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Dying Scene Radio Relaunches With Brand New Format & Hosts

Remember when we had a semi-regular podcast that featured new music from emerging acts, news and stories from around the Scene and band/artist interviews? Yea…those were simpler times… But fret not, faithful readers/listeners, we jumped on the reboot bandwagon and returned with a new and improved version of Dying Scene Radio! That’s right gang, we’ve done a complete overhaul! With two, all new hosts, a slick, new streamlined format for more cohesion, and far, far less vitriolic politics, we know you’re going to dig DSR 2.0! For our debut episode, we sent one of our new hosts, AnarchoPunk to Studio City to meet up with Kevin Besignano and Derik Envy from Los Angeles’ premiere punk rock act True Rivals. Not only did he get the skinny on their new EP, but AP also recorded an incredible acoustic set with ’em! So, without further adieu we present you with the new Dying Scene Radio! Links for streaming (along with this episode’s playlist) below!


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DS Exclusive: True Rivals (Punk) Premieres “Respect’s Earned” From Upcoming EP

If good old fashioned punk rock is your thang, this SoCal based group is sure to delight! Their exceptionally entertaining, full-throttled live performances coupled with copious amounts of musical talent, has propelled the fantastic foursome to the upper echelon of the bustling Los Angeles scene in a relatively short period of time. Now, just a few couple years after their debut full length The Revenant, the guys are back with a brand new EP and today, we’re pleased as punch to bring you an exclusive first listen! The five track album, Look At Me! releases this Friday, August 25th but you can get the jump on your loser friends and check out the World premiere of the single “Respect’s Earned” below!

True Rivals (punk, LA) announce new EP “Look At Me!”

LA based punk rock four-piece True Rivals have announced a new EP. Entitled Look At Me, the release is scheduled for August 25, 2017. It will be the first release from the band since their 2014 full-length, The Revenant.



Show Review & Photo Gallery: Punk Rock Bowling Club Show – Cock Sparrer / Giuda / Drakulas / True Rivals (Backstage Bar and Billiards 5/28/2017

Billed as a Mystery Show the headliner for this Day Two Club Show was listed only as “Special Guests” along with the named opening acts Giuda, True Rivals and Drakulas. Despite knowing some of the people playing the show, I was never able to get anyone to spill the beans, so I was still in the lurch even after getting inside the poorly lit venue. Shortly after taking my seat in the corner, all was revealed by a slightly inebriated oracle who was sitting next to me as I got my camera ready for the shoot. “Did you hear who the special guest was yet? ” I asked doing my best to awkwardly make small talk. “Hell yea!” he retorted ecstatically. “Fucking Cock Sparrer!!! Woooo-hoooo!!! Want a beer?!?” Gotta love Punk Rock Bowling! Check out the show review along with an awesome photo gallery of all of the incredible acts below!

DS Photo Gallery: Blue Anarchy, Sarchasm, Fozzy’s Hero, True Rivals, Sic Waiting at 924 Gilman St Berkeley (3.6.16)

Sunday, March 6th was a big day for Vacant Lot Entertainment / VLE Records, as they put on their very first Punk Rock Social, featuring local up-and-comers Blue Anarchy, Sarchasm, and SoCal’s Fozzy’s Hero, True Rivals, and headliners Sic Waiting. The heavy rains did a lot to dissuade fans from braving the weather, however the intimate crowd made the event pretty special.

First up to the stage was Oakland-based Blue Anarchy. The trio isn’t even out of high school, but they sure know how to rock. It was almost like a scene out of School of Rock. Drummer Gabriel Garza does well to help with vocal responsibilities, and frontwomen Rachel McGuire and Quinn Flannery rip it up on guitar and bass respectively. Succinct, crisp riffs, great breaks, and energy that is only reflective of a young band make these guys something to pay attention to. These guys will be doing big things so keep your eyes on them. You can listen to their latest single, “Alpha Mail”, here.

Next to the stage was Gilman regulars Sarchasm. The band hails from the Bay, and has made 924 Gilman St one of their homes. Guitarist Mari Campos heads up Insomniac Productions, which helps put on shows at the legendary venue, and the group definitely drew a crowd. Mari and the girls were playing without bassist Alex Botkin, so Mari took over bass duties while under-the-weather guitarist Isabel pushed through on the strings. The band is gearing up to release their new EP “Challenger” in June, and you can sample a few tracks here.

