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Mortars (country/pop punk) stream “Armistice Day” EP

Tennessee-based, country-fused pop punkers, Mortars released their new EP ‘Armistice Day’ yesterday (December 28) and you can stream it below.

Earlier this year they released a full length ‘A Great Broken World’.

MORTARS (Pop Punk, TN) Stream Full-Length “A Great Broken World”

Tennessee-based, country-fused pop punkers, MORTARS, are allowing fans to stream their latest full-length album, A Great Broken World. The record features 13 brand new tunes from the group. Their previous release was the 2017 EP, Basement Songs.

If you’d like to listen to the latest efforts from MORTARS, click below. You can stream the entire record before deciding whether to pick yourself up a copy.

MORTARS stream “Basement Songs” EP

Tennessee country-punk outfit MORTARS are streaming their latest EP Basement Songs. The release features one live session, and three studio tracks. It’s the first music from MORTARS since 2016 and their +TV+ EP.

You can listen to Basement Songs below.

Mortars stream new album “+TV+”

Tennessee folk punk act Mortars have just started streaming their brand new album “+TV+”. The album consists of four songs that take acoustic sensibilities, and use them to deliver fast and funny tunes that explode with existentialist longing. Check it out below.

Mortars (folk punk) streams self-titled debut EP

Tennessee folk punk act Mortars are currently streaming their debut self-titled EP.

Check it out /stream it below.