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New Music: Louise Distras debuts “Land Of Dope And Glory”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from UK-based folk punk badass Louise Distras; too long, if you ask me. But the wait is finally just about over!

Distras holed up at a studio in Oakland, California, with producer Ross Petersen (Bruce Springsteen, The Vamps) and with The Business’s Steve Whale for work on a full-length follow-up to her 2015 debut, Dreams From The Factory Floor. The first of the fruits of those labors are now upon us, as today marks the unveiling of the new track, “Land Of Dope And Glory.” Check it out below!

Dreams From The Factory Floor was released in the States on Pirates Press Records. The new album is due out this fall!

Louise Distras asks fans for their cash for new record

Louise Distras is doing a Kickstarter campaign for her latest record. Supposedly a DIY release, the vocalist is in need of £11,000 to aid its production. Fans will get assorted gifts for their pledges of support. All the details of the campaign can be found here.

Louise Distras last release was the 2013 effort Dreams From the Factory Floor.


Louise Distras streaming new single “Outside of You”

English solo act Louise Distras (melodic-punk) is streaming her new single “Outside of You”. The song comes off the yet to be named album which serves as a follow up to 2013’s release of the highly acclaimed “Dreams from the Factory Floor”.

Check out the song below along with her upcoming summer tour dates across England.

Louise Distras releasing live album

British singer-songwriter Louise Distras will soon be releasing a new live album titled Live in Berlin. The album was recorded at a recent show at Wild At Heart in Berlin, and features tracks from her debut album Dreams from the Factory Floor, as well as some brand new songs.

Head over here to pre-order Live in Berlin. All proceeds from this live album’s sales will be used to fund the making of Distras’ second studio album.

Dying Scene Session: Louise Distras – “Aileen”

We know it’s been a while since we last brought you a Dying Scene Session, but believe us when we say it’s been worth the wait!

Today, we’re stoked to bring you another excellent installment, this time featuring none other than British folk/punk singer-songwriter (and personal favorite) Louise Distras. At the end of last week, she released a brand new single, “Aileen.” Head below to check out her exclusive acoustic performance of that very track, filmed on Distras’ recent stop in California.

In case you were unaware, “Aileen” was written as a reaction to a documentary that focused on the case of Aileen Wuornos, the first American female serial killer (also dramatized in the Charlize Theron movie, Monster). You can head here to order the single in physical and digital formats. Distras’ full-length solo debut, Dreams From The Factory Floor, was released back in 2015 on Pirates Press Records in the US.

Louise Distras announces new serial-killer themed single “Aileen”

British folk/punk singer-songwriter Louise Distras has just announced a new single set to be released on September 30 titled “Aileen”. Perhaps the most notable fact of this song, is that it is inspired by Aileen Wuornos, America’s first female serial killer. In explaining the subject matter, Distras had this to say:

“One night after a show I watched the Nick Broomfield documentary ‘Selling of a Serial Killer’, which is about ‘America’s first female serial killer’, Aileen Wuornos. As someone who has also experienced homelessness and sexual assault, Aileen’s story hit me pretty hard but left me feeling inspired to share it through my music. The film also left me with my own questions about rape culture and the idea of nature VS nurture, so I decided to make my own DIY film that explores the lyrical content of the single. It’s called ‘Real Outlaw – A Commentary on Rape Culture and the Riot Grrrl Movement’ and it’s available via scanning a QR code that’s printed on the back of the CD and also on tour posters across the UK and mainland Europe.”

Both the single, and a corresponding music video are set to be released on September 30, and will mark her first release since her debut album “Dreams on the Factory Floor”.

Louise Distras announces European tour dates

British folk/punk singer-songwriter Louise Distras has announced some European tour dates coming up at the end of the month, with more to be announced soon.  You can find the first string of dates, including a kick-off in Germany with War on Women,  below.

Distras most recently played the U.S. at Punk Rock Bowling, and you can read the recap of that here.  She most recently released the album Dreams From the Factory Floor last year on  Pirates Press Records.

DS Interview: Louise Distras on the eve of her first headline US tour

UK-based folk-punk singer/songwriter, and Dying Scene favorite, Louise Distras is headed out on her first string of headline shows in the US in the very near future…as in, she plays her first such gig today in Los Angeles. We caught up with Distras for an impromptu interview late last night and spun it around for publication this morning in preparation for tonight’s show. Check out our conversation below; never quite done one like this before, but we think it came out pretty entertaining!

