which 100% of the proceeds will be used to provide warm clothes to the homeless.  Read what the band has to say about it below and purchase/stream the album on bandcamp.

Ok, check it out: Earlier this month, the City of Boston closed the Long Island Bridge, the only means of connecting Long Island to the mainland. Long Island is the home to over 20 social service programs, including a homeless shelter. What this means is that that this not only leaves over 400 homeless people out in the cold this winter, but also denies staff access to anything and everything on the island that could in any way help these people. So here’s the pitch: from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, we’re selling our new record for 43% ON…what’s 43% on mean, you ask? What this means, is that our album, which normally goes for $7, will be $10, for FOUR DAYS ONLY! ACT NOW! What this also means is that 100% OF SALES OVER THESE FOUR DAYS WILL GO TOWARDS PURCHASING NEW WARM SOCKS, HATS, COATS, AND GLOVES FOR THIS NEWLY DISPLACED HOMELESS POPULATION. Our label, Dying Scene Records (who are lovely for letting us do this), suggested selling the album for $5 in order to generate sales, but we decided that due to our general feelings about Black Friday’s consumerist crap culture, as well as our questionable faith in humanity, we would up the price instead. So, while you’re camped out outside Walmart waiting on that flat screen TV shoddily built by child labor that doesn’t have all its parts, or between fistfights at Toys’R’Us over that last Dayglo Barbie, click the link and buy a copy (hell, buy two) of our album. Already own it? Give it as a gift. And please, share this post. After all, this is the season of giving, right?

Happy Holidays, stay warm out there.

Stray Bullets

“Ghost Town Rockers” was released last month by the sexy bitches at Dying Scene Records.

Stray Bullets (Dying Scene Records) premiere music video for “Knife For The Pusherman”

Boston’s ska infused punk act Stray Bullets have premiered a music video for the first song off their new album “Ghost Town Rockers.”  The track is titled “Knife For The Pusherman,” and singer Jon Cauztik explains a bit about its inspiration and the making of the video:

“So, full disclosure, this isn’t a “new” song, per se…I wrote it around the time that Stray Bullets were sort of in the process of breaking up like ten or so years ago…the backstory is that I worked as a bike messenger for a long time, and on one of my daily routes I would see this scummy looking dude who hung out down the block from this methadone clinic near North Station and would deal to the addicts who were heading there trying to get clean…gotta admire his business acumen, but the fact that he was preying on these people and exploiting their weaknesses always disgusted me every time I saw him…like many of us, I’ve lost people to addiction, and in my mind he sort of became the scapegoat for all of that, so I started hatching a plan to roll up to him under the guise of copping, and then stab him…luckily for both of us, I came around to the realization that getting rid of one shitty drug dealer wasn’t gonna fix the problem, so premeditated murder became this song instead.

We shot the video over a couple of days in the beginning of August…my old high school friend Shane, who works as a filmmaker in New York, drove up for the weekend and shot and directed it (and edited, and edited, and edited)…we enlisted our friend Richie, my wife Becky, and our boys Derek, Adam, Tanzi, and Kory from the awesome punk band OC45 as actors, and shot the narrative stuff all around downtown Boston…my buddy and former coworker Brian Fresh gaff taped a couple of GoPros to his bike to film the traffic scenes…interesting bit of trivia, while we were shooting the throat cutting scene behind my old office in Chinatown, a dude rode by and asked us if we were recreating the murder that happened in that alley a couple of nights before…so there you have it, Knife For The Pusherman.”

Watch the video below.

“Ghost Town Rockers” was released last week though our very own Dying Scene Records and you can stream the entire thing on Bandcamp.

Stray Bullets (Dying Scene Records) stream new album “Ghost Town Rockers”

Boston’s ska infused punk act Stray Bullets have released their Dying Scene Records debut album “Ghost Town Rockers” today and let me just say, it kicks some serious ass.  But don’t take my word for it, stream the entire album below!

If you dig what you hear head over to the DS Records bandcamp to purchase the album (proceeds will help fund a vinyl release).

Stray Bullets (Dying Scene Records) debut new song “Sirens” off upcoming album “Ghost Town Rockers”

Boston’s ska infused punk act Stray Bullets will be releasing their Dying Scene Records debut album “Ghost Town Rockers” next week and to get you fired up we’re premiering another new track from the stellar release.  Give “Sirens” a listen below.

“Ghost Town Rockers” is due out October 7th.  You can pre-order the album (and steam four previously released tracks from it) on the DS Records bandcamp.

Ska-punk act Stray Bullets (DS Records) premiere “Campesino Blood” off upcoming album “Ghost Town Rockers”

Boston’s ska infused punk act Stray Bullets have premiered a brand new track off their upcoming album “Ghost Town Rockers”.  It’s called “Campesino Blood” and you can stream it over at ForTheLoveOfPunk while you read an educational message from singer Jon Cauztik about the song’s inspiration.

“Ghost Town Rockers” is slated to be released October 7th by the handsome devils at Dying Scene Records (that’s us!).  You can pre-order the album (and steam three previously released tracks from it) on the DS Records bandcamp.

Stray Bullets (Boston ska-punk) premiere “Parallels” off upcoming album “Ghost Town Rockers”

Boston’s ska infused punk act Stray Bullets have premiered a brand new track off their upcoming album “Ghost Town Rockers”.  It’s called “Parallels” and you can stream it over at NewNoiseMagazine while you read an educational message singer Jon Cauztik about the song’s inspiration.

“Ghost Town Rockers” is slated to be released October 7th by the handsome devils at Dying Scene Records (that’s us!).  You can pre-order the album (and steam two previously released tracks from it) on the DS Records bandcamp.

Stray Bullets (Dying Scene Records) stream new song “New Prisons”

As you may know, we recently signed Bostonian ska infused punk act Stray Bullets to our label Dying Scene Records.  If you didn’t actually hear about that, well, we’re releasing their new full-length Ghost Town Rockers on October 7th!

Head over to Punknews to give a new track from the record titled “New Prisons” a listen, and be sure to pre-order the album from our Bandcamp page if you like what you hear – another awesome song can be heard there!

Dying Scene Records signs Boston ska-punk act Stray Bullets, streams first single off upcoming album “Ghost Town Rockers”

Dying Scene Records is beyond fired up to announce the signing of Boston’s ska infused punk rock act Stray Bullets.  On October 7th we will have the distinct pleasure of releasing their new full-length “Ghost Town Rockers” and if you dig ska-punk in the vein of Operation Ivy (or more recently Have Nots), then I promise you are going to LOVE this album.

For those of you not in the know, Stray Bullets is fronted by Jon Cauztik of Have Nots fame and if you’re familiar with either band you’ll know his lyrics are often politically charged and his songs as thought provoking as they are catchy.  Stream the album’s first single “Peace Signs” and read a personal note from Mr. Cauztik about the message behind it below.

Oh, and you can pre-order the album now!

“Ghost Town Rockers” is Stray Bullets’ sophomore full-length release, following 2004’s “The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune”.