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Mobina Galore (Punk, Canada) Stream New Album “Don’t Worry”

Winnipeg-based punk duo Mobina Galore have just released their latest album. The effort is titled Don’t Worry and you can listen to it below. Of course, if you like it, buy it to support great underground music.

The previous release from Mobina Galore was the single from February this year, “Zoë (It Ripped Me Apart)”.

Mobina Galore announce new album “Don’t Worry,” release music video for new song “Escape Plan”

Winnipeg power chord punk duo Mobina Galore will be releasing a new album titled Don’t Worry on September 6th and to prove it they’ve released a music video for the album’s first single “Escape Plan.” Personally this might be my favorite Mobina song to date. Check it out along with the band’s upcoming tour dates below!

Mobina Galore last released Fade Away back in May of last year. 

Mobina Galore (folk-punk) streaming new song “Zoe (It Ripped Me Apart)”

Winnipeg folk-punk duet Mobina Galore are streaming their new song “Zoë (It Ripped Me Apart)”. The song is a heat-wrenching ballad about losing a child before they even have a oppurtunity to come into this cruel world. “In November 2016 my cousin Brooke’s world turned upside down when the doctors told her, just a few weeks shy of her babies due date, that there was no heartbeat” says Mobina Galore’s Jenna Priestner.

Check out the beautiful new song below.

All proceeds from this new song will be donated to the Twinkle Star Project. Mobina Galore last released Fade Away back in May of last year. 

Dying Scene Radio – Episode 12 – Band Spotlight: Mad Caddies

Dying Scene Radio is back with a new installment! In this episode, Bobby heads down to the beach for Surf City Blitz Festival to eat some awesome food,watch some dirt bike racing and listen to some fantastic music. Oh yea! He also sat down with the Sultans of Ska, Mad Caddies to talk about growing up in Solvang, how Joey Cape helped kick start their music career and…wine fermentation?? As always, the guys are also bringing you all of the noteworthy scene news that you were probably too lazy to read and play rad new tracks from emerging artists that you were probably too lazy to discover! All of that and much, much more in Episode 12 of Dying Scene Radio, below!

Mobina Galore recording new album

Winnipeg based punk duet Mobina Galore have announced that they are recording a new album. The announcement was made through their Facebook page last week.

You can check out the post here.

This will be the first new music from Mobina Galore since they released the Fade Away 7 inch earlier this year. You can check out the video for Fade Away below.

Mobina Galore (Punk, Canada) Stream Video for “Fade Away”

Winnipeg-based punk duet Mobina Galore are allowing fans to stream their video for “Fade Away”. The track was released last week on a 7-inch of the same name by New Damage Records. You can check it out below.

The previous release from Mobina Galore was their 2017 full-length Feeling Disconnected.

Mobina Galore (punk) announce North American tour dates

Punks from the Peg, Mobina Galore have announced a whole slew of North American tour dates. The band will be hitting the road starting in October and the tour will run until November 11th. Joining Mobina Galore on tour will be the Burly Cities own The Penske File. Be sure to catch these guys if they happen to stop near you, you will not regret it.

Check out the latest video from Mobina Golore below.

Canadian punk duet Mobina Galore announce North American tour

Winnipeg based punks Mobina Galore have announced plans for a summer North American tour. The tour will begin in July and stretch across Canada and the US. Joining Mobina Galore on tour will be After the Fall and Heart Attack Kids.

You can check out the full list of dates below.

Mobina Galore most recently released “Feeling Disconnected” via New Damage Records in February of 2017.

10 “Up And Comers” You Don’t Want To Miss at Punk Rock Bowling 2017 – Vegas

It’s that time of year again. Time for the premiere fest in the west. Time for eighty-proof venom and sweat-soaked denim. Power chords for the rowdy hordes. Memorial day is almost upon us, and so is Punk Rock Bowling.

This year, like any other, a weekend of debauchery, booze, and punk rock opens its sweet-smelling and slightly sticky arms to the loyalists of all that is loud and fast. It’s a weekend long party that doesn’t stop, taking over the whole of downtown Las Vegas. Huge headliners lead the party forward with support from lesser known bands, right on the cusp of explosion and renown. All of this on the main stage, the small stage; indoor club shows and outdoor festival alike.

We know all the big names, and we know how they earned their bigness. Cocksparrer transformed punk from art school subversion to working class expression. Bad Religion gave the world Suffer, and changed the game forever. And without Iggy Pop, who’s to say our beloved genre would even exist in the first place?

But this isn’t about them. This is for the little guys, the upstarts who rock under the radar, who keep the veins of punk flush with fresh blood. Click here for the acts you might not have heard of, but will definitely want to catch at PRB 2017.

Mobina Galore streams new album, “Feeling Disconnected” and announces tour dates

Winnipeg, Canada’s punk/alternative duo Mobina Galore is streaming their new album, Feeling Disconnected, and you can check it out here.  The album is due out tomorrow on New Damage Records.

Mobina Galore is also leaving tomorrow for a 3-month tour culminating at Punk Rock Bowling in May.  You can find the tour dates below, including a good bunch supporting Against Me!.

Mobina Galore release video for “Spend My Day”

Winnipeg, Canada’s punk/alternative duo Mobina Galore has a new video out for the song “Spend My Day,” and you can watch it below.

The video release coincides with the release of their Singles & B-sides EP, which came out December 2nd on New Damage Records.   Mobina Galore will tour the UK and Europe starting this month with Against Me! and Milk Teeth.

10 Hidden Gems from Bandcamp You Need to Check Out

Craig and Dave of Shadow League

Bandcamp is a virtual black hole of music, anything and everything gets sucked into it. While that variety isn’t really bad thing, it can make searching for new music a needle and haystack scenario. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when rifling through the thousands of pages of bountiful punk offerings. We here at Dying Scene feel your pain, so we mined the recesses of their site and have unearthed ten punk gems that are most likely not on your radar yet. To keep this simple, the only real criteria here is that the bands have to still be active and because things are tough all over, I’ve selected artists that offer most of their music for free or name-your-price. No need to put a hurtin’ on your wallet just to pleasure your ear holes! Check out the list, in no particular order below!