Distras is still touring in support of her debut full length album, Dreams From The Factory Floor, which came out in the US via Pirates Press just about a year ago. You can check out her tour dates below as well, just underneath our Q&A!

Louise Distras announce first date of upcoming US tour

UK-based folk-punk singer/songwriter Louise Distras is headed back to the US next month!

Distras had already been confirmed for an appearance at the Las Vegas edition of Punk Rock Bowling, and we’re now learning that that date won’t be the only thing on her US itinerary. She’ll be kicking of a string of tour dates on May 21st at the Redwood Bar in Los Angeles. We’ll have the rundown on a bunch more Distras tour dates in the very near future, as well as maybe some other exclusive goodies here on the pages of Dying Scene. Stay tuned!

Louise Distras’ debut full length, Dreams From The Factory Floor, came out in the US via Pirates Press just about a year ago.


Louise Distras debuts new video, “Bullets,” announces UK headlining shows

 UK-based folk-punk singer-songwriter Louise Distras, a personal favorite of yours truly, has released a brand new music video. It’s for the track “Bullets,” and you can check it out below.

“Bullets” is the third single to be released from Louise’s debut full-length, “Dreams From The Factory Floor,” which was released in the States via Pirates Press earlier this year. Distras recently wrapped her first US tour (in support of Bryan McPherson), and has a bunch of new UK tour dates announced right here. Check out our recent sit-down with Louise here, and stay tuned for some more Dying Scene/Louise Distras news in the coming days!

DS Exclusive: Louise Distras on her first US tour, gender equality in punk music, and the release of “Dreams From The Factory Floor” (w/full album stream)

It’s just after 8 o’clock on a seasonably warm late-spring Boston evening. Due to some unexpected police activity clogging the local roads on the route to the Midway Cafe, the kinda-out-of-the-way Boston venue that was our arranged meeting place, Louise Distras is already seated at the bar by the time I make my way in. It’s the eve of the UK-based folk-punk singer-songwriter’s first-ever US show, and, having just flown in from her homeland the night before, she’s a bit…well…tired.

“I apologize in advance because my brain is still a bit spacey,” Distras leads with. In the interest of full disclosure, I find that there’s something intimidating about an artist about whom labels like ‘high-energy, face-ripping, ballsy feminist protest punk’ are bandied about. And yet, whether it’s the travel-induced spaciness, the pre-US tour jitters or, more probably, the genuine and thougtful nature she puts in to having a conversation, there’s also something immediately disarming about Distras, a good sign for a natural introvert such as myself.

Distras has teamed up with fellow folk punk Bryan McPherson for a three-plus-week US tour that will take them from the Bostonian-turned-Californian’s former home to his current one. It’s a flip-flop of sorts for the two, who recently wrapped a lengthy tour of the UK and mainland Europe. The two hadn’t met in person prior to the first UK gig, relying on the magic of social media to make the necessary connections for such a venture to work. Quite the leap of faith, at least on paper, and yet as Distras says, “I think we’re both pretty intuitive people that rely on our gut instincts a lot, and I think if either of us had a bad feeling in our guts about it, neither of us would have done it.” By all accounts, the UK/EU tour was a resounding success, paving the way nicely for a tour that’ll mark the release not only of McPherson’s latest solo album, Wedgewood, but the US/International release of Distras’ debut full-length, Dreams From The Factory Floor.

Though originally released through Distras’ own Street Revolution Records in 2013, Dreams From The Factory Floor found its recent, widespread release through California’s Pirates Press Records. “Ultimately, it’s all about getting the music and the message out to as many people as possible,” comments Distras. “Through Pirates Press and their amazing support, we’ve been able to take the record and put it out to people all over the world.” While the wider release will allow more people to hear the stellar album, it also affords Distras the opportunity to shine a brighter light on issues she cares about. Test pressings of Dreams… are being auctioned off at Distras’ website to help raise money for a human rights organization called Justice Now. Says Distras of the cause: “they are working with inmates in women’s prisons in California. Their key things are fighting for reproductive justice within women’s prisons in California, and they were fighting against the forced sterilization of female inmates in prisons. They work with communities that are effected by family members in prison, through music, art and things like that.”

