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New AntiFa Compilation: Northern Agression: Project Boneyard Volume II

irpb2_coverInsurgence Records has teamed up with the Turn It Down Campaign and a host of bands, show promoters, crews, and individuals to bring you: Northern Aggression – Project Boneyard Volume II. Here is what they have to say:

The scene is stepping up again to challenge the spread of fascist propaganda (and bad music) like Project Schoolyard, a lacklustre sampler CD crapped out by a US-based bonehead label in an attempt to recruit youth to the white power movement.

Our subculture has always played to the tune of ‘having a laugh and having a say’. Our message to the fascists: Get out of what was never yours to begin with. The kids on the street won’t be fooled, and we will never abandon turf to self-serving freeloaders like you and the muck you spread.

Fans of real street music: Enjoy the music and smash fascism wherever it rears its ugly head!

Oi! band The Knockarounds and punk band The Class War Kids are among the many bands on the compilation.  Take a look at the Project Boneyard MySpace page for more information on the sampler and campaign.