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Radon streams new 7″ splits with Worthwhile Way and Shallow Cuts

Gainesville punks Radon have two new splits out, and you can check them out here.  Radon shares vinyl with Tokyo folk-punk act  Worthwhile Way on one 7″, and San Diego’s Shallow Cuts on the other.

Both releases will be available November 6th via No Idea Records, and you can pre-order them here.

Radon announce split with Worthwhile Way

Gainesville’s legendary Radon have announced a split 7″ with Tokyo, Japan based folky, indie-punkers Worthwhile Way.  It will be released sometime this summer via Eager Beaver Records and No Idea Records, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information comes to light..

Radon last released a compilation album We Bare All in 2002, while Worthwhile Way released their debut full length Love Is All in February 2013

No Idea Records announce a bunch of new releases (Hot Water Music/Small Brown Bike reissues, new Ship Thieves and more)

Var and the kind folks at No Idea Records spilled the beans on what can only be referred to as a crap ton of new releases for the ’15 today. While there are no firm release dates attached to any of these (stupid resurgence in vinyl popularity), the fact that these all may get released over the course of the next bunch of months is pretty awesome.

Perhaps most noteworthy are a couple of Hot Water Music reissues. The band are obviously celebrating their 20th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Var reports that No Idea will be “cleaning up, re-mastering, and adding art to many of their records.” First out of the chute will be a remastered version “Finding the Rhythms” on CD and double LP, and featuring artwork that isn’t in the original vinyl packaging. Following that will be a re-mastered version of their 1999 release “Live at the Hardback,” a live recording of what was, at the time, supposed to be their final show. We all know how that turned out.

In related news, No Idea will also be releasing the third studio album from Ship Thieves, whom you probably remember as Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves. Chris Wollard is still in the band, just not in the name. Should be out late summer, which is rad (because I still listen to “Canyons” on a weekly basis at the very least).

Also coming from No Idea this year: a new album from Billy No Mates (featuring Joey Cape and Sergie Loobkoff!?!), reissues of Small Brown Bike‘s “The River Bed,” and Palatka’s “End Of The Irony,” an I Hate Myself discography triple-album, a new album from Germany’s No Weather Talks, Black Tower‘s “The Secret Fire,” and a couple of splits that include Radon (one with Shallow Cuts, one with Japan’s Worthwhile Way).

There may be some additional goodies along the way. You can read Var’s whole rundown here. Check in down in the comment section with some of your favorite No Idea releases.