Like most of us, Distras found the punk world at a fairly early age (twelve, to be exact), albeit via a bit more of an untraditional path for someone born in 1987, which marked the tail end of Thatcher’s ironclad grasp on the United Kingdom. “Wakefield, where I’m from, is a place that was completely destroyed in the ’80s by the right-wing government. It’s very, very apathetic,” says Distras, “there’s nothing to do for young people, there’s a lot of fighting and a lot of drinking.” As you’re probably imagining, life at home in such an environment left something to be desired. “I was surrounded by a lot of toxic energy. I was bullied at school for being different, bullied at home, and I just felt really alienated all my life.” Enter Kurt Cobain.

“The catalyst for me was hearing Bleach by Nirvana for the first time,” Distras says. “It was the first time that I ever heard, as I describe it, that sounded the way that I felt…my mum was working any and every job she could find to put food on the table and put clothes on our backs and everything.” Bleach might not sound like an obvious entry to the world of punk rock for female in the UK in 1999, but the punk world can be nothing if not unpredictable. “Hearing that record for the first time, and hearing for the first time that somebody else was feeling the same way as me. That’s the only way I can describe it.”

While many a pre-teenage boy was inspired to pick up a guitar based on the music that originate from Seattle garages (or Queens garages…or London garages…), the same cannot be said for females of the same age. In many ways, Distras has been pioneering the carrying of the independent punk flag amongst women of this generation, but she’s drawn inspiration from a couple of sources, one likely, one a bit more unexpected. “Joan Jett’s attitude and approach, her strong, independent, DIY mentality was definitely inspiring when it came to setting up Street Revolution Records and selling my album,” says Distras, adding that she “actually found out recently that Dolly Parton took the same approach as well in the early stages of her career. She said something like even if she hadn’t received all of these amazing responses to her music, she would still be selling records out of her car because it’s just what she does. It’s just like breathing air to her.”

Distras displays a sense of responsibility for carrying not just the socially conscious punk flag, but of leveling the playing field for women in the scene. The lack of gender equality on the main stages of the UK and European festival circuit, not to mention the Warped Tour here in the States, draws particular ire. “What kind of message is this sending out…about what it means to be a young man and what it means to be a young woman, and how men and women see their roles?,” asks Distras rather concisely. “The stage is for the guys, and the girls are groupies.” Distras’ own shows showed a similar trend at first, but the tide seems to be turning. “When I first started playing solo shows three years ago, there wouldn’t be many young women,” says Distras. “As time went on, young women started coming to the shows, but they’d stand at the back because that’s the safe place. Now, the women stand at the front of the shows and jump around.”

Distras has come an awful long way, literally and figuratively, in a fairly short amount of time. There’s a sense of honesty, urgency, and integrity in her lyrics that force the listener and the audience to pay attention and to join the cause. “People have said that music can’t change the world, but I really do believe that it has already and will continue to do so,” says Distras. “It certainly changed our worlds and led us down this journey that we’re on now. Even something as simple as having a bad day and hearing a song on the radio that makes you feel better is an amazing force.”

For Distras, there’s a lot in the works for not only the remainder of this year, but for next year as well. You’ll have to check out our full interview below for more specifics. While you’re at it, you can stream Dreams From The Factory Floor in its entirety! And if you live in the Western half of the US, you can check out the McPherson/Distras tour rundown here.



DS Photo Gallery: Bryan McPherson and Louise Distras, The Midway Cafe, Boston (6/12/15)

Something special happened at the Midway Cafe last Friday.

The gritty, sorta-out-of-the-way bar in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston played home to both a triumphant welcoming party for an out-of-towner, and a tour de force welcome home for a native son.

UK folk-punk songwriter Louise Distras, of course, is the former. Playing just her second-ever show in the United States (following only the previous night’s tour kickoff in Portland, Maine), Distras is serving as direct support on Bostonian-turned-Californian Bryan McPherson‘s tour in support of his stellar new album, Wedgewood. The two are essentially flip-flopping roles from last month’s UK/European tour that saw Distras headlining, at times with a three-piece band. The direct support role can be an especially tricky thing, particularly in a headliners hometown, but Distras was quick to lay waste to whatever jitters may have been present, commanding the stage from note one. Boston has a thing for music that features honest, raw, working-class struggles, all of which is right in Distras’ wheelhouse, as evidenced by her own stellar new album, Dreams From The Factory Floor (Pirates Press Records). Though plagued through the first few songs by persistent technical difficulties, the dynamic Distras powered through, playing a few truly unplugged tracks and winning over fans in the process.

