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Neverlearn (Melodic) streaming new album “We Want More”

Finnish melodic-punk outfit Neverlearn is streaming their new album We Want More. The album is being released via Fast Decade Records (Finland), Milestone Sound (Japan), and Punk & Disorderly Records (Canada). The new album features ten all new tracks, I must admit I was thoroughly impressed with this one. I particularly enjoy the track “Pest Control”, the intro reminds me of something you might hear from Propaghandi before the song settles into a much more mellow tone, just a great song from start to finish.

Check out the awesome new tunes below.

This is the first new music from Neverlearn since their EP Start Tomorrow, which came out back in 2016. If you’re a fan of Much The Same or Downway, these guys are for you.

Neverlearn (Melodic Hardcore) stream new song “Pest Control”

Finnish melodic hardcore band Nerverlearn are streaming their new song “Pest Control,” which comes from their upcoming album, We Want More, that is set to be released later this summer via Fast Decade Records (FInland), Milestone Sound (Japan) & Punk & Disorderly Records (Canada).

You can give it a listen below.

Neverlearn last released their Start Tomorrow EP in August 2016.

Finland’s Neverlearn (melodic hardcore) stream new EP “Start Tomorrow”

Finnish melodic hardcore band Nerverlearn have self-released a new 4-song EP titled Start Tomorrow.

You can give the EP a listen below.

Neverlearn stream two new songs “Born to Rant” and “A Timeless Masterpiece (Of Shit)”

Finnish melodic hardcore act Neverlearn are streaming two new songs called “Born to Rant” and “A Timeless Masterpiece (Of Shit)”. You can check them out below.

“Born to Rant” and “A Timeless Masterpiece (Of Shit)” are likely taken from an upcoming release that Neverlearn are currently recording. We’ll keep you posted as more details on anything from Neverlearn come to light.