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BABES IN TOYLAND talk next record, current lineup and more with Elliott of Little Punk People in NYC

Kat, Lori & Clara of Babes in Toyland sat with Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People at their Irving Plaza show in NYC and talked about how their new record will probably sound heavier than their previous releases along with how well things are going with their new bassist Clara. They also discuss a lot more in the video link below.

The band was incredibly sweet to Elliott and they even gave him a big shout-out in the middle of their set. The lights went on him and they had him stand up and wave back at everyone and the band, which was amazing. And the band played an energetic set to a full house of enthusiastic fans who screamed along to favorites such as “Bruise Violet” and “Oh Yea”. Their new bassist Clara showed a persona of total bliss (we also witnessed her proud father watching the show in bliss as he was sitting right near us) and she held her own alongside the ferocious performance of drummer Lori Barbero and singer/guitarist Kat Bjelland, whose vocals sent shockwaves throughout the venu. Babes in Toyland are currently on their reunion tour which ends at FUN FUN FUN Fest in Austin, Texas on November 6th.

And they signed Elliott’s record! Thanks again, gals!!!

Babes in Toyland announce tour

Minneapolis female act Babes in Toyland are currently on tour in the UK and will be hitting The States very soon. View the full list of dates and locations below.

The band previously released three albums (Spanking Machine, Fontanelleand Nemesisters) but broke up in 2001 after fourteen years together. They recently announced their reunion last July.

Babes in Toyland announce first reunion show

Recently reunited Minneapolis female act Babes in Toyland have announced their first show with the Fontanelle lineup in 18 years, which will take place on February 12th, 2015 at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, California, and tickets go on sale this Friday (November 21st) at 10AM PST. Lead vocalist and guitarist Kat Bjelland had this to say about the band’s decision to reunite:

“It was brought to my attention that not only do we have a lot of diehard fans from back in the day, but also a whole new generation of kids–my son Henry included– that were eager to see us live. I felt some kind of obligation for them to see us, too. But mainly, I just missed my girls and the feeling that comes from playing with them–visceral live therapy.”

Bass player Maureen Herman added, “The first time we played together again, we weren’t sure what it would be like. After knocking the hell out of ‘He’s My Thing’ on the first try, we knew this was going to be fun–and it was going to rock like a motherfucker.”

Babes in Toyland, who lasted for only three albums (Spanking Machine, Fontanelle, and Nemesisters), broke up in 2001 after fourteen years together. The band announced their reunion last July.

Babes in Toyland announce reunion

In an interview with Lancer Radio at Pasadena College last week, Kat Bjelland and Maureen Herman announced that Babes in Toyland have reformed, and are planning to release new music and play shows this year. You can listen to the interview below.

The Minneapolis punk act formed in 1987 broke up in 2001, releasing three albums throughout their career, including Spanking Machine, Fontanelle, and Nemesisters. We’ll keep you posted as more details on the reunion come to light.