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DCDR [Punk] Streams “Radio Face” Single

DCDR, the Boston-based punk rockers otherwise known as “Dead Cats Dead Rats” are set to release their latest single, “Radio Face” with Ocelot Records. The track was recorded with Converse Rubber Tracks in Boston this past summer. This will be the 55th track released by the band since pushing out their first album back in 2008.

The track will be released digitally on Ocelot Records on November 7th with the band supporting the release at Opus in Salem, MA with support from California punks, Some Kind of Nightmare and fellow Boston natives, Oh The Humanity and Mercury On Mars. You can stream/download “Radio Face” below.

DCDR streams new album “Raw”

DCDR, formerly “Dead Cats Dead Rats”, out of Boston MA have just released their 7th and latest studio album. The 7 track album entitled “Raw” is described by the band as “an album recorded in a raw format to capture the energy of our live shows”.  Stream it below.

DCDR streams new track “Zombie Girl”, releasing new album “Raw” on Ocelot Records

DCDR, the Boston based grunge punks formerly known as “Dead Cats Dead Rats” have just finished up a new track with Ocelot Records in anticipation of their upcoming album “Raw”, due out in late November.

“Zombie Girl” was tracked, mixed, and mastered at Devotion Recording (Everett, MA) under the direction of Jim Keaney. The unintentionally Halloween-themed song was slated for release in early 2015, but DCDR and Ocelot Records thought it more fitting to release the track for the upcoming holiday. You can stream the “Zombie Girl” below.

The track will not be featured on the band’s upcoming full length.