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Bitchin Summer’s bassist throws in the towel

Rachel, Bitchin Summer’s bassist, has announced that she will no longer continue to play with the band.  Rachel posted her resignation (which occurred in Portland, OR, without incident) on Bitchin Summer’s MySpace blog, citing personal obligations aside from Bitchin Summer that she needs to fulfill.  Here’s what she had to say:

Hey Everybody, Rachel from BS here.  I had to quit last night and am bummed because Bitchin Summer is one of the best bands in PDX.  Between getting ready for school, working full time and another full time band I couldn’t continue to juggle everything.  But I love Jones and Led and look forward to going to every one of their shows in the future.  I’m now your super fan because I already know all the parts!  I love you guys!

Buena suerte, Rachel.