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Punk Rock Bowling Vegas: Night Three – Angelic Upstarts, D.O.A., Nathen Maxwell & The Bunny Gang, Chuck Ragan

After Day Two main stage, and losing then finding my beloved scally cap during Descendents, and at this point on hour 30 of being awake, my body and my emotions were on survival mode. And no time to relax, as I ran back to the hotel to refresh, then was out the door in a moment, heading out to The Beauty Bar to check out one of my favorite acoustic musicians currently – Chuck Ragan.

The man’s voice, demeanor, lyrical content, and power are on display for all to see, commanding attention and respect wherever he plays. The dude will make a grown man cry with some of his reflective, thoughtful paroles. He’ll also make you smile the way he describes scenes of pure love with such joy and imagery. Unfortunately, everything at Punk Rock Bowling is on a schedule, so I had to click my shots and head out for a little change of pace and see D.O.A. at Las Vegas Country Saloon.

I had recently seen D.O.A. back in San Francisco, and the guys killed it to a small, Parkside crowd. LVCS was packed for the event and D.O.A. didn’t disappoint. I stuck around long enough to hear “Fuck You”, then I was on my way to Fremont Country Club for Angelic Upstarts.

The Upstarts are one of those bands that just exudes punk cred. The band has been one of the most influential in the punk world – forming back in 1977 and really being at the forefront of the anti-fascist movement. Due to time constraints, I left before I heard any of my favorites like “Last Night Another Soldier”, “Police Oppression”, and “Liddle Towers”. Apparently there was some Nazi scum at the show and at some point they stomped a bouncer who was standing up. Racist people should learn that they are not welcome any where in the punk scene, and that they are outnumbered. Go find a different scene to bastardize you racist fucks.

Now that that is out of the way…I was fading after the long days festivities, but I had been invited to a small, intimate show with Nathen Maxwell & The Bunny Gang at Hogs & Heifers. I couldn’t stay long as my body was finally giving out on me – but I was there long enough to see Nathen & co. hop up on the bar and perform their set alongside the beautiful bartenders of the biker bar.

Day Two and Night Three were definitely the longest and most intense of the three day, four night party – and you can have a look at all the photos from the Sunday club shows below.

Stay tuned for Day Three and some shots from Punk Rock Karaoke in the next days.

DS Photo Gallery: Mad Caddies, Aggrolites, Nathen Maxwell & The Bunny Gang at Slims, SF

Last Friday I was able to see three amazing bands perform at one of my favorite venues, Slim’s in San Francisco. Nathen Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang, The Aggrolites, and Mad Caddies were to share the stage, and the air was ripe for a funky, bass-driven, night of ska and reggae.

Many may be familiar with Nathen Maxwell as bassist for Flogging Molly, but over the past several years, he has established himself as a really talented musician and front man. With his Original Bunny Gang, Maxwell & co are preparing to release their third studio album, “Thrive”, this fall through Hardline Entertainment. Nathen’s stage presence and energy were really a great way to kick off the night, with Aggrolites next to the stage.

It was almost as if there was a progression of noise, speed, and rambunctiousness as the night went on, as it should – and Aggrolites were front and center getting fans going. While it’s worth mentioning that San Francisco Bay Area fans in attendance could most definitely benefit from watching and learning how the old ska/reggae legends used to dance, and at least maybe take note. That being said, despite the clusterfuck of a ska ‘pit’, The Aggrolites played an amazing show. It’s always incredible watching organ players like Roger Rivas chopping up the ivory. It sounds so great and looks so cool! I don’t know how they do it.

The air was thick and warm, the scent of beer and smoke filled the heavy dance floor as ska/punk veterans Mad Caddies took the stage. Despite their longevity, I had managed to never before seen the group, so I was super stoked. After knocking out my photos I secured my gear and headed for the pit. This is the kind of music I grew up on, and the type I love most to dance to. Kinda crazy, kinda funky, jazzy, punky…it’s a great blend that the Caddies have been perfecting for over two decades. Although no ‘Road Rash’ or ‘The Gentleman’ were played, I left very satisfied, and very sweaty.

Have a look at all the photos from the night’s performances below.

Nathan Maxwell and the Original Bunny Gang announce Colorado tour dates

It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Nathan Maxwell and The Original Bunny Gang. I guess Nathan has probably been busy with his other little project, The Flogging Mollys, or whatever they’re called.

But, much to our delight, the band recently announced a short string of April tour dates in The Mountain State. Check ’em out here.

Nathen Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang set to release new 7″ split “L.A. X-Mas”, with North Pole United

Well I suppose it is getting to be that time of year where the classic holiday albums will begin to hit stores, inundating our ears and minds with the stereotypical drab of which we have long since become bored. Nathen Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang have teamed up North Pole United to create an album in time for the festivities which is holiday-themed in title only, bringing to mind a Christmas in the Caribbean perhaps, ha!

The album, L.A. X-Mas, features just one track from each of the artists, and will hit stores November 23 on SideOneDummy Records. According to the SOD website, this split includes…”reggae Christmas songs and will make you want to light a different sort of tree and get merry.” (we’re not condoning or condemning any aforementioned activities)

Video: “Salt and Sand” (acoustic) by Nathen Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang

Check out this awesome video of Nathen Maxwell‘s Salt and Sand, performed acoustic with the help of some members of The Original Bunny Gang. If you still aren’t familiar with Nathen Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang, head over here and get your learn on. You will fall in love with a different side of Maxwell’s talent. The video was recorded in Los Angeles at the Side One Dummy and features live clips of the gang playing at The Viper Room. Salt and Sand is featured on the band’s debut album, White Rabbit, which was released last year on Side One Dummy Records.  Check out the video here.

If you happen to be in Europe, then see if you can check out Nathen on his current tour leg. Find more info on his Dying Scene Shows page.

Video: Nathen Maxwell (of Flogging Molly) – “Working For The Man”

nathen-maxwellIf you like Flogging Molly, then you are sure to love this new video posted by Nathen Maxwell, bassist from Flogging Molly. Nathen has been busy recording a new solo album, White Rabbit, which is available on Side One Dummy Records, and touring with his band the Original Bunny Gang. Find out more information here.

Watch the official music video here.

Free SideOneDummy sampler includes unreleased tracks from The Casualties, Broadway Calls, and Nathen Maxwell

sideone8SideOneDummy Records is giving away free music in a digital sampler, which you can download directly from their site.  The sampler contains tracks from the latest or upcoming albums by just about their entire roster.  Perhaps of most interest are the tracks from the upcoming Casualties, Broadway Calls and Nathen Maxwell albums, which until now have been previously unreleased.

The goodies don’t stop there either.  Apparently, by giving your email when you download the free music, you’ll be entered into a contest to win “a huge lot of vinyl test pressings”.  Good luck.

Nathen Maxwell announces August tour and debut album “White Rabbit”

sideone7For those of you not yet in the know, Nathen Maxwell (bass player with legendary Irish punkers, Flogging Molly) has managed to write and record his own album in between tours and Flogging Molly’s recording sessions.  The album is titled “White Rabbit”, and is described as “a great collection of reggae influenced summertime songs with an acoustic guitar vibe and intimate vocals and lyrics.”

“White Rabbit” will hit stores on Aug. 18th on SideOneDummy Records and the band, named The Original Bunny Gang, will embark on their first ever tour to support the record. Check out the Dying Scene Shows page for the tour dates.

The Original Bunny Gang includes friends from Nathen’s childhood in South Bay (LA) and his father, Papa Maxwell on drums. The tour will include West Coast club dates and several acoustic in-store performances and signings at indie record stores.