Fozzy’s Hero is a band that comes out with all guns blazing from the very first chord. There’s enough melodic tones to bring the band home to mom, but let’s be real – this is a punk band through and through. The band’s latest album, “Successfully Set For Failure” was released last year, and the guys spent the majority of the set ripping through the work. You can listen to that album here.

Out of all the bands playing, I was most excited to see LA’s True Rivals. These guys absolutely rock and with a stage presence to go with the sound. One-Eyed Jackson and Derik Envy’s energy can’t be contained and as you watch them bounce and jump around stage, you know these guys are at the top of their game, and having a great time doing it. This is one of those bands where the set photos really do tell the story of the energy in the house.

In a weird twist of fate, it seemed as the night went on the venue thinned out instead of filling up. The dedicated fans that stuck around were treated to an amazing, yet short set by Sic Waiting. The band recently released “Derailer”, and I was super stoked to see favorites like “Active Alumni” and “War Is The Answer”  performed live. Stage presence leaves a little to the imagination, but during some of the guitar solos, we are shown how to really rip it up. The band will be doing a lot of touring this year, including a spot at the party in the desert that is Punk Rock Bowling.

Have a look at the entire night of photos below.

Big thanks to Gregg, JC, and the rest of the crew for putting on this event.

Vacant Lot Entertainment live streaming Punk Rock Social with Sic Waiting, True Rivals, Sarchasm, Fozzy’s Hero, and more; giving away FREE Les Paul Guitar

This Sunday, Vacant Lot Entertainment, Insomniac Productions, and 924 Gilman St are teaming up to bring the SF Bay Area an early day of music, punk rock, and other festivities.

The first ever Punk Rock Social will be taking place at the legendary cooperative/non-profit, all-ages venue 924 Gilman St in Berkeley this Sunday starting at 6pm. It’s an early show with doors opening at 5, so get there early! The lineup will feature SoCal’s Sic Waiting as headliners, with support from LA’s True Rivals, Fozzy’s Hero, local Bay Area favorites Sarchasm, and Blue Anarchy.

As if the line-up wasn’t reason enough to spend an evening in Berkeley, Vacant Lot Entertainment will be giving away a guitar for FREE, signed by each member of all the bands performing. All you have to is buy a piece of merch and you will be entered into a drawing to win a brand new Epiphone Les Paul guitar (special TV yellow color). Pretty rad.

If you can’t make it to the show – don’t fret – the folks over at VLE will be streaming the entire night’s performances live on their YouTube page, starting at 6pm PST. So get the show! But if you can’t, check the whole thing out from the comfort of your living room here.

Fozzy’s Hero and Sic Waiting have some upcoming tour dates, which you can check out below. Also, have a look at a little teaser promotion video VLE did for the event.

See ya in the pit on Sunday at Gilman!

DS Photo Gallery & Show Review: True Rivals, Sid and The Twins, The Dirges & Cross-Check (Los Angeles, 11/13/15)

True Rivals at Loaded in Hollywood

With the constant threat of stabbings, gunshots and epic super hero brawls, Hollywood isn’t the most desirable place to hang out in the greater Los Angeles metro area. So, imagine our dilemma when we got the invite for a free True Rivals show at Loaded on Hollywood Blvd, the belly of the beast. To make matters even worse, it was set for Friday the 13th! You thought Tinsel Town was crazy on a regular Friday night? You haven’t seen crazy until you’ve been there on the 13th. The most fitting course of action? Send our most expendable Staffer down and just hope they come back intact. We reviewed our annual performance reports and found that Anarchopunk was the most unproductive and least liked writer in the office, so we took a vote and we chose him as the sacrificial lamb. Fortunately, for the sake our beloved readers (but just as unfortunate for our writer’s bullpen)  he returned unscathed with the deets on the whole affair for your enjoyment. Check out his full write up and photo gallery below!

HiFi Rockfest 2015 Early Coverage

True Rivals

Although the punk scene in Los Angeles is alive and well, there is a severe drought when it comes to local punk rock festivals. The HiFi Rockfest is throwing its hat into the ring in what appears to be a pretty easy battle for the best fest in the SoCal area. With excellent local supporting acts to draw from like True Rivals, Dirty Filthy Mugs and Luicidal and heavyweights like Street Dogs, Naked Raygun and Dead Kennedys showing their support in just its first year, this fledgling fest  may already be near the top of the pack. In its inaugural year, the event was held at Harry Bridges Memorial Park in Long Beach in the shadow of the Queen Mary after a slight venue change. To get the inside scoop, we sent our local Staffers down to the beach to see what they could see and report back with all the deets. Check out AnarchoPunk’s full write up on the early acts below!