But the night, obviously, belonged to McPherson. Hometown crowds are generally known for their overly supportive nature, but Boston crowds can also be a notoriously fickle, vocal lot. By the time McPherson took the stage at around 11:30pm, (Hippie Hour, which preceded this show at the Midway, ran long…who’d imagine hippies would have issues with time management), the sold-out crowd was more than join the ride. McPherson cut his teeth busking in and around the Boston area, and spent some time on the road with other acoustic troubadours like Tim Barry and Cory Branan over the years. While McPherson may not be quite the name that Barry or Branan are at this point, he’s sure to meet or surpass those two (editors note: if you’re familiar with my musical tastes through reading this site, you understand that any comparisons to Tim Barry or Cory Branan are high praise and not just bandied about) in short order, based both on the strength of Wedgewood and on McPherson’s command of a crowd.

This particular crowd featured McPherson’s parents, a slew of other scene regulars, and friends McPherson has made along the way. The set was a virtual marathon, a two-hour epic slugfest that spanned McPherson’s career, focusing heavily on both Wedgewood (released on his own OFD Records) and his last album, American Boy, American Girl (2023, State Line Records). While there was plenty of banter to go around — McPherson is a Dorchester Irishman, of course — the socially conscious, politically firebrand music and the camaraderie were the focal point, particularly as McPherson made repeat visits to the venue floor to join the troops, rather than merely to rally them on. The crowd returned the favor, joining McPherson on stage for a raucous, set-closing cover of the Rancid classic, “Olympia, WA.”

Local support on this night came from local acts CE Skidmore and Time And Place. Skidmore is one-third of awesomely-named acoustic punk act Live Nude Girls, though she was essentially flying solo on this night, joined for only one song by fellow Nude Girl Aria Rad. Time And Place are a four- (and sometimes five-)piece sort of highly-enjoyable folk/punk/shanty/pub rock band along the lines of a less-drunken, Bostonian Skinny Lister. Both performed well-received sets that kicked off the show in fine fashion, getting the room fired up (figuratively of course, but almost literally based on the venue’s internal temperature) in advance of the tour mates.

Check out our photo gallery from the evening below.

Louise Distras to team with Justice Now to benefit women in prison; get a test-press copy of new album “Dreams From The Factory Floor”

Wakefield, UK punk singer/songwriter Louise Distras just released her brand new, debut full-length album “Dreams From The Factory Floor”, this past Tuesday through Pirates Press Records, and is getting ready to embark on a June/July US tour (view dates here).

Distras recently teamed up with Oakland-based Justice Now, which is coordinating an art project with women in prison, who will create illustrations for her songs “The Hand You Hold” and “Love Me The Way I Am”. The artwork will be displayed at various events throughout the year, and Distras has given up 10 ‘test press’ copies of her new album to benefit the cause. The copies can be yours during a silent auction on eBay – details of which will be announced soon on Justice Now’s and Distra’s websites and Facebook pages. Here’s what Louise had to say about the partnership,

I am proud to support Justice Now in the fight against the systemic abuses of women, and look forward to promoting their message of equality, security, liberty, integrity, and dignity for all on my upcoming US tour.

Justice Now partners with people in women’s prisons and local communities harmed by policing and imprisonment, to challenge violence and human rights abuses. They partner with people in women’s prisons because they understand state and interpersonal violence – often being survivors of both. Their work highlights ideas and strategies of women in prison to challenge the current reliance on policing and prisons, using popular education, training, theatre, music, art, and community organizing to create a vision of a safe, compassionate world without prisons.

Louise Distras announces U.S. tour

London punk singer/songwriter Louise Distras has just announced a string of tour dates throughout the U.S. in June and July. You can check out when she’s coming to your neck of the woods on the flyer above.

This tour is likely scheduled in conjunction with her recent release her first full-length album Dreams From The Factory Floor, which will be launched for the first time in the US on May 5th via Pirates Press Records,

Louise Distras to release “Dreams From The Factory Floor” in US through Pirate Press

London punk singer/songwriter Louise Distras will be releasing her first full-length album “Dreams From The Factory Floor” in the US on May 5th through Pirates Press Records, and you can check out the track list below.

Watch music videos for tracks “Shades Of Hate”, “The Hand You Hold” and “Stand Strong Together” below.