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Podcast: Dying Scene Radio episode #6 (special guests: Jim Lindberg, Fold The Nuts)

This week on Dying Scene Radio, Bob speaks solo with WRATHS/Pennywise/Black Pacific frontman Jim Lindberg; and Bob and Bobby make an international call to Athens, Greece to speak with BAND SPOTLIGHT: Fold The Nuts.

Bob reveals his narcissistic nature by humbly letting everybody know his day of birth, the two Bobs notice striking similarities amongst long tenured bands performing classic albums in their entirety (i.e. Face To Face’s “Triple Crown” series and Bad Religion’s “Battle of the Centuries”) and Bob invites all of the listeners to make a Wikipedia page for and the DS radio show, respectively.

Bob manages to offend Greek punk rockers – Fold The Nuts – not once, but twice during their brief conversation, then he attempts to win back their favor by revealing that he sometimes gasses up his car in Tarpon Springs, FL – which has the highest percentage of Greek Americans of any city in the US. The two Bobs use their sleuthy nature to figure out the true meaning behind the band’s name, then Bobby requests that Bob be more zany.

Bob makes an ill attempt to correct Bobby on his pronunciation of Bayside frontman Anthony Raneri’s last name, while the guys use character voices to describe Raneri’s statement regarding Bayside’s recently released lyric video for their new single, “Dancing Like An Idiot”.

Bob speaks with Jim Lindberg and then debuts a new track from WRATHS. After admitting that he didn’t actually read Jim’s best-selling book, “Punk Rock Dad”, Bob practices “radical honesty” to clear his name and throws out a quick disclaimer that he has actually purchased the book online after reading the 30 page teaser on his Kindle. Noxious and Lindberg discover that they are “kindred spirits” when they compare their long list of obvious parallels – specifically, their knack for keeping a healthy band-life balance while each having three daughters.

Checkout the FULL INTERVIEW with Pennywise frontman Jim Lindberg on the DSR YouTube page.

This week’s episode is sponsored by FAT ENZO.


Strung Out – The Animal and the Machine
The Real McKenzies – Who’d A Thought
Teenage Bottlerocket – Haunted House
Fold The Nuts – Milk
Coliseum – We Are The Water
Get It Together – Hole In The Head
WRATHS – I’m A Target
Chaos Delivery Machine – Where The Sidewalk Ends
The Lucky Ones – Get Up
Uniforms – Three Two
WRATHS – In Control
Darwin and the Dinosaur – Theories
Make Do And Mend – Don’t Be Long

Introducing New Skate Punk Act: Fold The Nuts (full EP stream)

Normally when a band emails DS asking us to check out their debut album recorded at their friend’s “home studio” I prepare myself for an obligatory 30 second listen of a horribly produced screech fest before I move on to the next email.  Let me tell you, in the case of Athens’ Fold The Nuts I’m extremely glad I make a point of listening to every single band that emails us, even those with names as bad as “Fold The Nuts”.  What I discovered was a 6 song gem of a skate punk release.  Fantastic guitar solos, great speed, melodic vocals with just enough angst and clearly this friend with a home studio knows what he’s doing behind the knobs.  Do yourself a favor and check out the band’s self-titled debut below. You can thank me later.