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DS Photo Gallery: toyGuitar, La Flingue (Paris), Scraper, Neon Maniacs SF

It was again like deja-vu as toyGuitar took to the stage April 19th at Thee Parkside in San Francisco. The band had just played there a couple months ago, celebrating the release of their self-titled LP through Fat Wreck Chords. The bands opening for the night definitely set a gritty, garage tone for what was to come. I had never seen opening bands Neon Maniacs, Scraper and La Flingue, but the latter two made fans out of me by the end of their sets. Unfortunately I missed the majority of Neon Maniacs’ set.

La Flingue hails from Marseille, France and their set kind of made me think of Jesse Michael’s band Classics of Love. It’s fast, guitar driven, gritty, and sloppy (in a good way). The band is in your face, and sings in both English and French. They recently released their “Adhésif-chrome zéro-Trois” EP in January of 2014, and you can have a listen here.

San Francisco-based Scraper definitely embraces the garage sound. The music is distorted, and was a great warmer for toyGuitar. You can have a listen to their self-titled LP here.

It was utter happiness as San Francisco’s toyGuitar prepared for their set. I’m a huge fan of the music, and their newest album is killer. The way Jack and Miles rip through guitar riffs is a site to see, it’s almost like Jack is having a seizure he’s moving so quickly. Although she’s sometimes hidden in the back, drummer Rosie Gonce rocks and adds a great fun element to the band.

Have a look at all the shots from the night’s performances below.