DS Photo Gallery: Hi-Fi Rock Fest at Queen Mary’s Park (pt. 1 of 4) – Two Tens, Downtown Brown, True Rivals

The day had finally come, and the triple D collaboration of D. O’B Sound Studios owner and veteran drummer/producer, Derik O’Brien, DC-Jam Records owner Darron Hemann, and Dying Scene head honcho Dave Buck known as the Hi-Fi Rock Fest was getting underway at the Queen Mary’s Park in sunny Long Beach last Saturday. People came from far and wide to see acts like True Rivals, The Sonics, Naked Raygun, Richie Ramone, and more….but of course the Boston greats, Street Dogs, and the Dead Kennedys, fronted by Ron (Skip) Greer.

The day kicked off with Los Angeles-based duo The Two Tens. A perfect match for the rising sun and the Long Beach atmosphere – notes of surf mixed with garage and a little pop were a great introduction to what was to come next. The band features guitarist Adam Bones and drummer Rikki Styxx and released a music video back in July for their song “Watching Me”, which appeared on their latest work “Volume 4”, which you can have a look at here.

The day was about to kick in to full gear as Detroit, Michigan’s Downtown Brown took the stage. The band plays a mix of funk, punk, ska, jazz…or as Skankin’ Pickle used to say – the skafunkrastapunk. The group has a great stage presence, and both the bassist and drummer have long-ass dreads that they love swinging about, just adding to the performance. Since 2001, the band has released multiple albums, the latest being “Hot Part”, which just came out this past August (have a listen here). The majority of the DTB’s set featured songs from the new album, including “Happy Music For Happy People”, “Orange Bitch”, and a cover of Lorenzo Lamas’ “Smooth Talker”. Great set and I can’t wait to see these guys again.

Next up was a band that was on my “to-see” list, Los Angeles punks True Rivals. The band is comprised of members of Unwritten Law, Lit, Bullets and Octane and Rufio, and blend their collective experience into a really well-rounded classic punk sound – you get the grit, the riffs, the blaring guitar and of course the jump kicks and frantic stage presence. True Rivals released their debut album “The Revenant” last year, and their setlist included favorites like “Roots Rock n Roll”, “White Collar Crime”, “Stay True”, and more. You can have listen to the entire album here.

Have a look at the entire photo gallery of The Two Tens, Downtown Brown, and True Rivals below, and stay tuned in the coming days for shots from Dirty Filthy Mugs, Richie Ramone, Street Dogs, and many more.

Interview: Bowling, Bullshitting and Beers with True Rivals

Bassist, Derik Envy; Staff Writer, AnarchoPunk; Guitarist, Kevin Besignano

True Rivals may be a relatively new band to the scene but the guys who make up this fledgling act (Derik Envy, Kevin Besignano, Trevor Jackson and Nate Walker) are far from neophytes. With members spending time with well established acts like Unwritten Law, Lit, Bullets and Octane and Rufio, it’s easy to see why their debut album, The Revenant sounds like it was performed by the seasoned veterans they are.The album has a familiar old school, classic punk rock sound that has seemed to go missing lately. Almost as if it was just unearthed after decades of being stowed away in a storage unit somewhere in the Bay Area. While familiar, the LP is still fresh and different. It’s a fun album, by a fun band. Filled with great choruses and blazing rock guitar riffs, you’ll see why we fell in love with this album (along with the boys themselves) so eagerly.

One of our favorite things about these up and comers is the dual vocals provided by bassist, Derik Envy and Guitarist, Kevin Besignano. Just imagine our excitement when we opened the inbox and saw an email for an interview with the two talented frontmen. So we headed over to our Los Angeles kennels and let Staff Writer, AnarchoPunk out of his cage to go meet one half of this phenomenal four piece for some brew and bowling at Pinz Bowling Center in Studio City. To keep things interesting, we decided to tackle a topic per frame (and a beer every two!), everything from their musical roots, to to that distinct, fundamental punk rock sound and even boobies, guns and drugs. So take a minute to get to know one of our newest favorite bands in this comprehensive interview below!