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Full album stream: Hell & Back (Punk) – “Slowlife”

German punks Hell & Back are streaming their entire new album “Slowlife”. You can give it a listen below.

If you like free stuff, the band are throwing in posters and stickers to everyone who buys the album!

“Slowlife” was released on June 30th by Fond Of Life Records.

Hell & Back (German Punk) release music video for “Nailed It”

German punk act Hell & Back have announced that they will be releasing their new album Slowlife on June 30th via Fond of Life Records.

To give you an idea on what’s coming on the new album, the band has released a video for the song “Nailed It,” which you can check out below.

Hell & Back last released Heartattack on March 1st, 2014, also via Fond of Life Records.

10 Up And Coming International Punk Bands You Should Be Listening To

The American Punk scene is so dense that sometimes we forget that there’s a whole world out there brimming with music that’s just as good, if not better than some of our “Domestic Products”. It’s time to shed those myopic American spectacles and look beyond our borders for some fresh musical perspective! The list is comprised of new, up and coming bands to keep an eye on as well as some more well established bands that may just be getting overlooked due to their geography. I tried to include something and somewhere for everyone. Take a gander, below!

Hell & Back release music video for “Jinx”

Stuttgart’s Hell & Back have released the music video for their song “Jinx.”

You can watch it below.

The song appears on their split LP with Perfect Youth, which was released last month through Fond Of Life Records.

DS Exclusive: Listen to German punk bands Hell & Back and Perfect Youth’s new split LP

Our friends at Fond Of Life Records are gearing up to release a new split LP from two kick-ass German punk bands, Stuttgart’s Hell & Back and Saarbrücken’s Perfect Youth. To get you stoked for the record which drops tomorrow, March 27th, we’re bringing you an exclusive stream of the entire thing!

Give all 9 tracks a listen below, and if you like what you hear, support the bands by heading over to the label’s Bandcamp and getting your pre-orders in for the split LP! The first run is limited to 300 copies on 3 awesome color variants.

Album Review: Hell & Back – ‘Heartattack’

For a genre that’s often characterized as “sounding all the same”, 90’s American skate punk has remained a massive influence to this very day. Not just on the American scene either, as the ‘Epi-Fat’ sound has made its way across borders and oceans, ingraining itself into the minds of the angry and apathetic youth all over the world. Enter: Germany’s Hell & Back. Earlier this year the four piece released Heartattack, a love letter to 90’s punk just over a half hour long. It also happens to be their debut album, and similar to the debut albums of their influences, it’s a damn fine way to start off their recorded career.

Heartattack starts off strong with plenty of bass heavy and guitar chugging tracks that make up the idea soundtrack for a skate park, but the album really finds its stride starting at the halfway point. That’s not a knock on the album’s A-side, which contains some fine music… it’s just that the B-side, beginning with “Negative Adjectives”, is stacked with all the best songs. The track begins with a sound clip, in this specific case, it’s from Seinfeld (is it a coincidence that the album gets amazing after a Seinfeld quote? You decide.), before launching into an anthemic tune that just begs to be shouted along with. From that point on, the remainder of the album is smooth sailing with black flags (or whatever kind of flag best represents boredom) held high.

Like most bearded punk bands these days, there’s a heavy lyrical focus on feeling jaded and generally dissatisfied with life (“Dormer”, The Pre-Assembled Life”). However, where there’s despair, there’s also hope, and Hell & Back spend just as much time, if not more, on looking for ways to avoid being just as sad and drunk as everyone else (the aforementioned “Negative Adjectives”, “Couch Sematary”), as well as a call to arms against the shitty behaviors and attitudes some people carry in this life (“Above All”).

I don’t know much about the current state of the German punk rock scene, but I know that Hell & Back are definitely an act to keep an eye on. Despite not doing much to change the formula that’s been going strong for 20+ years, they’ve crafted an album worthy of carrying the melodic punk torch. Don’t take my word for it though- the album is available as a name-your-price download. Go check it out and see for yourself!

4 / 5  – Stream the album below!

RIYL: Irish Handcuffs, Good Riddance, The THPS2 Soundtrack

Music Video: Hell & Back – “Negative Adjectives”

German punk act Hell & Back has released a music video for their song “Negative Adjectives”. The track comes off of their debut album, Heartattack, and you can watch the video below.

Hell & Back released Heartattack on March 1, 2014

Introducing: Skatepunk act Hell & Back (Full album stream + music video)

To call German punk act Hell & Back a “new” band would not really be an accurate description seeing as how they’ve been around since at least 2011 (an assumption based on both their Facebook page and their appropriately titled “2011 demo”). However, we here at DyingScene just came across them and we think it’s only fair to share them with you, too. If you like your punk rock melodic and easy to skate around to (and let’s not kid anyone here, of course you like that), you might want to give Hell & Back a listen.

They released their debut album, Heartattack, this past March and are streaming the whole thing online. In the chance that you’re pressed for time (we know you’re not, but we’ll let it slide), the band has also released a karaoke-styled music video for their song “Reverse Psychology”, which comes off Heartattack.

You can find both the album and the music video below.